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Published: Monday, Sept. 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I had no hope in a win, just hoped not to get embarrassed. It was just like the Sugar Bowl. I had no hope for a U win just hoped they wouldn't get embarrassed.

I am so proud of What BYU and Utah has done in beating OU and Bamma. I am also proud of all of the good comments from the Utah fans.

I love to talk smack as much as the next guy, but I have really been disappointed and quite saddened by the real nasty tone from BYU & Ute fans this week. Especially when the content is disparaging about unrelated beliefs that we don't share.

We have so much more in common than we have differences. Thanks Utes for not only busting the BCS party, but for totally dominating it, and thank you to the classy fans who have posted today.

Lets join forces in showing the rest of the country that football in Utah and in the MWC as good as in the rest of the country. Then lets get ready for a great showdown in November at which time we can talk lots of respectful SMACK

Crimson Clubber

We celebrated in our house too. I woke up my sleeping daughter with shouts at the TV. What a great game and strong statement for our Conference! Congrats Cougs, enjoy this one. This November is going to be epic!

Larry Stout

"Slammin' Sammy" hasn't been a sports headline since the days of Snead (students: don't bother asking). I love it!!! BYU played with more heart. Period.


Congrats on the win, great recognition for the MWC. But I don't know many outside of BYU fans who walked away after the game saying...Wow, the Y is good. This game will always have an asterick next to it stating...without Bradford. Yes, Unga was out, but Unga vs. Bradford...not even comparable, gimme a break. BYU was adequate. But I am not sold that they were something special. I saw the same three plays that were called all last year. Deep to Jacobson, over the middle to Pitta, and hand off to runningback. Nothing new.....the O line did better than I expected, but Hall still was throwing interceptions and getting sacked and banged up. I don't see how you classify it as one of the greatest wins ever.....considering the variables.

Keep it up BLue!

Good Fans!

Samuel Taf

Great job guys we are very proud of the great job i know we will have a great year our D played very great yesterday so lets have a great year.

BYU grad

Three cheers for the BYU fans in Provo!


How nice for this school to physically, mentally, and emotionally move to the next higher plane. It's good for the Mountain West Conference.


Didn't the Oklahoma team have their star qaurter back injured for half the game? Thats what it said on ESPN

uh, ok

Cool you won. Neat you beat them on TV. It was a good game.

But aren't meet and greets at 3 in the morning at airports kind of reserved for national championship wins?

You didn't beat Texas. Or even Florida. You beat an overrated OU team that gets uberhyped from day one by the machine in Norman. And on Saturday, thanks to your good play, was without its star QB.

Become national champs. Then go nuts at the airport.


Probably I was one of the few BYU fans that thought we had a good chance, I knew if the defence would show off we could win this game. I don't know you Norcal, but I don't think Utah fans are happy at all with our win,I actually think that you are more of a Utah fan than a BYU fan after reading how much you are trying to emphacise the win over overrated Alabama. Hey this is a site for BYU fans, go to your own side to talk about your team.


Jaime Hill for mayor!
What an unexpected upset for the ages!
To "bigutefan": Why do you feel the need to minimize BYU's accomplishment? As I recall, the game was tied near the end of the second quarter when Bradford went down. You should go and quietly relish your big win over Utah State.
The classy Ute fans and BYU fans alike are happy when each other succeeds outside of the MWC.
Props to the Offensive line and to the entire defense!
That's why they play the game.....!
Go Cougars!

Re: bigutefan

The Cougars contained Bradford very well for the entire first half. There may still be an astrick, but BYU showed a lot of defensive toughness and the offense moved the ball even without Unga. Go Cougars!

To: bigutefan

You should read what ESPN has to say about the game if you don't think BYU and Max Hall deserve all the credit in the world for the win. ESPN is a total hater on BYU and even they are giving the Y credit. Bradford has 96 yards when he went out at the half, Hall had over 200. But who even really cares about the stats. BYU got a Win against #3 ranked OU essentially at a home game for OU. Injuries are part of the sport and if you lose because of an injury you still lose. OU won't get into the national championship game and Bradford wont be the Heisman, BYU is on track to have a great season. Injuries have consequences no doubt, its part of the game.

RE: Anonymous

Uh, didn't BYU not have its star running back the whole game because of injury?

Uh, didn't BYU play right with OK even when they had their QB?

Uh, didn't BYU score the winning touchdown against one of the best Defenses in the country?

Uh, thats what it said on ESPN.


re uh ok

whay such a kill joy?

uh, ok

Man leave it up to a Ute fan to belittle a great win for BYU and the MWC. Oklahoma is above and beyond better than Alabama was last year. Oklahoma has had a year in and year out top 10 team, while Alabama wasn't very good before Saban took the reigns....which was 3 years ago. but thanks anyway and next time maybe know what your talking about before that stuff comes out your mouth. GO COUGARS!!!!Wish i could have been in Provo for the celebration, but I'm sadely stuck in USC territory until December.


I feel bad for him and all being hurt, but you have to remember something.

There are dumb people saying that BYU won because Bradford was out for the second half of the game. The reason he was out for the second half and didn't play was because WE TOOK HIM OUT OF THE GAME! Period. There were all kinds of dumb Utah fans and other BYU fans saying that Max Hall was going to be carted out of the game in a body bag because our O-line wouldn't protect him, but no one even thought to consider if Bradford would have adequate protection. That was because no one was giving our defense credit AT ALL before the game, and they are a good unit, I've always thought they were at least half decent.

When it comes down to it folks, in this game BYU's Offensive line did their job and got it done. OU's simply did not, and that is why Bradford is hurt.

BYU's wi

along with the Utes BCS bowl busting destruction of both the Tide and Pitt show that the MWC deserves a spot at the table. If all goes to plan, TCU, BYU and Utah should be pretty good. I'm not sure the Big Ten (let's get real that conference is way overrated) or the Big East has three teams the quality of that trio. The MWC is 2-0 in its BCS bowls and now BYU has beat #3 ranked OU. With or without Bradford the Sooners were considered so talented that there is no way BYU should have won, unless the superiority of the BCS conferences is truly overstated. In fact, when given the chance with Boise State's victory the non-BCS schools are 3-1 in their BCS bowls with two wins being blowouts.

BYU fan with some facts....

Alabama wasn't very good....Alabama probably has more national championships than any other school. I believe the number is about a dozen with Notre Dame about the same number and USC falling short of this number. OU is about 4th or 5th on this list.

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