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Utahns in poll also support an independent redistricting panel

Published: Wednesday, Sept. 16 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Let me see if I understand this. Now that the pressure is on to force a change, the legislature is willing to make some changes. They say “trust us, we will do the right thing.”

Please vote for these changes so that the legislature understands in no uncertain terms that we the people mean business. Otherwise they may pass something, but then when the heat is off repeal the laws. (Remember term limits?)

Full Disclosure

How about someone (hint, Des-News) doing a background check of the organizers of these two initiative groups? Wouldn't all Utahns benefit from shining a light on exactly who is pulling the financial strings behind these groups.
My cynical analysis is that the ethics initiative is driven by people who want to exercise control over my legislators by threat, and that the redistricting folks are Democrat Party plants.
My two responses: 1) I want to control my legislators, and I do, by virtue of my vote and my voice - each year, I e-mail them to tell them it's time to stop taking bribes. 2) Until the redistricting folks show me sister groups in Illinois, Michigan, and dozens of other Democrat-controlled states, they are pursuing a narrow political agenda.
Until we know all the facts, odds are that these two groups are not working for all Utahns. The question is, who are their true bosses?


Good Luck!!

Read it

I'd suggest that every one read the (very long) law before you sign. I was shocked at how poorly thought out and irresponsible it is. Ethics are good. This proposal is not the solution.

Finally, an initiative!

For years and years, Utah citizens have been telling the Legislature that they want a strong ethics law. For years and years, the Legislature has been blowing us off. No way will I wait any longer for the Legislature to do the right thing--that's a chump's game. The Legislature has had its chance. Now it's the people's turn to be heard.

Legislate Ethics?

You cannot legislate ethics! People or ethical or not. I guess you can create laws as to penalties, but by who's standard do you determine ethics? I am sure my laughable rep from West Jordan would deam his comments completely ethical, but I don't so who measures? We are getting into very muddy waters here!

Oh my!

I have an idea. Stop voting for these people. Demand candidates that truly promote your interests. Our system has a "fix" built in. It's called elections.

Trust us

Trust us - we are the best legislators that money can buy.

I should be simple

1. No gifts whatsoever
2. No lobbyists

The legislators and their friends will try to nick pick this to death. They do not want to change.

Local and National

this nation is going to the dogs. We need new leadership everywhere. We must clean house and elect some term limiting people who have not been corrupted by the criminal elements we find throughout our government. The Obama crowd is an embarrasment to us all.

mom of 4

I am all for ethics reform----but sensible ethics reform. This bill puts too much control in the hands of 5 people, and there are some other parts of the bill that don't make sense! Read the bill first before you decide you are for it!

mom of 7

agreeing with Mom of 4. Have you read this thing? There are parts that will make you LOL and other parts that are completely illogical.

Reform is one thing. This is just silly.


I still think the legislature should limit the number of bills it can introduce during a session. Some other states do so. Then,the legislators ccould read what they are voting on.

To Moms

What makes me "LOL" (learning from the kids??) is that the legislature is getting forced because they wouldn't take action after all these years. Serves them right. LOL

Let's try Term Limits

on Judges, Box Elder County has the most hated Judge still sitting on the Bench. Judge?
Kevin Christensen.
Liar and story teller.
Hateful and RUDE.

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