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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 16 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Not really an option for the cougs. They cant run up the score if they cant win or even score against the noles. Great teams like Florida, Utah, Texas run up the score because we can and we are that good. The Cougs couldnt even run the score up against utah st. Keep trying weaklings.


that is a funny comment considering how poorly Utah played against San Jose State and barely pulled it out in the 4th quarter; USC only beat san jose state by 53 the week before.

at the same time, byu did run up the score on a team about equal to san jose state; again, what are you saying about Utah?


>Great teams like...Utah...run up the score because we can and we are that good

Utah 24 San Jose State 14

So apparently Utah can, but they don't...

BYU 54 Tulane 3

And apparently BYU can't, but they do anyway...

Consistency. Gotta love it.


Yeah, the Utes have looked REAL strong this year against really strong teams like SJSU. The problem is can you really consider it running up the score when you have your 3rd string RB in the game and all your reserves? Let's not get crazy. Also, Utah cracked the top 10 late last year for the same reason they don't move up this year. WEAK EARLY SCHEDULE. There is something to be said for taking risks and winning those big games.

Football Fan

Just a note......Boise pulled Moore in the third quarter and cleaned the bench in the fourth quarter. Some of the other teams noted above were playing the first team late in the 4th quarter.

Bogus Argument

Brad, come on. A blowout is glossy in the short term, but it's win-loss record that carries a team through a whole season.

If always having to blow out your opponent to impress voters were true in the long term, Utah wouldn't have busted the BCS in 2008. The 16-point win over Weber State and the 3-point win over the Lobos--both games that should have been larger margins of victory for the Utes--would have both done them in.

Sure, teams might fall slightly in the rankings early in the season. But consistency wins out, and teams who are undefeated or with 1 or 2 losses usually find themselves in the best position they can find at the end--at least in the current system.

Of course, under an even more fair and equitable system, we'd have a playoff where who's better than who is actually settled on the field.

Mighty Ducks Coach

"Its Not Worth Winning if You Can't Win Big" I am probably the only person in the universe that remembers that line from the movie! BCS outsiders are under pressure to rack up impressive wins...no doubt about that!!

re: bogus argument

ummmm... those two losses were the main reason Utah wasn't highly ranked until late in the season, and why they never really did have a legitimate argument that they should be playing for the NC. No-one was calling for the BCS' collective head BEFORE Utah actually won the game, screaming that they should be playing for the NC. All the noise came later when it turned out they were the only undefeated team left standing. Would they have had a better argument had they beaten Weber and NM by 30 points? Who knows, but I think it is certain they would have been ranked higher earlier, and consequently ranked higher when the bowl invites came out as well.

Tom in South Carolina

Let's throw out some comparisons here. BYU last week played one of the worst teams I've ever seen in major college football. I watched both of Tulane's games (the Tulsa game was televised). If Tulsa had tried harder (opening game mistakes) they should have scored 70 or more. Bob Toledo has to be ashamed. SJSU was trounced by USC. I watched that game as well. SJSU played with USC for a quarter and a half, and then gave up at the beginning of the second half. It was a completely different team against the Utes. Dick Tomey must have run their rear ends off last week, and instilled in them the will not to quit, which they didn't against the Utes.
I guess I'm just saying don't spout off about opponents if you haven't watched the games, seen their tendencies, etc. Actually watching the games may give you a better understanding of a game most people really know nothing about.

Blowouts aren't more common

Here are the % of games decided by 50+ points by season


Coug Doc

Utah is the national champ in my book for last year. Congrats to a great team.

To UteFan - you need to stop saying incredibly stupid things that aren't supported by facts.

To Brad - good perspective. We surely need a playoff system!


I don't think in this regard and this year's polls that the margin of winning score is so much the point, but that the game was close. If Utah had scored 34 unanswered points, and then gone with reserves and boring straight dives and punts, that might substantiate an argument. However, since those points and final margins were not points scored by the losing team during 'garbage time' with the starting defense already untaped and unpadded, I guess the game was still competitive and the outcome was not necessarily a foregone conclusion. And since both Utah's wins were against, ahem, SJSU and USU, well, that does not say much for either Utah's offense or defense, does it?

BYU did not run up the score

BYU did not run up the score against Tulane. They put in their second string players in the 4th and left points out on the field. Tulane was just that bad and BYU was just that good.


I'm not sure why the AP Poll is cited in articles any more. It has no bearing on BCS rankings. If I create my own poll that also has no effect on college football will it get quoted? I could probably gather a list of voters at least as relevant as those involved in the Harris Poll (sadly, the one that counts).

Wrong about one thing

BYU didn't play their 2nd string until they were up 47-3 in the 4th. They actually had Max Hall try to get another passing TD with the score 40-7 (it didn't work, and they ran it in instead). But they could have pulled the starters much much earlier like Tulsa did the week before or like Boise did.

LaVar the Utah Cat

To: BYU did not run up . . .
Perhaps they didn't run up the score against Tulane, however that has been the tendency over the past 25 years that I have been watching BYU. Rarely has BYU not run up the score when they have had the opportunity and ability. That only says it fits with their arrogance and entitlement mindset (which is curiously dampened after last year).

Cheap Shot

I agree that the BCS provides an incentive to run up the score, but BYU did not run the score up against Tulane. As far as I'm concerned, you don't ever call off the dogs until you hit 40 points (look at TCU's 30-14 victory that looks closer than it was because they put the scrubs in when it was 30-0). Once you are in the 40's, aggressive passing and trick plays with your starters rather than putting in the scrubs is running up the score. Once BYU hit 40 points they scored on defense (what was Pendleton supposed to do, just fall on the ball?) and with their second and third stringers (again, do you expect the offense to just take a knee on every play or run draws?). There was ten minutes left in the game and BYU did everything it could to show respect to Tulane, but still scored a couple of touchdowns. Who cares? That's a cheap shot Rock and you know it.

AP Pollsters

The AP poll is getting more recognition in newspapers because the voters in the ap poll actually vote. Many of the Coaches that vote in the USA today poll have come out an said that they have assistants do the voting for them, because they can't watch the games. The AP poll is more accurate in my opinion than the coaches poll for this reason. The Harris Poll isn't released until the BCS Poll comes out.

Ute in Philadelphia

There is no "running up the score" in the the 1st 3 qtrs of football. The tdS pulled their starters in the 4th. Max Hall's 4th qtr pass was one of those short-gain 5-yd routes. You can't run the ball every play of the quarter. You have to keep the defenses honest. It's not like he threw deep downfield.

The "why?"'s defense did a superb job in winning the field position battle and creating turnovers against an inept C-USA team. Those facets of the game are all a part of football and the contributing factor to all those 4th qtr scores.



To LaVar,

I'm assuming you are a Ute fan right, and you've been watching BYU football for the past 25 years! Wow that seems kinda odd. As a cougar fan I must thank you for your support over those years of "watching" BYU football. I know that during the Crowton era we did run up the score to try and get into "bigger" bowl game. But we more than paid our dues the years that followed for our "arrogance and entitlement mindset" that ONE year.

Again thank you for your support of BYU football and I hope that after our "dampened" year last year you will also forgive us. Hopefully your next 25 years of supporting, I mean "watching" BYU football will be just as enjoyable as the last 25 were.



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