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Published: Monday, Sept. 14 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The Truth

Ostertag never was much of a work out machine. I doubt he has what it takes from a work ethic point of view to make it back to the NBA. It's not like he has been pumping weights like Karl has during his retirement. Good luck finding a suitable partner, someone who is willing to pay you to watch games from the bench!


If Ostertag could have visualized the rim as a steak dinner and the ball as desert at the Peppermill Hotel and Casino, I am sure his rebounds and points would have increased dramatically.


Worst player to ever play for JAZZ. JAZZ brass please don`t sign him to another contract. This wouldn`t surprise me it`s happened before.


YOu are all wasting your time ragging on Ostertag,

he was not a top draft choice,

if he actually ever became something

NOW THAT would have been the surprise!

Hew man centers drafted in the lottery make ithave soectacular careers?

Jazz management over paid him, creating undue expectations.

I sloans system gives the Center very little to do in the offnse besides stand out at the 3-point line.

okur succeeds in the system becaue he can shoot the three.

Heres is the real truth of the jazz (with or without ostertag):

They had the greatest point guard,

They had the greatest power foward,

in a sloan system that features the point guard and power foward

and still NO championships.

(and the reality is they only came close because the league was down,

and in one those years thay had to have a last second shot to even make it to the finals,

and when jordon retired they still couldn't win it in a strike shortened season.}

YOu all can be the judge on what all that means.

Eye Dee Ten Tee

Um... How can you have a comeback when you have never been there?


Top: Sceptical Cougar Fan 12:49 PM

I thought this article was about the Utah Jazz and Ostertag, not BYU? Please stay on-topic. Thank you.


You only have to watch the famous 6th game playoff win vs. Houston where Stockton hits the last shot to see how effective Ostertag was for them. He shut down and frustrated Olajawon, enabling the Jazz to get to the finals that year. If you watch that game, you'll see what is missing from the current Jazz team...someone who can stop another teams post scorer.
You guys can't get past that the guy was funny looking to see how important Ostertag was. Fortunately, Sloan realizes it.


Good for Tag. He could give any team a respectible 10-15 minutes of interior defense.
His stats with the jaz show what he was allowed to do. Dont fault him for what sloan wouldnt let him do.
Shaq was once asked who his toughest match up was and he sadi Ostertag from Utah. Obviuosly Tag made an impression, so much that Shaq blindsided him and Karl just stood and watched it happen. A real team mate would have stepped up and got involved.
Tag had more than basketball to worry about when in Utah he had to make sure he bowed to Malone and if he didnt he was reprimanded by the bully sloan.
Maybe he could have worked harder,but why if you only get to stand around on offense.

Best wishes to Tag and his family. After meeting Tag and sharing popcorn at a revue I and My son still have much respect for the second best center the Jazz have ever had.

todd to pastor 88

I happen to like and respect Greg a great great deal. Far as the best center ever for the Jazz, in my opinion, it would have been Felton Spencer who was improving and became a 10-11 pppg scorer, until the fateful night at Boston Garden he tore his knee.

For those that think I rip Jerry on every issue, he did a good job improving Felton from when he first got to the Jazz to then.

Strangely enough, I agree Greg could outproduce Collins, Fes at least now. Sure he had bad hands. But he could play most centers, Shaq would be better but Greg held his own. he played fundamental good defense, clogged the paint and at least made teams think twice before walking in for layups or taking to the rim at will unlike now.

Believe it or not, If Jerry wanted to resign him for this year which is unlikely I would support it. He could give solid backup playfor Okur and give us a different look or play both together. I trust Tag enough he would be in shape and give a professional effort,.


I have to disagree with most of the people on here. 'Tag was one of the worst players ever to put on a Jazz uniform. Best Center the Jazz have ever had is easily Okur, he would kill Felton, Tag, Eaton, etc. Okur is a nontraditional Center for sure but he has improved every year and played a vast majority of his games and played with effort. I think it is funny that people act like AK is a financial black hole but praise Ostertag. If that guy ever even played one season like the $$ he got the Jazz could have won a ring easily.
You are wrong no one ever shut down Hakeem. The only thing that stopped him was injuries. He was in my opinion the most underrated players ever to play in the NBA. He had the best year ever for anyone in 1994. He was the regular season MVP, Defensive player of the year, Finals MVP and he won the ring. No one else has ever done that, not Mike not Russell, not Kareem, not Kobe, etc.

todd to chadders

Chadders, even Brad Rock in Lindys discusses how the Jazz have now low post threat at the center position, that is why we did not include Mehmout because to me he should be a #4

Pastor88 to Chadders

Given the opportunity to, I elieve Tag could have had better numbers. But under Sloans system there was no Real opportunity.
Of all the JAzz players I have watched none has endured as much open beration as Tag. Yet he showed up every night to do what he was allowed to, to the best of his ability. The mental side of the game is important and if you have a coach constantly berating you in public, you will not perform to your potential.
Mark Eaton was another team player in a system that did not use the 5 position for offense. He did what was asked of him and more. How many blocked shots?
How many blocked shots as a team did the jazz have in 2008?
Tag was more mobilr than Mark and broguht a added defense to the interior. He also did better than Felton on the perimeter. Blocked shots?
Of course both of these centers would have had more rebounds had it not been for Malones needs and being put at the three point line on offense.
Okur is a #4 no doubt about it. Apples,pears, and oranges.

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