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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 2 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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It is pretty obvious from this article that coach Whit has handled the Qb position well. It seems that under Whit's tenure the Qb's have only been replaced due to injury rather than bad play. The only time I have questioned Whit on the way he has handled the qb battles is when he felt he needed to play Tommy Grady in a spot role at UCLA, ouch. I think this latest battle will turn out just fine either one will torch Utah State.


The Quarterback battle is a strategy against Utah State and Coach Anderson. Whit knows Anderson knows his style. Anderson expects nothing less out of Whit. You have to keep the Aggies guessing and this battle is the best way to do that. And it builds your QB at the same time because they are worling harder and harder to be the one. Excellent strategy.

Utah Man in Atlanta

The quarterback situation is going to be fine. Whit will use this first game against the Aggies to try both QBs in game time situations and have a definitive starter by week 2 against San Jose for the starter to gain additional experience and work out any bugs before hitting the Oregon Ducks in the mouth week 3. The schedule is working in our favor for another run at the BCS. the only concerning game might be the late season game at TCU.

GO UTES! the true 2008 National Champions

silly utes

Two QB's= NO QB.


Here's the game plan...

Cain in the first half, Cain in the first series in the 2nd half. Wynn the rest of the game to get experience. You heard it first here.


for 8-4!

2 QB = NO QB

Better than 1 QB who is a giant headcase and throws 8 ints for every TD against quality teams.

Why No Starter?

I believe Utah will roll over the Aggies. I'm just confused why Whit hasn't named a starter yet. I understand his idea of not letting the Aggies prepare for a particular quarterback, however, this shows a bit of cowardice in my opinion. If you truly have confidence in your team and the abilities of your quarterback (whoever it may be), why not just name the starter and get on with it?

Utah Man in Atlanta

Coach Whit said on his radio show the reason was not to throw off the Aggies because their going to play the same way regardless (lots of pressure for the new QB) The reason he is refraining from naming the starter is to keep the media pressure off the QB so Cain or Wynn is able to focus on their preperation for tomorrow night's game. Naming a QB does absolutely nothing for helping Anderson prepare for the Ute offense

he has

named a starter.... just not to the public. the team knows who will start on thursday. but i agree why wont he just come out and announce it. i heard him say it is to keep the pressure off the qb. to me that says the green horn is starting..... good luck with that.

to "silly utes"

Dj and PK... "Utes have no chance against Alabama"

I suggest you zoobies keep listening so that you can feel good.... at least until the REAL game when the utes and coach witt prove the local media wrong again!!!!! Hurry and enjoy you only have about 31 hours left!!!!


To all you Ute fans, I hope that team in SLC kick butt on everyone they play this year. Except, when they go down south to get their butts handed to them on a platter. Medium rare with a strip of bacon wrapped around it.

Hey Grouchy

When was the last time TDS handed Utah their butts, TDS is lucky to beat Utah when they are supposed to and all the stomping comes from Utah!! Just be happy if you only lose 34-31 this year, that would be much better than 48-24 don't ya think!

coch w

Duh, I'm jest knot sur what 2 due

RE: Silly little yewts

I couldn't agree more. It will be fun watching the USU team dismantle the EWES. I predict the final score USU 21 & yewts 17.

Oh, I forgot, they don't have a kicker any more.......make that 14.

GO USU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

re: re: silly little utes

Please. The talent is still so lopesided torwards the Utes that the QB situation is a non-factor.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Utes football season doesn't really begin until they Play Oregon. USU and San Jose State are just a couple of fluffy panckakes in a pancake conference.

Aggies have fun watching Utes win by 30+ points. As for me I don't like to see teams get slaughtered no matter who they are so I think I'll just do some chores around the house before watching some I Love Lucy reruns.

RE: Strategy

wow. I've never seen someone work so hard to delude themselves.

RE: Why no starter

Bing! Bing! Bing! Bing! Give that man a kewpie doll!! You hit it right on. If Kwhitt had the confidence in either guy he would have named his starter already. I think the other reason he hasn't named a starter is he's not confident in his choice and doesn't want to lock himself in. If he decides at the last minute to change his mind he'll get branded by the media as being wishy washy and that he's pulling a Crowton. This has all the earmarks of someone who's afraid.

RE: Utah Man in Atlanta

Dear Utah Man in Atlanta,
News Flash:
There's no way a 7-5 team is going to make it to a BCS bowl.
Just wanted to give you a heads up on that. 7-5 teams most likely will go to the New Mexico Bowl. Send me a postcard when you get there.

re: RE: Utah Man in Atlanta

You might die of old age before that happens!

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