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Published: Monday, Sept. 14 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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knowing the way good ol kevin o'conner does things, he'll probably sign ostertag to a multi year deal. wouldn't surprise me a bit.

scotland todd

of all the people to make a come back. Ostertag?

00 for 1 minute

He might bring in a block or 2.....in 82 games.

todd from santa ana

to anonymous "hee hee" That and possibly James Donaldson, Felton Spencer has reported his kneee has not felt better in years as he had been training with Real Salt Lake

the big O

has probably run out of $$$$

To Tag Haters

Why does he have a bad rap? He mad a lot of money at Utah, so have a lot of other players that have not had great output. Answer me this, why does Utah not have a championship? The answer is Karl Malone! His stats almost ALWAYS went down in the playoffs while all the other big name players for other teams had their stats go up! Ostertag could have a career night and that would not make a difference in the Jazz winning or losing, we ran the ball through Malone! Stop making Tag the scapegoat! Malone could have given up money here to help buy a stronger team like he did in LA. I like most all Jazz players but the one to blame if any is Malone not Ostertag!


Ostertag was one of the worst wastes of talent this league has ever had.
I think it's pretty funny I had to listen to people all summer talk about what a terrible job KOC and the Jazz have been doing with their personal, draft picks, etc. And the same people kept saying Portland is so much smarter than us but now they are thinking about signing Collins. Haha if they do sign him can we finally stop talking about them as a better franchise than we are?


If he can't come back, I'm sure he'll mention sloan in his HOF induction speech in two years.

To Malone Haters

In the playoffs, defense steps up and everyone keyed on Malone. This was possible because the Jazz had no one else to step up offensively, not enough outside shooters to start raining 3s when Malone was triple teamed, no one crashing the boards for offensive rebounds. Well rounded teams make you pay when you focus your defense on one guy, but not the Jazz.

John Wicks

Who next,Luther Wright?????

todd to chadders

I laughed at that also--Collins? Why? they have Joel P and Oden? Portland though Chadders went after several players as they had more financial space, I think that is the point-aggressive in signing players, although Andre Miller if you look at his career has always played better in the Eastern Conference-i do not think Portland is much better, I am more worried about improved Dallas and Spurs for us to move up

He did his job

Ostertag did what he was expected - a la Mark Eaton. He clogged the middle and blocked shots, got rebounds. He had butter fingers and did not have any offensive moves or shot. But we did not need that from him. He's a lenky 7' 2" and not strong enough to body-up on anyone, but he'd be better at center than Fez.

comma man

best center ever,eaton horrible

He Stinks

Remember when shaq slapped him in the face? What did he do, he just fell on the ground crying.
The Jazz need a strong presence in the paint, not some guy who can't catch, and will back down from even brevin knight.

This guy was almost as bad as shawn bradley.


how much the Jazz will offer to get him back. He was a better defender than Boozer and a better re bounder than Collins. What a wonderful help he would be.

Captain Jonathan Beauregard III

Well, if he does come back, that says it all. It will be a horrible season.


I personally was a jazz fan back when adrean dantley played,and as far as i am concerned they are still a great team,every team makes there mistakes.i am hopeing that the jazz do well this season.

Skeptical cougar fan

I hate to say it but I am skeptical that the Y will beat Florida State. Playing at home will help alot but the speed factor is going to kill the Y. Florida is so fast and athletic in all positions. Hall will have to have his best game ever to beat FSU because he will see a pressing man to man defense the entire game along with a heavy dose of pressure from the d-line. Is BYU up to the challenge?? I don't think so but I could be wrong.

Re To Malone Haters

It was either him being triple teamed OR him worrying about wrestling in the WWF! I still have nightmares seeing him running down the court in the championship series flashing the "diamond cutter" to the crowd! I don't think it had as much to do with him being triple teamed as you think!!!


bring O back, I'd love to see it. I used to cheer my guts out for him when he did well, and if the Jazz had someone similar that could clog up the lane and free the others to play more aggressive defense it would help us a bunch.

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