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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Vickey LeFevre

And how we miss him! He was so great to watch and he made all the other players better than they were without him.

Spencer Clark

I say we clone him. Even if against his will. It's for the greater good.


Stockton's the man!!!


A true professional, he is missed. They said that about the Hydrogen Bomb Spencer Clark, not a good choice of words.

Utahn in Virginia

John Stockton was, and forever will be, the greatest Jazz player of all time, and the greatest point guard in the history of the game. Simply put, John Stockton was what made the Jazz, and the NBA game, worth watching for 19 years. The quality of the game, and the people in it, has decreased steadily since John retired. John, thank you for providing the greatest basketball effort I ever witnessed. When I played ball in my driveway, I always pretended to be you.

Role Model

If ever there waas a sports individual that you could hold up to be a role model it wouild be John Stackton. He is by far my favorite all-time player from any sport. He is more than a player but more of a person you would want to have as friend.


I have not missed him a bit. Too grumpy for my liking.


John Stockton is my favorite player of all time. He represents everything in a public icon that I wish I could be if I ever fell into the same light: humility, dignity, dedication to the game and not the media, and always putting his family first. He was a class act that will probably never be duplicated again. Thank you for Mr. Stockton for the great example you set. You will always be welcome in Utah as long as you live.


Poor DennyG. Sorry, but Stockton did his job. His job did not require him to put himself out there to satisfy your for celebrity.

Utahn in Inidiana

I miss John. There was nothing like watching him play. A perfect role model. Unusual to find a clean decent player nowadays that simply loves the game, not all the hip around it.


All of my children grew up with John Stockton posters in their bedrooms. I could not have chose a better role model for them. Thanks John for all of the memories and good luck in the future!

Utahn in Mexico

Ditto to Utahn in Virginia.
He was, and will be, the best Jazzman ever.
"Stockton to Malone"-- How I miss those words.


too bad he threw the ball to malone with twenty seconds left in game six of the championship as jordan stole the ball and they won, the jazz missed a chance to win the championship. i wonder if it bugs him from time to time.


I never watched another NBA game after he retired. He was the last literate, moral person in the entire league. The rest simply contribute to the decline in society.

Nancy from Las Vegas

From the few TV Jazz games I saw, I converted into a basketball fan late in his career and I didn’t have cable TV, I loved watching John Stockton! I wish that he gave more information about his personal life; however, I respect his need for privacy. John, you were terrific!! Thanks for making the Jazz great. Have a wonderful rest of your life!

Oklahoma Jazz Fan

This is one of the best news articles I've ever read. Thanks Doug.


Stockton is my favorite player of all time everyone asks me who is my favorite Jazz/NBA player to date and I always say Stockton to which they reply come on he doesn't play anymore.
I met Stockton twice and he is a very nice guy what a nice article about him.


I remember a game in Stockton's 2nd year at the Salt Palace. My BDay and his are 2 days apart and I bought him a BDay card. I gave it to him after the game as he ran back to the locker room. I waited to get a few autographs (I really wanted AD's). Stockton came out and went to a group that it looked like he was going to hang out with. He looked my way and excused himself, came over to me, shook my hand, thanked me for the card, and signed my Jazz banner. #1 point guard in my book. I got Dantley's autograph too, but that is another story.


Those were the days. John Stockton. Amazing man.


I was refereeing a Jr. Jazz game at the Dimple Dell rec center several years ago. Hornacek was the coach and Stockton was there watching his son play. Stockton just sat in a chair and watched the game. He didn't really say a thing. Hornacek on the other hand nearly got himself a "T". I liked them both.

Contrast that to a little league football game a couple of years before that I was reffing. Stockton was on the sidelines behind the rope yelling at the officials. Not realizing who he was, I turned around and told him to shut up (I'd have told him to shut up anyway). He did, and the rest of the game was pleasant. We had a nice time talking on the sidelines about the game in between plays.

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