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Published: Sunday, Sept. 6 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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More right wing whacko scare tactics.

Rove was in town this last week wasn't he?


Nobody believed the many warnings before 9-11 either Great.



Not a joke

I'm a firm believer something bigger will happen. Timing is ripe and good right now with a President that's about as clueless as they come.


I wish instead of going after the Taliban in Iraq and Afghanistan, that we would have built bigger nicer twin towers, made the pentagon nicer, etc. To show our enemies you might be able to knock down a building using terror tactics, but we will come out stronger in the end. Now I'm afraid that we are not safer at all by going after them and the media giving them the attention that they want.

Those who don't learn

from history are bound to repeat it



let's ignore this one too

I agree. This is all hogwash. Just like it was on 9=11-2001. Uh, people, let's not bury our heads in the sand. Have we all forgotten already? I know the leaders in Congress have. But we are ripe for another attack and this does sound plausible. I certainly hope I am wrong. But I do not for a second doubt the enemy does not have a plan very much like this.

we failed listen last time

Will Obama's team make the same mistake?

Frederick Douglass told us

"The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion."


It's important to remember that the pirce of Freedom is never paid. How soon we forget the nightmare of 9/11. Why do people think that these are scare tactics?

Take a deep breath

Unless your name is Jack Bauer, there's nothing you can do about this even if this worry-wart is accurate. Forget about things you can't control and enjoy the things you can. It's a fantastic time to be alive!


9/11 was a test run for the terrorists that targeted America. Unfortunately, I believe they will once again take advantage of our complacency and ignorance and history will repeat itself and the devastation will be much worse. That in itself is hard to imagine. I pray it not happen. But, it will. WAKE UP AMERICA! We underestimated the enemy once...don't let it happen again. Again...WAKE UP!!

to tommygirl and others

When you write "don't let it happen again"--what exactly are you proposing we do? If it's true that the suitcase nukes are already in the country, are you proposing we stop all small plane flights in these cities? I'm sure the terrorists would then find another way to detonate them--even if it was just by having someone blow them while walking down the street. Perhaps not as destructive as if they were detonated from the air, but come on--these are nukes and they would do major damage wherever they are set off.

The message I get from this article is that we need to be prepared for disaster and savor every moment we have. And that includes not stressing ourselves sick about things over which we have little or no control.


The enemies of America have spoken and they are not silent on their goals.
According to the believers like Osama Bin Laden and his cadre of followers America is the great Satan.
They are willing to do almost anything to destroy the American way of life.
Reading some of the early comments about this article by those who apparently are of the liberal mindset who think that just by having everyone get in a circle and singing warm fuzzy songs all the problems will to away.
Get a dose of reality people.
A backpack nuke is just that, a backpack nuke.
A one person device that is carried by one person.
It can very easily be shielded from detection using a small amount of lead.
Usually they weigh about 100 pounds and have a explosive capacity of about 10-12 kilotons. Maybe more.
An airborne explosion will definitely cause a lot more damage than a ground explosion.
However, the amount of damage caused by the detonation of the device will pale in the psychological impact from such an event.
All it takes is just one successful detonation and America will really change.


I don't think we are even sure who brought those buildings down. I know what we have been told but after researching the attack I cannot believe a word they say. Those buildings were detonated. It is impossible for airplanes to bring down buildings that size at free fall speed. What about building 7? I think for the past several years we have definitely created plenty of terrorists. It would be easy to predict an attack now. I smell a RAT and I am afraid it is too close to home. Do the research "Mysteries of 9/11" and remember "Ye know not the hearts of men in your own land."


Better safe than sorry.
FBI should start checking this out.


Lee Benson is neither an alarmist, a right wing wacko or propaganditst. He is a respected journalist. Its a probing, thot provoking article. Hopefully we, you, us take notice. Any day is a day we can, could be attacked again. prepare


Obama will keep you safe and sound worry is not needed and if you believe that then you also believe in the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.


sounds to me like we've already ignored this man to our own peril twice....third time pays for all, as the saying goes.
There is another man who we have and still do ignore who predicted a lot of things that have happened. His name is Anatoly Golitsyn. He predicted the current rise in terrorism and the actors behind the scenes. When our cities are nuked it will not be with 'arab' bombs, but Russian. The way has been paved for America to react against Russian proxies, but not the planners 'behind the plans'.

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