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Liberty Alliance joins with local activists in protest at the Capitol

Published: Sunday, Sept. 13 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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DR Don

I find it interesting that so many people seem to have the need to attack and belittle the protesters rather than actually address what they are protesting.


Everyone needs to quit their parties and become Independant. There's too much corruption in government and too much greed in BOTH parties. Americans need to unite as Americans and NOT Democrats and Republicans. My freedom is more important to me than a government healthcare plan. Freedom is something worth fighting and dying for.


Where were these people? Let's take a journey back to June 24, 2004.

"Since 2001, even with record low inflation, U.S. federal spending has increased by a massive 28.8% (19.7% in real dollars)–with non-defense discretionary growth of 35.7% (25.3% in real dollars)–the highest rate of federal government growth since the presidencies of Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson. This increase has resulted in the largest budget deficits in U.S. history, an estimated $520 billion in fiscal year 2004 alone.

As predicted by Independent Institute Senior Fellow Robert Higgs, author of such key books as Crisis and Leviathan and the new Against Leviathan, this explosion of government power would only have been possible in the aftermath of 9/11. Times of crisis present the easiest opportunities for politicians to take advantage of a frightened American public.

President George W. Bush is now on his way to becoming the first full-term president since John Quincy Adams (1825-1829) to not veto a single bill."


WE THE PEOPLE. Its about time we term limit Hatch and Bennett. George Washington set the precedent 2 terms or 8 years and get out and let others try!!!!


What Obama is doing is WORKING.
Conservatism, on the other hand, has failed again and again to move this country forward. Just check the census data and you will see that under Republicans incomes drop, poverty rates increase, the numbers of medically insured decline. The exaxt opposite happens when Democrats rule. This is a fact that Republicans can't face. Obama knows what he is doing is what is right for this country and it's people.......conservatives included. Don't let your flawed ideology blind you. But then, this is really about politics so I don't expect Republicans to be bothered by the truth.


Where were you protesters when George W. Bush got us involved in the billion dollar Iraq war and then gave his rich upper income buddies the biggest tax break in history? Where were you protesters when George W. Bush began trampling the constitution by extending his own powers as president? We could have definitely used less government then.

Remember: Obama didn't create this problem. He inherited an 8 year old mess created by George W. Bush and his sidekick, Halliburton/Black Water investor Dick Cheney.


I wish those who scream about socialism would just get a brain and realize that what Obama is doing is what America needs.


Liberals demand MORE government.

You call that news? That's like reporting "MormonDem" is a pompous know-it-all and calling it news.

Hand it to yourself...@11:07

Taxcuts? You mean how the witholding was changed to allow you to take home more pay? $13 a week tax cut?
It's still taxable income, just wait until your taxes come due.
A tax cut happens when your actually allowed to keep more of what you EARN. Not a gimmick with your witholding.

No wonder your a liberal.


This "American Liberty Tour" is not an independent organization. It is a republican-based group attempting to recruit followers while distancing themselves from the republican label. Backed by Fox News Channel commentators such as "Hannity" and "O'Reilley", it's the same old republican crowd with the same old conservative rhetoric, but labeled and packaged under a different name.



Could it be the only difference between then and now is the fact that now we have a black president and then we had a white president?


To anonymous

Where was I when Bush was doing what he was doing? Grumbling. But then I'm a Republican. There were plenty of Democrats that did indeed protest though. I don't know how you missed that?! But, Obama did not only inherit the mess, he massively added to it in 8 months or do you not realize how much further in debt we have become under Obama? He has made Bush's debt look like chump change. So, I have moved from grumbling to picketing publicly as well as writing to various representatives while you look through your rose colored glasses.

To Elephant: Race isn't the issue but policy and crying wolf is getting old, especially given that much of White America voted for President Obama based on his words. Those European Americans are now changing their minds along with African Americans because of P O L I C Y decisions.


A couple dozen LGBT activists hold a rally in which they assault innocent bystanders and make outlandish demands for freedom of public perversion, and their "cause" is all over the front pages for 2 weeks.

2,000 people peacefully rally for a return to sanity and responsibility and they're dismissed as radicals and nutcases.

It's really not so funny.

The Real Patriot



You "grumble" during 8 years of a republican administration. And now you picket and protest the efforts of a democratic administration.

This whole demonstration was a good example of partisan politics at work, trying to make one side look worse than the other.

Civic Responsibility

It's all well and good to get upset at the government over issues. But what's pathetic is how little most Americans even know about the Constitution and the Separation of Powers, and how Congress is set up to be a check and balance of the Executive or the President. And that the Congress is a big place with 435 Congressmen and a separate and independent chamber of 100 Senators. A lot of well-educated people don't even know the difference between a Senator or Congressman. They don't understand how Congress is "controlled" and operated by the majority party (currently Democrats) and that there is little Republicans can do to stop bad ideas from being Rahmed through with the Democrats controlling the Executive Branch, and the Congress. So to the commenter earlier that both Republican and Democrats are at fault and to get "rid of all of them," you are asking for the devil. I don't think that people saying that are thinking through the consequences of that or even understand what that would get us. You have to hold each individual member responsible based on their record and values.


It amazes me that Glenn Beck's 9-12 Project has not been mentioned in any of the articles that I've read on this protest. It was the 9-12 group that put it all together. This is what we're all about...striving to return ourselves and our country to where we were the day after terrorists murdered 3000 of our fellow Americans.

Live Free or Die

Welfare breeds more welfar, breeds more welfare.

Handouts are not Helping people.


Smaller government now! Let's start with the expensive stuff first! Can the military! No infrastructure projects! I have a 4X4 Suburban so I don't care if there are potholes on I-15. Let's get rid of the CIA and the FBI too! Government is the root of all EVIL! I don't need the FDA to keep me from getting sick or the IRS taking my hard earned money! For that matter, let's get rid of government money too! We'll all barter for fuel for our SUVs and ammo for our guns! No Goverment at ALL!


Have you noticed that the only people who keep bringing up the fact that the president is "black" are all liberals? Doesn't that make them racist, because they are the ones who keep bringing it up? I hear black people say all the time, "My president is black". Would I, as a white person, be considered racist if I went around saying "My president is white"? Technically we're both right. But you only ever hear about the 50% black part, and it's usually from the left. Just wondering...

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