Comments about ‘'Twilight' fans can get happily get lost in corn’

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Published: Saturday, Sept. 5 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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real Reporter

This appears to be advertising disguised as news. Get in the truth business . . . it's much more valuable and rare than what you are selling.


Or at least give us some pictures!


I think it's great and if I lived closer than New Jersey, I'd go!


Syracuse is in Weber County. Carol needs the GPS.

Dear Dave

Syracuse isn't in Weber County. Somebody doesn't know their Utah geography.


Syracuse is actually in Davis County, Utah you guys...just south of the Weber County border. It is where the largest and original R.C. Willey is located.


Ok, I don't think we needed 3 people to clarify the county that Syracuse is in.


need a better photo of the Edward maze


woo! I live right by it ha FINALLY something close, usually the things are at least 2 states away AT LEAST. ha they definitely should have more twilight star stuff in utah


it's flat casey....from 2 news in the morning...


wow i cant beleive how big twilight has gotten, i am so excited for the corn mazes but wow.


OME that is sooo crazy but I LOVE IT!!! I wish I lived there so I could go lol


i work in the hunted house there. hey people that live close should come to the farm it's a lot of fun! :D


how much is it to get in??

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