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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 1 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Mark my words

Cain will be the starter

Wynn fan

We hope if Terrence is the guy which I know he will be, I hope he does great!!! He is a fine young man that is very humble and obviously a great QB and not to mention a great athlete!!! Terrence your a good kid and keep giving Jordan a run for his money!!! I will be there Thursday night and rooting for both of you!!!

Wynn fan

I agree and we wish Terrence well... He is a fine young man and very humble and has a great attitude... I will be rooting for both of you on 9-3....

For the last time

They don't have a "starter" that is why they can't name a starter. There is trouble on the Hill and its going to cost them 5 losses.


re: For the last time

Whatever it takes to make Cougar fans feel better. I have a feeling the same argument will be made next year with Mr. Heaps and Riley Nelson.

Just curious. What happens when Utah with a new QB still has a better season than BYU with a senior QB? That is really going to destroy Cougar fans!

Jim Rome

Cain Fan

We hope if Wynn is the guy which I know he will be, I hope he does great!!! He is a fine young man that is very humble and obviously a great QB and not to mention a great athlete!!! Wynn your a good kid and keep giving Cain a run for his money!!! I will be there Thursday night and rooting for both of you

This will

be a nightmare of a season beginning with the Aggie rout of the uties.


This is soooooo funny. Utah can't even find a QB and we have the best one in the country! I'll be Utah is envious of Max H. "H" is for Heisman!!!!!

On good authority

Suffice it to say that on good authority, Mr. Cain will start the game, however, expect to see the young Freshman see substantial action. The bottom line from my source is that both QBs have exceeded expectations, not the other way around as many naysayers have speculated.

Scared stupid

"It's not like some top-secret deal," Whittingham said. "Let the guys focus, prepare and do their thing on Thursday night with as little distractions as possible."

It's pretty obvious that whittingham is scared stupid over this first game of the season against USU. Otherwise he would have said who the starting QB is 2 or 3 weeks ago. Chicken!!

LaVar the Utah Cat

As this is the first year I have entered comments here, I have questions: Do the BYU fans shut up after their first loss? Or, does the nonsense continue into the season? Did the BYU fans cease last year after the TCU game? Or the Utah game? Or the Arizona win in the LV Bowl?
To continually display such base attitudes and motives is really disappointing for those who should be on a quest for perfection. . .

Remember Louks?

Remember at the end of last season when all the Ute fans were touting Mr. Louks as the next "Cougar Killer" quarterback that was going to wreak havoc on the hapless BYU defense?

Remember just a few weeks ago when all the Ute fans were posting about how great Louks was? Now, the Ute faithful are hoping that one of the "never before started a single college football game" newbies will be the second coming of Steve Young.

In your dreams.

Don't need a QB

It's Utah State. The Utes can win without a QB. Sit them both out and name a QB next week.

Utah 66

re: Remember Louks?

You couldn't be more inaccurate, really. Ute fans who pay attention were never comfortable with the idea of Louks as the QB. He cannot throw consistently. Cain was penciled in as the starter after watching Louks commit 2 TO's in Spring.

The fact that Wynn has given Cain a ride for his money was unexpected, but not unwelcome. I expect both to see time Thursday.

Cougar fans are now putting words in Ute fans mouths to try and make themselves feel better about the way these programs are headed. What will you say next season when the saviour Jake Heaps is battling with Riley Nelson for the starting QB job? Niether has started a game, sorry but starting for Utah State does not count!

RE: Don't need a QB

In the past I would agree with you. But remember the Utes Defensive Coordinator went to USU. I think this is the main reason Whitingham is "chicken" about saying who is the starting QB. That way USU and Andersen will not have a chance to prepare against them. This is a chicken's way of trying to win a game.

You say it will be 66 to 3. Well I have a feeling the score is going to be closer than that. Will USU win? we shall see.

Go Aggies.

re:remember louks

obviously these two are better then louks, seriously, use your head. If they werent better louks wouldnt have gotten bumped to defense, then to nevada.

ty come again.

So-Cal Aggie

yea I'm sure Utah won't even need to show up for this game, just send the scout sqaud over.

Fact is USU has the best 1-2 punch in the State, Diondre Borel and Robert Turbin. Remember those names, you'll see them mentioned often throughout the season. Not saying the Aggies will win this game, in fact I doubt it. But if you, or anyone else thinks that all the utes have to do is just show up to this game, and they'll just roll the Aggies, you'll find out real soon that these are not your mid-2000's Aggies. Welcome to the dawn of a new decade! Welcome back your Utah State Aggies Football Team!


To Lavar the Utah Cat: It is obvious that you haven't been reading comments until this year because if you had, you'd know just how nasty and hateful so many Utah fans are.

Having said that...there is a lot of immaturity on both sides. Come on guys. Let's grow up and stop being so childish. Both teams are great and both schools are great. I went to both schools and even though I am a loyal Cougar, I don't hate the Utes. Come on. Let's just all grow up.

I would rather

Be in question of who the QB is than how will my brand new offensive line with no experience perform against Oklahoma. Utah will be fine, BYU will choke in big games and TCU will win the MTN west.

Re: Angel

Remember when "Max for Heisman" threw 5 interceptions and fumbled the ball against the #2 team in the country last year?

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