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Late goal-line stand sets up Cougars' winning drive

Published: Sunday, Sept. 6 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Pendleton was the difference I thought on defense...incredibly tough and smart kid. Logan was a huge surprise as well...even the announcers knew he didn't interfere on the endzone pass.


Ah, Dick. If only you'd predicted this one. Why are our local reporters alway so down on BYU?


is what you call a great defense. Now I know we gave up 13 points to the 2nd best offense in the country, but hey it could be worse. Like giving up 17 to the worst D-1 team in the country.

Moose on the loose


I thought Colby Clawson's hit on Sam Bradford was a good one (ie, hard AND clean) but the one that I thought REALLY rocked an OU player was (Pendleton?) absolutely uncorking on OU's second string QB late in the game. When ESPN replayed it on slo-mo you could see the BYU defender airborne just as the ball was released and the subsequent impact snapping the QB's head forward with the BYU guy landing squarely on top of the QB.

The QB ended up throwing incomplete.

When the OU QB was getting up there was NO WAY he wasn't thinking whether it was worth it to take that kind of licking.


todd to chadders

I am stunned, I heard this at the UCLA game tonight, congrats, wow what a great moment, then Bradford gets hurt in top of it. Now I am sold with my theory why Texas is better than the Sooners

Could this be the best BYU defense ever?

Incredible result...

I was wrong

i wrote earlier that this game wasnt going to be close, i still think however had bradford played the 2nd half, the sooners would've realized running wasnt working and let bradford light byu's secondary up, however the cougars are 1-0 and the sooners are 0-1, anytime you beat the #3 team in the country its a good win so congrats byu

South Bend Cougar

great game analysis Mr. Harmon. No one in the country predicted the game would be close, which is why the win feels so good. Can't wait to wear my BYU tie to work on Tuesday. Just hope the polsters don't move ND ahead of BYU.


Dick down on BYU? I guess you haven't read any of his articles.

Props goes to BYUs defence but Dick is jumping the gun by calling them fast and athletic. I wouldn't crown them BCS busters yet. Hands down TCU has the best defence in the MWC.

West JordanBob

The defense played with "Blue Grit".

"We won the game because of the defense," said tight end Andrew George. "They battled the entire game after we put them in some tough situations with turnovers. They saved us with the goal line stand that held them to a field goal and on their final drive. My hat's off to the defense."


You don't predict upsets like this--you simply can't. It's too improbable. So cut them some slack! Dick did predict that the BYU offense would be able to move the ball if they protected Hall. But nobody could predict BYU winning with a straight face. That's what makes the win so sweet.


This could be the best defense unit in BYU history. If they can build on this game they will be one of the top defenses in the country. Look out TCU and Utah. They are coming and they are packing a big stick this time.

RE: Anonymous

The reason the local, even the BYU friendly, media were not predicting this a win is because the last signature out-of-conference win the cougs had was 1990. Most coug fans i heard this last week were pretty sure they were going to lose. Only the most blindingly optimistic fans were sure it was a win. If you are honest with yourself, you probably thought they were going to lose up until they tied the game at 7-7. Cut people some slack, nobody thought the defense was going to play that good.

Way to go Defense!

I was VERY pleasantly surprised by our defense! They played tough all game long and never gave in. When they held OU at the goal line for six or seven plays...that was incredible!! And the pass interference call was a bad call. Way to defense!

Las Vegas Steve

I have not read anything about BYUs punter. He really helped controll Oklahoma in the first quarter with his first two punts that pinned the Sooners back. Those were key kicks early in the game that keep them in check.


Sports writers keep focusing on Bradford getting injured as if this is why BYU won the game, but Bradford had less than 60 yards against BYU defense before he went out. What about Oklahoma's other players that could not do anything on the ground against the Y's defense. Most of BYU's offensive line is new, yet they held up against Oklahoma's defense and protected Hall very well given Oklahoma's defense. BYU took this game away from Oklahoma because they are a better team.


A great head coach knows how and when to delegate. Kudos to Bronco for hiring Jaime Hill and giving him more authority as defensive coordinator. Last night was the best BYU's defense has ever played. I predict Jaime Hill will be given an offer at the end of this season as a Division 1 head coach that he simply can't refuse. So, let's enjoy him while we have him, because this defense is outstanding. With this kind of start to the season on national TV and with the strongest recruiting class ever for 2009-10, the future is looking very bright for BYU football. I'm wearing my BYU tie to Church today.


Thanks Todd. No one that watched can say BYU wasn't the best team on the field. I did predict with a straight face that we'd win. If the Y didn't have 4 turnovers I would have been right that they'd win by 10. Great win but let's worry about Tulane now.


For all those who are saying that BYU only won because Bradford didn't play the second half, don't forget the stats while Bradford was still in. BYU dominated, but it was only 7-7 because of turnovers. Further, BYU was without their best player the entire game - Unga.

Mike in Orem Quotes Apollo 13

"Opening against #3 Oklahoma who played in the title game last year, a returning Heisman Trophy winner at the helm, averaging 60 points per game last season - this could be the worst disaster BYU has ever experienced."

"With all due respect Sir - I believe this will be our finest hour."

Nevada Blue

As far as I am concerned it is no longer Jamie Hill. It is Mr. Hill Sir. The Defense was beyond all imagination great. I have never been so impressed. I seriously doubt that Mr. Hill Sir will be helping BYU next year. I do not know what team will ask for his help as their new head coach but any team that would not want him is foolish.

Congratulations Mr. Hill Sir. That victory over OU would not have occurred without you. You Sir are Awesome!

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