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Published: Friday, Sept. 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Utah Man

Stay hungry, Stay humble, Stay being the underdogs and kick it in the guts!! GO UTES!!!

Re: Utah Man

How are we the underdogs? We're 11 and a half point favorites. Wake up!

casual fan

Just another scrimmage for the Utes. Too bad Oregon is damaged goods. It would have been fun to see them knock down a full strength PAC-10 team. Even after getting drubbed by BYU in Las Vegas, Oregon Coach (and now AD) Belotti wouldn't give the MWC any credit. Show 'em Utes.

be afraid yoots

San Jose St beat USU 30-7 last year. U guys beat Doormat U by only 35-17 this year. Now that San Jose has played USC u guys are going to feel like a slow motion cakewalk to them.

San Jose St by 3.


San Jose St. is weak and the Utes are a 14.0 favorite. They should do better than that with a better team and a better coach. Beat SJS and then beat the spread. Whit will out wit them as he did 'Bama.

Cali Coug

Yewets beat the spread in this scrimmage by 10. Schedule starting to look a little soft...


I hope the Utes are afraid of this game going into it so they prepare well (which fear will subside after they're 14-21 points up at the half). But let's be honest with ourselves, this game shouldn't even be close. The mantra against mediocre talent is to focus on yourself because the Ute players are not going to bust their butts getting ready for a toothless SJSU. BYU has the same problem this week against an awful Tulane team. They try to be complimentary about their opponents, but this is a week off for both programs and it would take an astronomical meltdown for either team to lose. Just a thought.

Go Utes

The Utes will come into this game very focussed and come away with a win. I look for Misi and Sly to have big games; furthermore, Asiata will break 100 yards again and Cain will grow in his confidence.


Heck man, some of you BYU boys can't even spell UTES. How did get into college? Well, maybe you never been to BYU?

Big Daddy Ute

What Comcast channel will the game be on. Go Utes.


Tough game.......was Dixie College schedule full?

re: Anonymous 11:28am

No, I didn't go to BYU. I went to yootah and became so disgusted with it that I later became a BYU fan and now root against the yoots.

Ernest T. Bass

How many more of these USU and San Jose State type games will we have to play to equal the game BYU had against OU? Or I guess there won't be any equal to that for us?

@Ernest T. Bass

How many bowl losses like the one to Arizona will it take for BYU to match Utah's 8 straight. My guess is about 12 but only if BYU freaks out every time they loose and try to play it of cool.

yet again

another big game this week end for the Utes. GO Little Brother!

Northern Iowa

Just a reminder that BYU opened with Northern Iowa last year. Please no more scheduling smack. It's ridiculous. My grandmother would put up more of a fight than Tulane would.

Northern Iowa. Enough said.


The meltdown begins(lolololololololol)

This is not Provo

Wow, gotta love Cougar fans. Beat your first top-5 team since 1990 and suddenly your schedule is always soooo much stronger the Utah's.

Last time I checked, you guys played 3 FCS teams from 2005-08. Utah played one FCS team in that span. BYU also played the only winless 1-A team last fall. Based on those numbers, I'd say tough schedules are not BYU's strong point.

Point is you probably should not be blasting Utah for playing Utah State and San Jose State. Especially when you are also playing Utah State later in the season and taking on a Tulane team that is much much worse than San Jose State is.

Mike Johnson Fallon NV

The bottom 30 FBS teams in 2008 according to Sagarin:

Last year, according to Sagarin, the bottom 30 FBS teams were:

91Florida Atlantic62.82
93San Jose State62.51
95Arkansas State62.26
97Central Florida61.39
98Middle Tennessee60.77
99Fla. International60.73
100Iowa State60.47
101Utah State60.40
103Ohio University58.74
108Kent State56.66
111San Diego State55.43
112Washington State54.91
113New Mexico State54.13
114Eastern Michigan54.06
118Western Kentucky50.54
120North Texas47.61

As bad as USU and SJSU were, Tulane was worse, although that isn't saying much. Of course, BYU earned a pass with last week's win.

Mike Johnson Fallon NV

The little brother in the state is playing Tulane and not SJSU.

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