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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 8 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I shook Sloan's hand back in 1989 at the SLC airport just after he took over from Frank Layden. I never imagined that 20 years later he would still be the head coach! His ethic, approach and dedication apply to anyone's life. A true inspiration in my book.


Interesting comment about the team feeling like it was Frank's until Malone and Stock were gone.

Let's go Jazz! Get him some hardware!


Jerry Sloan is an absolute stud. He could have left several times for more money. No matter what his critics say, he is always the last to take the credit, but the first to take the blame. Men like Jerry are few and far between.


When ever I think of "Jerry Sloan" I think of "Old School" What a great coach and teacher.


Coach Sloan represents the best of what makes the Jazz an inspiring team to support through thick and thin. I like his style of demanding that everyone step up to the plate and earn their salary through hard-knuckle defense and back-to-the basics play without all the showboat baloney. I still miss the old Jazz colors though. Let's get a well-deserved championship for Jerry this season!

The B.I.V.

Jerry deserves his induction and he's a class act for sure, but the Jazz need a new face in the suit before they win a championship...


Thanks for the great decade and then some Coach Sloan.


"truly humbled" is a split infinitive

I don't get it

If jerry sloan is going into the hall of fame. I guess you better put in Mike Dunleavy, Goerge Karl, Byron Scott, Flip Saunders,
Rick Carlyle, Scott Skiles, you know, coaches who have been around a long time but haven't really done that much.

RE: I don't get it

Wow are you kidding me?!?! Haven't done that much?? None of those coaches deserve to wear the same suit coat as Sloan. Dang kid, watch some basketball before you come out running your mouth on this article. In fact, even better, just stay away from the game, cause you know absolutely NOTHING!

Sloan hater

I see no great baskeball thinking,

no clever adjustments,

no strategizing,

in sloan "coaching",

all I see is him weilding one tool, A hammer (his system), over and over again,

and NOT winnng a championship, NOT even with 2 of the greatest in the most important positions, pg and pf.

The fans in large part support him?

I think NOT!

Just a vociferous minority that supports him, a pandering and fawning media, and most importantly, an ownership loyalty, that most coaches never enjoy.

Perhaps he will show what great coach he is by tinking with the starting lineup many times again this season.

(by the way, sloan has said who starts is not important)

and keeping deserving players on the bench, never playng and developing young players.


Jerry has done more with less than any coach in the history of basketball: he took a small media market team, a team in a place where many NBA players refuse to work, year after year outperforming media expectations, getting more out of players than they produced elsewhere if they moved on, and gave the team a winning tradition. Not winning a championship was due to one man -- MJ. Coach Sloan deserves to be in the Hall, period.


that people are on here telling us how great Sloan has been for the Jazz. How many championships did he win while coaching the two best players in the NBA (Alleged) for 18 years. Answer...."0"

Barkley introducing him is perfect....they are mental twins...


I think the Jordan generation will never appreciate Jerry. Jerry discourages high-flying acrobatic slam dunks and emphasizes fundamental basketball. He discourages one-on-one moves and emphasizes teamwork. His players don't get on ESPN highlight reels. But year in and year out, his teams win a lot more games than they lose. When he first took over, I was one of his biggest detractors. He really was pretty flawed then. But Larry was right to be patient, and, like his players, Jerry developed his skills and knowledge every year until he became an outstanding coach, and earned his place in the Hall. Congratulations!

Coaches & Stars

Michael Jirdan ran a coach out of town, as did Miagic Johnson - even after winning a ring with one. With all the noise Malone made EVERY off-season, never once a peep about the coach. If Malone or Stockton wanted they could have run Jerry and certainly the pair could have, but they didn't. The endorsemt of those two Hall of Famers is greater than that of the Hall, and much more credible than anyone on these threads.


Actually, Jordan and Magic each forced the firing of two coaches and Magic forced the Lakers to trade fan favorite, Norm Nixon. Magic forced out Jack McKinney and Pat Riley. Jordan forced out Kevin Lockery and Doug Collins.

Basketball nut

People who disparage Coach Sloan and the work ethic and personal standards he champions are, themselves, people who could never (and still can't): 1) work hard, 2) put anyone else above their own selfish and petty desires, and 3) work truly as a 'team' member.

To "I don't get it"

No, you truly don't . . . and that's sad. You and "Sloan hater" and "Unbelievable" and "todd from santa ana" and several others truly don't get it. The man gets inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame and to you he's a throw-away has been.

Sorry for all you've missed over the course of Sloan's career. You've missed a lot. It will be a long time before we see his equal in SLC again . . . .

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