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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 16 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I'll be there!

Flight leaves on Friday for Portland and then on to Eugene. I think it will be a hard-fought game. Go Utes!


me and some friends leave thursday, stayin the weekend, hopefully we can give them a good game!! GO UTES !!!!


First 10-win season in history was in 1994? Wow, I did not know Utah was such a relative new upstart in the arena of successful programs.

What year was the 13-0 season for BYU? Oh, really, ten years prior? Interesting....

Good luck, Ewets. The MWC always likes to see BSC schools/conference matches end in favor of the MWC. But, to tell the honest, this being an away game, I had to pick Oregon in this one in our weekly (no prize attached) "pick 'em" contest.

A red speck in the green

I think the trip will be worth it.


yep my buds and i will be maing the trip too. leaving on fri morn. Hope to see lots of RED just like we did in Ann Arbor and New Orleans, and hopefully with the same result!

Ugly Oregon Uni's

It's embarrassing that Oregon has an unlimited budget for uniforms and still has some of the ugliest uniforms of any team.

It would be disappointing for Utah to lose to a team with such ugly uniforms.

Go Utes!

Oregon Bound

Plane leaves Friday morning! We'll be there in red! Go Utes!


Since we're writing about the past, remember the last time a MWC team played Oregon? BYU whooped them 38-8, the same year Oregon beat Oklahoma. A young team who has only played a bunch of nobody's will have a hard time getting that W, but the team has done surprising things lately.

moose on the loose

DRILLED. . the utes are going to get DRILLED by Oregon. 7-5 and the fire whit websites start on sunday morning. Good luck not hurting yourselves jumping off that bandwagon ute fans.


Has BYU done anything since 1884?


I think Utah probably loses this game, but it should be a close one. Oregon is not that good this year and Utah is probably the better team but Autzen is still a tough place to play. If Utah can overcome the many mistakes they made in the first couple of weeks and get some pressure on the Oregon QB, this will be a great game.

This is a key game since it provides the only direct comparison between the top three in the MWC and the WAC's top dog. I hope the margin of victory for the U is similar to the Boise State game, but even a victory will discount Boise's claim as a top ten team based on the Oregon victory.


Great article.

That was a fun season back in 94. That and 93 were the back-to-back 34-31 years, beating the TDS. I remember before the 94 season wondering how after losing Jamal Anderson we'd do. We did pretty well.
This year I wondered how we'd do after losing all the key personnel. Hopefully its another 10 win (or better) season and a win against the Ducks.

Also, the posts on here by the TDS fans remind me why as a kid I developed a real dislike for that team and its pompous fans.

Though I do sincerely wish the "Team Down South" tremendous success and health thoughout this season, that is until that last regular season game in November, making it all that much sweeter when the Utes can utterly destroy and embarrass them.

Good Luck in Eugene! I hope to hear the Utah Man over and over. GO UTES!


They won the national championship in 1984. Probably 50 conference championships - maybe only 40. I won't waste my time looking up the number of 10 win seasons. The Utes have 2 bcs games and pretty much nothing else. If the Utes can continue what they have done in the last 5 years for 30 more, they will understand the greatness of the cougars.
Go Cougs.

re: Striker

Congratulations to that BYU team that whipped a 7-6 Oregon team in the 2006 Las Vegas Bowl. I'm sure that Oregon team was the best 7-6 team in the nation that year. The media really took notice, and it showed by all those #1 votes in parenthesis after BYU's place in the polls. If memory serves
me, I believe that would have been ZERO


PDX Coug

To S3 - in 1884, BYU was BYA and didn't have a football team - I'd say they've done a few things since then. Besides, I thought this was an article about the Utah/Oregon game this weekend.

On that subject, I would love to see the Utes pound the Ducks this Saturday. Oregon is the poster child for programs where some sugar daddy donors (Phil Knight/Nike) think they can create a champion by simply recruiting superior talent from wherever they can get it, and opening the roof and pouring piles of money into the program. Utah, BYU, TCU and Boise State play the game the way it's supposed to be played: hit hard, execute on every down, fly to the ball, work as a team, and PREPARE in every facet for each game.

Go Utes! (And go Cougs against FSU this weekend.)


"Has BYU done anything since 1984?"
Been nationally ranked 10 times, played in 18 bowls(albeit with a shabby record in those), and was # 5 in 1996. Not too bad.
Utah has been ranked 4 times, in the top 5 twice and has a good bowl record during that time, although they have played in less bowls.

Little lambs have two chances

...of winning: slim and none. Oregon is going to bury the little lambs from the ewe of ewe!

Oregon 34, ewetah 14

Utah Man

The Utes will win in Oregon. They will be solid and execute well. Thanks for the great article about Utah Football. I'm sorry that soo many insecure Cougs have to comment on anything Utah and when they do its "Anonymous" Go enjoy your Cougars, they're having a great season so far. The UTES are going to destroy all your hopes and dreams in November. Book your Motel 6 in Vegas NOW!!! GO UTES!!!!

to striker

Oregon looked absolutely pathetic against BSU. No first downs for 3 quarters. If utah can't be them by 50, then who looks bad now.


Just for the record Kewg fans, Utah has more conference championships in their history than byu if you are going to bring up that subject.

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