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Translation praised for adding clarity and depth

Published: Monday, Sept. 14 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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AZ girl

Okay, I didn't read the article, but the short headline "LDS Church Publishes New Bible" is really misleading at first glance. Wouldn't want anyone to think we're rewriting it like many groups do.

That said, what a wonderful thing for our Spanish-speaking members to have all of these resources available!


And this was needed because?

B Reed

Thank you for publishing this article. The new Bible was promoted at our Stake Conference yesterday here in Mexico.

The article clears up a concern I had about "Reina Valera 2009." I was concerned that it would be even further away from the 1960 version, which I felt had great errors.

On a personal note, reading the article, I was saddened to read that Deolindo Resek passed away. He is Enrique Resek's father. I knew him as a missionary in Argentina. He was a wonderful person.


I thought the fact the accompanying picture of Omar was taken by Chen Wang--a little convergence of our global Church.


It was already available for decades, centuries probably, in spanish. Are you sure you're not rewriting it, like many groups do?

This was needed because<

as I understand it, this is the most accurate Spanish translation of the bible available. They compared Greek and Hebrew text to other Spanish translations, and then applied any improved translations to this modern text. In addition, and most importantly, this Bible contains the LDS cross references to other scripture - Book of Mormon, D&C, etc. Other Spanish bible translations were just simple translations without any cross references.

There are changes

. . . in the new LDS edition of the Santa Biblia.

Changes to more closely align with original meanings in greek and latin manuscripts. Changes required by archaic language. Even a few changes to clear up concepts [like the caridad/amor change mentioned in the article].

Every change, though, is both etymologically and doctrinally valid.

While there may be quibbling with a word here or there based on personal preference, no objective, qualified biblical scholar will have a major problem with any of the changes.

RE: AZ Girl

"rewriting the Bible as other Groups" One of the many reasons Christian denominations have made modern translation is; They have discoverd several earlier and better mansuscripts found since Josephs time. Codex b about 350 AD was a great find,the KJV is based on combination of manuscripts from around 1200 AD.The NIV Bible is the fruit of over 20 Christian denominations. Plus modern English is easier to understsand.

So Happy!

I am so excited about this. For anyone wondering why we would need an LDS version of the bible, it is because of the headings and cross references and bible dictionary and topical guide and maps... What an incredible blessing. I can't wait to get a copy!


more news about mormons.


I think it's a great thing for the church to haev put out it's own version of the bible in spanish. I do not favor the growing number of spanish branches and wards in the state however. Should we not encourage people to learn english and improve their positions in this county? One way to improve english skills is to attend 3 hours of church meetings in english every week. I imagine it would do wonders. So tired of the appeasement.


@RE: AZ Girl

Perhaps she was referring to the numerous attempts to rewrite the Bible to fit a particular group's agena. For example, one version now exists where the identity of deity is compeltely removed throughout the Bible.

Ironically, it's the LDS who have been pointing out for over 150 years that the Bible, while inspired and very valuable, is not a perfect book. Good to see that you're on board.

Yea, You're Clueless!

"YAY | 10:17 a.m. Sept. 14, 2009
more news about mormons."

Hey, guess what?

You live in a state FOUNDED by Mormons.

Or....you CHOSE to read an on-line newspaper owned by the LDS church.

And yet there are LDS-oriented articles here?

I know, it's a shocker, isn't it?.....

Captain Kirk

This is Great. Now Spanish speakers should be able to get a Quad and x-refs. I wonder if they put JST notes in it?

@ YAY | 10:17 a.m. Sept. 14, 2009
Local newspapers serve the local community. This community happens to be predominantly LDS.

It is not surprising that there is a lot of news about Mormons.


I am very excited about this. Long over due. Thank you. Thank you. Muchas gracias. I will buy a copy this week. The need for one text is great and the cross references will make studying easier.

As for the concept of Spanish units. In the Spanish branch where I attend there is plenty of English spoken therein(a shocking amount) and often translators avaiable for English predominant speakers.

To paraphrase Rockfeller, "French is the language of diplomacy, English of business and Spanish the language with which to speak with God". That feels right to me.

John Pack Lambert

This is quite exciting.
That said, I am trying to learn more about Enrique Resek. So far I have learned he is from Argentina. I also learned his paternal grandfather was a native of Lebanon.
What I really am trying to find out is how long he has been working for the Church's translation department and if he worked under the father of Church translation, Eduardo Balderas.
For those who know not the great Eduardo Balderas, I would reccomend doing a search of the Church's website and hunting down the great article "Translating faith into service".
Eduardo Balderas translated many hymns into Spanish, worked on the translation of the Doctrine and Covenants into Spanish along with Rey L. Pratt, and Brother Balderas was the translator of the Pearl of Great Price into Spanish. As early as about 1949 the Church News had an article on Brother Balderas written by Gordon B. Hinckley, and Brother Balderas translated many talks by Harold B. Lee and Spencer W. Kimball at area conferences in Latin America.
He also worked with Antoine R. Ivins on the first translation of the temple ceremony.

c almond

Maybe now the church can look into making a modern, updated, lds translation of the English bible. The king James bible also has terms which are archaic and now considered offensive. Modern scholarship and discoveries have greatly enhanced our understanding of what the earliest manuscripts said and it is time the lds church benefits from this as most of Christian denominations have for decades. If the king james version was perfect, they would have merely translated that into spanish, but as this article indicates, even church leaders recognize there is room for improvement.


Also, this article made no mention of the joseph smith translations, was this left out?

RE: So Happy RE: Don

"Cross references",Does the new Spanish translation cross reference(John 7:53-8.11)"A woman taken in adultry" NIV note, This is not found in the earliest and best manuscripts 350 AD or in Papyri 66,or75, 150 AD. Added between 600 to 700 AD.

"For example one version now exist where the idea of diety is removed from the Bible." Which version are you talking about? If you name it I will read the Greek and respond. The NWT is a the Jehovahs Witness Bible and they do deny Christs diety,anybody with any knowlege of Greek can see this counterfit.

RE: Andrew

God chose Hebrew and Greek to communicate to humans,not Latin French or Spanish. Reading the scriptures in the orignial languages is a blessing,you get a more understanding of the richness of the Jewishness of sthe Bible.

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