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Published: Monday, Aug. 31 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Max Cox

How do I read more comments from Chuck Nunn? Please tell me! This man has wonderful insight. I enjoy his comments more than the news-writers. Peace Out!

Chemisrty doesn't Matter???

Who said that??? I guess we won't take that dude sertiously.... he just let us know how smart he isn't.

Go back to your play station man!

Boozer dreams

If Boozer would get off his can and laurels and self doubt and pity and injuries and Armani suits and be the pro-wonder that he really is...well I guess I should get off my dream cloud.


It's sure going to be embarrassing when Boozer runs out on the court in a Jazz uniform.

casual fan

Face it, folks....He ain't going anywhere.


Let's wait until the season starts and if Carlos doesn't give us what he is paid to do, we should boo him off the floor. Til then it's all just gossip.

Be Realistic

No team in the league is willing to make a realistic proposal to bring in Boozer at this time. No team was willing to pay him what he wanted in a long-term deal before he opted in.

Do you guys get it? He has 1 option. To play for Utah this year, and to play for his next contract.

I'm not sure how you can think that isn't in the Jazz's best interest? If he's healthy and plays like the rest of the league has told him he needs to, the Jazz are a very good team. His value increases, and they either trade him at its height, or just let his figure fall off at year end. If he gets hurt, you Millsap lovers get your guy on the court anyways, and Boozer's value plumets even more.

Win/win for the Jazz. At least with Boozer on the team we get to wait a year before we see what a terrible move it was to give Sap all that money. He is not a starter in the NBA.


Jazz fans would probably buy him a one way ticket.


The Mr. Mac store in Taylorsville has kept Boozer's jersey on the wall but they've turned it upside down.


You all think that Boozer is going to be a chemistry problem? It's not like he hasn't been here for 5 years now. AK is more of a chemistry problem than Boozer. You guys are putting way too much into Boozer being a cancer. Artest is the biggest cancer in the league and the Lakers didn't have a problem taking him. Didn't they win it all last year? Again Chemistry isn't all that is is cracked up to be in the NBA. That's what Jerry gets paid for.

Me, Myself and I

They should work a deal with New Orleans where the Jazz would get Tyson Chandler. He addresses two of the Jazz' desperate needs, rebounding and defense in the paint. The Jazz would deal Boozer and a 2nd round pick in next years draft. For any skeptics out there who think tossing in the draft pick may be a bit too much consider how poorly the Jazz have drafted over the past 20 years...

re be realistic

Much as I hate to admit it you are right on.
We will see the best boozer we have seen this year, maybe even some D.
What part of the Miller organization do you work for?




Re: Max Cox

I agree with you about Chuck Nunn. Most informed guy on these Jazz posts. Of course there is a reason for that.

He's a newspaper reporter who follows the Jazz very closely. DesNews ought to consider hiring the guy.

Peace out ... from a follower of the Jazz Oracle.

The Truth

Let's hope the economy has a brighter forecast over the next couple of months and then if Booze is playing well instead of riding the pine with an injury, the Jazz might just get a decent offer. @ Miles, is CJ actually going to work on his game this summer and come in 15-20 pounds heavier and stronger? or is he just working on his NBA skills on a video game again??

Don't Trust

anybody at ESPN. They don't report news, they create it.

The Jazz roster is soft

plus they are middle of the road team. Get off of KOC's case please. Utah is fortunate to have one major sports franchise. Boozer and the whole league were caught in the national economic downturn. This will hurt the league this year and for years to come. This economy is not coming back very soon. In all probability Utah will wait out the Boozer trade situation and suffer through another lackluster season with the usual Mehmet, Andre, Deron, Paul, etc., etc. injury scenarios. Please sit back and enjoy what we have....a local window to the NBA. I for one am glad we are not in Denver's shoes and have all the primadonas in the the NHL, MLB, NFL, and the NBA to read about in the local rags and on TV. I for one hope that Boozer stays and the Jazz have a better than average year...injury free....and as Karl Malone was famous for saying....."see what happen".

re Me Myself and I

New Orleans cannot trade T. Chandler, they already did. Chandler to Bobcats for Emeka Okafor.

Some of the best deals

are the ones that are not made. The Jazz, in my opinion, are being smart in not giving in and trading for a multiyear contract like a David Lee sign-and-trade, or the Chicago trade for Tyrus Thomas, who I don't feel would be equitable or a good fit in a trade for Boozer.

I'm glad to see that a good share of fans are lightening up and seeing that we won't get equal trade in return for Boozer, and that having Boozer sit out the year in street clothes doesn't help anyone.

My guess is, the Jazz retain Boozer this year, and it's just as well. Hate him or hate him, he's still an offensively talented player that will play his "heart" out, even if his heart is set on lining his coffers with money next year and years to come.

Cecil Cox

Hey Max,

Chuck Nunn is Ronnie Nunn's Brother. That's why he knows so much. Ronnie was an NBA referee for nineteen seasons and is currently the league's Director of Officials and host of Making the Call With Ronnie Nunn on NBA TV.

Piece out brotha

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