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Series takes a break until 2012 season after Thursday

Published: Thursday, Sept. 3 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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btw utes - I've been talking with my PAC-10 UCLA and USC friends today, they said "WHO" then started laughing when I mentioned that you guys think your getting an invite to the PAC 10. You'd have a better chance of beating USU 100 times in a row.

Good luck!



So it sounds like we have a pretty good chance of getting an invite to the PAC 10 (even though that isn't something we think) given your reasoning. We have an incredibly high chance of beating USU 100 times in a row. I remember last year or two years ago when the USU band started playing the school song after first downs.

Not Sure

the Aggies can pull out a W, but if they are competitive, it'll be a great start for GA. Good Luck Aggies. The new Ute QB, whoever it ends up being, has a lot of pressure on him, we'll see what he's made of. Can't Wait!!


Nice work Utah! Welcome to the world of college football. How does it feel to be ranked in major polls for the first time ever? That's cute. Most all other Utah schools have already done this many times.


I can't stop laughing you are really funny. I'm sure you are the idiot that was trying to brag up the Utes amazing success anyways.

Why would Utah ever leave the top of a conference only to find itself in the middle of another.

We head to BCS games every few years anyways. That considered there isn't much of an advantage of moving to the Pac-10. But way make yourself look like a typical inbreed hill billy from where...?

re: Interesting

USU also plays the band after showing opponents new hand signals learned at school to show mom and dad. They must be so proud of their boys at USU.


Shouldn't you be dropping your sister off from the date you took her on? It is after midnight and isn't that when the HG goes to bed?


Sure do look forward to your slaughter on Saturday!!!

The Y will be the laughing stock of college football this year as they have volunteered to expose to the nation the true state of their program. At least 5 losses this year guaranteed.


You dim wits, Utah has been in the FINAL ranking (the only one that matters) at #4 in 2004 and #2 in 2008. And saying its more likely that we beat USU 100 times than joining the PAC-10 is an insult to your own team. Man the haters are up and jealous tonight. I'll be there tomorrow night, get your butts in your seats before kickoff! GO UTES!!!

Ute Guy

AJ how long have you been on planet Earth or is this your first football season? Are you thinking of Utah State up in Logan?


Nice work, BYU fan! Glad you still remember what the world of college football is like. How does it feel to go to a BCS game? Oh... ummm... sorry... I forgot the "Golden Age" for BYU football ended in 1985.

As for the Aggies, I hope Gary Anderson turns the program into a powerhouse. Someone needs to end the Boise State reign in the WAC.


Most Utah schools have been ranked?? Who besides Utah and BYU have ever been ranked in any major poll.

Re: AJ.......

What bubble did you pop in from? Let me guess.... Provo bubble along with all the other jealous zoobies commenting on this article.

FYI, the article stated that this is the first time the Utes have been rated in both major PRESEASON polls. If you followed college football you would know this. BTW, Utah has finished in the top 10 in both major polls twice in the last five years.

Welcome to the world of college football.

@ SoCalAggie

I guess your USC and UCLA pals forgot the MWC was 6-1 against the PAC-10 last year including a UCLA beatdown by BYU and the Utes defeating Oregon St. who had beaten USC.


Well better to be on the way up then down Cosmo!


I see the trolls from Happy Valley have been commenting about things which they know nothing about - AGAIN!! Are things so dull in Provo that they have nothing better to do but embarrass themselves?! GO UTES!!


AJ is right. Take in all levels of college football in the state and you will see that Weber State begins ranked this year too, as well as Snow College. SLCC is ranked once in awhile too; not to mention Dixie State. And while it has been years Utah State was ranked on a regular basis way back in the 1960s. Also as several highly respected coaches around the country will tell you; any team can beat any team on any given day. I watched a couple of the USU games last year and if they had had about about another five or six minutes USU just may have had a couple of more wins last year. One being against BYU.


This is a great in state game! Driving from Logan and supporting the real football teams, is like having a Coke with Caffeine! Not worth my drive further south! Go aggies/utes!


Smart friends. I'm sure they're getting advanced degrees.

Go Ags

I hope its a good a show. Nothing like a sell out crowd for Utah vs USU game. Good luck. Please make it a competitive game!!!!!


Utah should not be playing Utah State. Unless they can at least give us a competitive game - and that hasn't happened for years, it is a no win situation for the Utes.

As we improve our national standing, we need to be playing teams from the Pac 10, Big 10, etc. When you are a big boy you need to play the big boys!

I look forward to where our recent success gets us where we want to be - the PAC 10!

Go Utes (will win tonight by 48)!

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