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Published: Monday, Sept. 14 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Hey Utes! We are going to beat you like a rented mule this saturday!


I'd be more worried about getting "beat" if Blount (AKA Hulk Smash!!!) still on the team!!!

Utah Man

Come what may on Saturday "Oregonian" afterwards will still be UTES and you'll be the hapless Ducks! Overrated Under Achievers!

WeŽll be ok

Im excited to attend the game in Oregon on Saturday and I think we have a good chance at winning it.

Re: Oregonian--AKA BYU/Boise fan

That is also what the Alabama fans told us.


Go Utes! Stick it to the Ducks!

I'm still LOL

over the utes feeble showing against one of the worst teams in the country. What a pathetic performance against a team that was drubbed into oblivion by the trojans. Still LOL


I like how the BYU fans come out and pretend to be Oregon fans.

BYU fans should be pulling for Utah in this OUT OF CONFERENCE game, just like we all did for you. But no, they are not smart enough to see that a Utah loss will hurt their ranking as well. I guess thats what you get when your fan base is not made up of Football fans but rather people who think if their Football team wins then their religion must be true.

Cheer (Pray) for Utah

They need all the help they can get.

Kicking game

So who's kicking game is worse? Utah's or BYU's?


For the last two weeks I didn't see any ute fans pulling for BYU...except for them to lose. Take your bruised ego and pathetic stereotypes and get off the message boards.

Unfixable Problem

Cain has a terrible throwing motion. He starts his throws with the ball on his hip. Did you notice how many times San Jose State hit his arm during the throw? It takes him much longer to get rid of the ball than a qb who holds the ball above his shoulder.

The extra second it takes to get rid of the ball will be a real concern against a team like Oregon.

I understand now why Kyle had a difficult selecting a starting qb. I'm guessing the motion is unfixable and will doom the Utes during the "Cain Era."

RE: Rich

I find it interesting that you say cougar fans are made up of "people who think if their football team wins then their religion must be true..." Because I have found that most Ute fans desperately hope that BYU loses so that puts a black eye on the LDS religion. Looks like both groups mix too much football and religion.


Relax, ute fans. I AM a BYU fan and I DO want to see the utes stick it to OU this weekend. You struggled against SJSU, but your offense moved the ball and your defense was pretty good (especially against the run), so work on the discipline issues (penalties, turnovers) and you'll be OK. OU's QB looked terrible against BSU, so if they have to rely on the running game (without Blount), they are in trouble....

Texas Cougar

This isn't the religion section of the paper, so stop the church banter.

If I'm a Utah fan, I'm not too worried right now. Utah typically starts the season a little bit slow. Plus, who wouldn't be looking past San Jose State just a little bit when you've got a tough but winnable game this next week. Utah always gets up for good competition. They will win in Eugene, and make a good run at the MWC championship as well. We'll see you in November!

Pick 'em

Utes still have plenty of issues. You'd think they'd lose next week, but they proved last year that they can play ugly (so far, so good) and still win (yet to be seen).

It's too bad they don't do the conference any good by scheduling such poor opponents. They really do have to step up.

CougFan in GA

To re:rich (@8:36am)
I don't know where you've been, but I've seen a lot of praise and best wishes for BYU from genuine Utah fans over the last few weeks. That's exactly as it should be. Utah's win over Alabama was the perfect preamble to the Cougars' victory in Jerry's Palace, and the utes deserved their props. Right now we need EVERY MWC team to beat EVERY PAC-10 team they play (or any other B(c)S conference team, for that matter). I, for one, would love to see Utah and BYU both undefeated come Nov. 28th. So much more the satisfaction (and credibility) when Max & Co. crush them soundly.
I have to echo Hawk's post. We want to see the utes take it to the ducks come Saturday.


Re: Re Rich @ 8:46 a.m.:

Just to set the record straight... its not 'most' fans that are ignorant or have misplaced hate on either side. Its a minority of fans that don't understand the rivalry. Likewise... I am LDS and the reason I despise that small minority of Y fans is because they cannot understand for the life of them how someone can be LDS and NOT cheer for they 'church's team'. In their eyes it is morally wrong.

All that said... I like to see posts like the one from 'Hawk' and 'Texas Cougar'. In my eyes most y and U fans are grounded and know football well enough to have intelligent conversations and make intelligent posts. The jury's still out on the Utes and really should still be out on every team until at least a few weeks from now if not until the end of the season.

Good luck to all in the MWC.

And go Utes...

Frank Castle

The Utes played sloppy but survived & triumphed in a classic trap game.

bottom line; good teams win they games they are supposed to.

p.s. the SEC rules. I'd bet that the BCS title game is ? vs. an SEC Team.


Re: 'pick 'em'...

Most out of conference games are set up at least a couple of years in advance if not... 4 or 5 years in advance. We know that when you schedule the Tulanes, SJSUs, USUs you're setting up for a win. But when you schedule the Michigan, OKs, Oregons, Louisvilles you may catch them on an up, down, or average year. So enough with our schedule is stronger than yours banter because the y schedules their share of 'poor opponents' as well.

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