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Published: Monday, Aug. 31 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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todd to jazz roster is soft

You can settle for that, does not mean it had or has to be that way. Discussing this worthless though, months ago i predicted this secnario like many would happen-same roster. The Economy was not the reason, Dallas and San Antonio improved theyre rosters, even the Lakers, Kevin O Connor maybe is the worst GM in sports history...


I think Boozer has a chance to go down as the #1 Power Forward in Jazz history.

I also think chemistry is overrated.

I also believe in global warming.

I also think aliens will take over my city in the next 5 years.

Nuf said!

Jazz Roster A Joke

True we had a couple players last year injured, but it happens every year with every team in the NBA. We just happen to be a team that can not afford injury to our point guard or we are in the tank. We are one of the worst teams in the league on defense, so we only win when we score alot of points. Our game plan just doesn't include scoring big. The time has past a long time ago for a new coach & GM. If you can't defend and the coach won't open the doors offensively how are you going to succeed? This coach should have drafted, traded for, or signed players for his system years ago! Karl,John and Horny would have been winners anywhere. Complete overhaul of this team & management is needed severely.


@Truth......CJ will even shock you when he shows up for training camp. The Jazz are going to the finals is Boozer stays healthy and Brewer can make a jump shot. I see it playing out this way:

Boozer has his best year and is given a long-term contract to stay in Utah.

Millsap is traded at the end of the season.

Jazz win first and last championship.


That was sweet, I could not have said it better myself. Boozer is a good player however, there is so many other factors to consider when creating a championship caliber team. What are the positives and the negatives of keeping Boozer. I think the negatives out weigh the positives. See ya Boozer!

Milt Hall

Miles...are you in 5th grade???

Sittin in the rafters

Have you seen the "No More Booze in Utah" t-shirts? They are totally funny and spot on. The guys who made them were on Monson and Graham the other day talking about their website. I wonder where the Booze will end up next? Do you think Cleveland would take him back? LOL

Indy Mike

Please allow me to compliment all Jazz fans on this "Readers' Comments" column. I genuinely enjoy the different opinions on the various Jazz-related subjects, especially Boozer. I thank you all for my Jazz fix when there simply is little news to report. I have the NBA ticket and rarely miss a Jazz game. Simply put- the Jazz are MEN. No self-promoting, no standing over a opposing player, no pulling on the jersey, no 8 minute dancing as part of warm ups, no pointing up at God, no jawing,etc. Can anyone please elaborate on the Mark Jackson comment about how he was a negativer influence, or not a fit in Utah? I am not contesting the comment...I simply don't know. Thank-you!


boozer will be great where ever he goes


The Jazz made their decision when they signed Milsap. For that kind of money they should have let Portland have him. He's a backup player and whats more, playing starter mins, he'll break down and won't last.

The committment has been made. Boozer is gone!!........Who ever gets him is gonna love you for it. This will go down as the biggest blunder in Jazz history!!

RE: re Me, Myself and I

Thanks for the correction I hadn't followed anything since the failed trade of Chandler to the Thunder. However I think a the same trade with the Bobcats would be viable for both sides.


Dynamite reporting here! Why even put this article in here? Thanks DN for another classic Jazz article.

Much-maligned O'Connor

He's not going to give up Boozer for no value in return, so let it play out. If Boozer's past track record with injuries is any indication, he'd be smart to give it all he has in the first part of the season to raise his value in the eyes of other GMs around the league and hopefully get a trade down before the trade deadline next year. He has no shot for a better contract right now -- it appears all the options have evaporated (no surprise). The Jazz are stuck with him until he proves his value in the eyes of the other teams, and until that happens you'd better believe that O'Connor is doing the smart thing now just sitting tight. Expect to see Boozer in a Jazz uniform to start the season, then the ball's in his hands to see if he can create any value for a trade after that. Right now he's suspect in everyone else's eyes but his own.

Always a brides maid

The simple truth is Boozer is better than any player the Jazz could possibly hope to get in a trade. They'd be better off trading AK's huge salary for a guy who only has a year remaining on their existing deal, let the heartless Boozer play his last year in Utah and next offseason have some cap room for a big name free agent. Don't forget the Jazz have some good draft picks next year as well. Throw in a new coaching staff and who knows? We just might be the NBA's new LA Clippers!

Not Sure

What did Chuck Nunn say that was so great? Not sure by his comment that he should be hired by Dnews? If he was so great I'm sure he be posting on the Dnews. He'd probably be at a newspaper.

re: Not Sure

Don't get your panties all twisted up. Are you a little jelous about someone being complimented.

New season.... Oh My

same old tune. O Connor I suppose must be responsible for having us saddled again with Boozer Loser Snoozer on the bench. Come on Football, lets see some fresh stuff. Oh MY !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Boo the Looser Boozer off the floor. Fans take over.
Its time to force the hand of JAZZ management. Boozer will give the fans something to get mad about on his first defensive fade. Now we have soemthing to get excited about...show up at the game to BOOOOOOOO the Looooooser. there is plenty of frustration out there to go around a couple of times...B000000 the Loooooooser. We can become famoous in the NBA for that...so take charge ticket holders...at player introduction time.

Reality check

I wanted Boozer gone just as much as the next guy (er... girl), but it's time to suck it up and deal with the fact that he will more than likely, be starting the season with the Jazz. I'm not happy about it, but it it what it is. Fans at this point need to decide if it is worth it to boo Boozer... in effect, booing the entire team? I don't think so. Like many others, I think Boozer is bad for team chemistry... but booing him is not the answer... what on earth is that going to do for the rest of the team? The Jazz are a team that feed off the crowd at home, for better or worse, and I can't imagine that the results of 'Boozer booing' will be a positive one for the rest of the team. Time to put on our big kid pants people, and realize Booz may be here for the season (or part of it), and at this point, let's just hope he plays well.


Maybe some Euro team will take him? Ha ha ha that would be sweet!

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