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Published: Sunday, Sept. 20 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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This article is amazing. Be Mormon on your own terms. How about obey the commandments of God, on your own terms. How about the bible which says man shall not lie with man. Should have said on your own terms.

This is not just a Mormon principal. This principal is across Christian faith. Then again as people find things they do not want to live with they, do it on their own terms.

These people don't listen to the information given out from the LDS Chruch. We love all people regardless of who or what they are!!! People are given free agency to make decisions on their own and make those choices they determine they should. When those decisions go against the principals of God, they may not receive the full blessing of God but will still be loved. No one expects you to blindly follow the churchs teachings. You must think and follow according to the spirit of relevation.

If you are engaged in activities that are not in the teachings of the LDS church, you will still be loved and accepted, just not able to enjoy full fellowship until you are will to obey Gods commandments

J. Pilcher

Homosexuals and Heterosexuals have their rights to choose what they want to do and say. But to just follow what one's heart leads them to do?
Im not a believer in what Gays do, but what they do in their own time is theirs.
I am a believer in Mormonism, and what we do in our own time is ours. The LDS church does not hate or shun those members whose feelings are confused by gender, rather the members are not all perfect and will do and say things hurtful and wrong. The LDS church like all other churches in the world is full of imperfect people. We need to understand that, and quickly.
The church leaders will do what they can to help their fellow members. Talk to the men and women called to positions to help you.


I want to be Mormon on my own terms too. I want to drink alcohol, smoke cigars, and have indescriminate sex with as many females as possible, and I still want a temple recommend. Guess what? We do not get to be Mormon on our own terms. We can live life by our own terms, but we cannot be Mormon and ignore the central beliefs and practices of the Church.

Technically speaking...

Everyone's Mormon and selectively obedient on their own terms...


Im glad that people are trying to open others eyes about how they feel and have to deal with being gay in the church. But still, God has told us in the Bible and through modern day prophets (if you believe in LDS prophets which I am guessing these gay mormons do) that homosexuality to wrong. When I was a teen I wanted to have lots of sex but I didn't. I had the feelings but I didnt act upon them. Should I have just been mormon on my own terms instead?


It is Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. When will these people get over it. The LDS church is standing by the word and the Lord and will not falter to these silly requests.

T. Hanson

We all have a choice whether or not to follow the teachings of any church, religion, or ideaology, but there are consequences to every action whether good or bad. You can be a gay mormon, but I would rather be a true Latter-Day Saint.


I guess if you want to pay 5% tithing, you can do that too, sir. And if you want to go to the mountains every Sunday and consider that "worship" then go ahead. I'm not going to stop you. What you don't get is, that you stop (dam, like a river flowing) YOURSELF. That's why it's called obedience/disobedience. (not my vocabulary, God's). We're all beggars and I won't expect to claim the blessings of eternal life if I don't live the way that is required (thus the gospel is given to us to guide our decision-making). It's so sad to know that some in our society identify themselves by their sexual orientation. How about identifying yourself as a humble, obedient servant? (requires service, duh) Go ahead and seek to be independent; that's agency at work. But, good luck in the worthiness area: the requirements for the blessings are pretty cut and dried. (Sorry, Moms of disobedient children: your sons' choices to ACT are not something you can change).


Only four comments so far. Nonetheless, I like them all thus far. I know, who cares, but this is a first for me. I am even open to homsexuals holding certain callings (vague I know), but the comments above are laid down with thoughtful content.


I know many heterosexual Mormons who have sex outside of marriage, living with someone they love without being married. They do not expect to be accepted as a faithful member or to have the Church decide that their lifestyle is okay. They know that they cannot have the blessings of the temple until they repent and live according to the commandments of God. The gays in Affirmation want the blessings without having to keep the commandments. They want their own terms and think if they push hard enough the Church will change the rules just for them. If they truly had a testimony of the Church and understood the Gospel they would know it just doesn't work that way. To them it is a social organization that can be pressured to change. They bring up the revelation that gave blacks the priesthood, but here are the differences:

-black members of the Church were not sinning.
-thousands were humbly, patiently living the Gospel waiting for the full blessings.
-they didn't demand the change, knowing it could only come through revelation.
-giving them the priesthood did not necessitate changing any commandments to allow sinful behavior.

Good Try

Living the commandments 'on my own terms' .. wow, you wish .... I have a gay nephew. I Love him and always will. He makes his own choices. He is free to choose, just as we all are .. but as the scriptures read 'you cannot serve God and Mammon'


I feel that acceptence is a term that we all fight for but, in my opinion, I believe that everyone should be allowed to be happy and the religion they hold onto should accept them but, it's choices and desicions made on the churches part. I grew up LDS in a family history of LDS, yet some of my older siblings have left the church to pursue other religions. I myself am a Transgender whom is more towards both genders.

If the lord didn't want us to play these roles, we wouldn't be here being tested. We chose our own lifestyles and we can't force them onto the religion because they are not us. Getting the churches help and attending services is a whole new subject that will be forever a fight.

I agree that we all should be happy and respect those around us who are following laws whether state, or church.

Finding out one is gay should move to learn more and understand that feelings and emotions within the heart. Closeted gays carry big burdens but it's a choice they choose to be because it's their happiness.


The Savior is the one who will judge us all. We need to support those that struggle. Homosexuality is no difference than sexaual promiscuity. You may have feelings, but shouldn't act upon them. We should still be welcoming as the Savior would want us to be. Parents love their children and often make excuses for their actions. Try to understand that and be more forgiving.


As a bisexual, I had a hard time coming to terms with my new Church. (I'm a convert.) But, I recognized that sexual feelings grip both hetero and homosexuals. God's laws are very clear, very specific and leave no room for "your own terms."

Its your choice, obey the Lord or not. God's greatest gift is freewill. We are free to choose are actions, but we cannot chose the consequences. People talk about it being intolerance, its not, its the LDS Church being true to the written Law of God.

If you don't like the Law, then don't be part of the religion.


Jon: (if you believe in LDS prophets which I am guessing these gay mormons do)

I'm guessing these gay Mormons don't believe in LDS prophets or they wouldn't be pressuring the Church to change for them. If they believed in Pres. Monson as a prophet of God they would accept his guidance in this matter. Do you think the Church worked to defeat Proposition 8 without the direction and approval of Pres. Monson?

Jeff R

Its not what everyone tells you to do. Its what every religion has told us as humans for the last 4000 years. To blame the Church for following what it was founded on, the commandments and book mormon and the bible, is just plain silly. Satan makes people think alcohol or pornography is in there heart and is right, but, from what the prophets tell us, and all the other religions, it is wrong. I am sorry that what 98% of the history of people have believed and told to be wrong is an inconvinence to you all, but dont come blaming the church! People struggle with alchohol and drugs and are still active. They are going through a problem and repantance phase. It is no different for homosexuality. Sorry, but thats the facts. You help people with a problem when they have it, not encourage them to keep "following their heart" or denouncing the church.


When Moses came down from the mount with the 10 commandments I am sure there were some that said hey those are the best 8 commandments and I am going to follow them. Following the commandments is an all or nothing thing. I do not mean that I or anyone is perfect, but we are striving to be perfect. Some have additions to drugs or alcohol and I would put this in the same category. It is something that must be overcome like anything else. Can you be temple worthy and gay? The answer is yes as long as you follow all the commandments needed to hold a recommend. Remember that we all have trials and for people who are gay that is one of theirs. They are not bad people, they just have different trials than most.


It's interesting that there is so much discussion about this. I don't think someone chooses to have homosexual tendencies (that is having romantic feelings for someone of the same sex), but it is how they choose to act on it. The ultimate gift we have been given in our life is our free agency. We will be held accountable and have consequences for all choices we make. There is no rationalization, it is black and white, there is no gray. Regardless of our sexuality, if we have any sort of addiction, if we party on the weekends and then go to church on sunday, if we are critical or meanhearted to those we don't agree with. We will be accountable how we live our life. Period. Doesn't even matter if we are LDS or not. We will get the eternal reward we deserve.

good times

Like any Faith, if you don't want to follow the teachings of a particular faith then you don't have to. If you want to change the LDS Church's teachings, then you aren't LDS. A struggle to follow God's teachings in the Bible or any other book is one thing, but to say that you can change them is completely different. How do you think all the religions in the world started? it was people who didn't like their religious teachings so they change them to accomadate their own wants. Walla, we have a new religion.


Gay Mormons just want to belong to their faith and live the way they were taught as children, to follow the Mormon teachings to the best of their ability. No one will be able to obey all of the laws in the same way (I am often suprised by individuals definition of "obey"). We are an imperfect being on this earth and our goal should be to do the best we can. God loves everyone and we need to let everyone do the best they can, not judge, leave judgement to God. I think in the end we will all be suprised at how God judges everyone...including Gay Mormons...He will judge our lifes work as a whole. God Bless all who come together to address this tough issue. This is a much bigger than most know.

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