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Published: Monday, Aug. 31 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Don't make a deal with dallas

unless through a miracle we can drug Cuban into giving us Nowitzki for Snoozer. Unless that can happen why make a team that has already made themselves much better through trades and free agency even better. Why does OConnor still have a job he has done absolutely nothing too make the Jazz better this offseason. I guess with the Jazz mediocrity reigns supreme.


Man i need some real news on Boozer, this is beyond rediculous. I'm trying to be patient but it's hard. Maybe with football starting this week i can relax.

And by the way...Calbert Cheaney is one of the worst shooting guards i can remember the jazz having. And they have had plenty of bad ones following Horny's retirement.

Chuck Nunn

Y'all have to cut J-Dog a break here. Offseason news can only be reported when it happens. August and September, Jazz writers have to really beat the bushes to get anything. But here's this from the Oracle; I've said it before and I'll say it again, as long as other teams want to low-ball, there won't be a Boozer trade.

Pcace out from the Jazz Oracle!

Dixie Dan

Jazz fans accept the fact that Boozer will be in the opening day line-up when the season starts. What happened to all the big name free agents who were beating a path to play in Salt Lake City?


Boozer will be in a Jazz uniform unless a team thinks that its a player away from the championship and decides to take him on as a rent-a-player. I can't see this happening until about the trading deadline. He'll just sulk on the bench or feign injury in the training room until then. When he comes out, he will be playing for a contract and be a monster.


Just a friendly reminder. It's sign and trade deal, not sign and deal trade.

Otherwise, a very good synopsis of the fiasco this summer.


What's the problem with having Boozer on the team this year? We will be better with him than without him. He is worth more to the Jazz by letting him walk at the end of the year. Kevin is smart not to trade him right now.

Enough Of This Boozer Crap

Bury this and any other rumors please! Myself as with most Jazz fans just don't care anymore. When he's gone-report it, until then quiet PLEASE!

Re: Miles

Chemistry, man! Boozer is a cancer.

If Boozer is here on opening day, oconner needs to be traded.

It's about time

Finally, some more trade rumors about Boozer. It has been a while since we had something Jazz related to read about.

Oh No

Now that Boozer is on the way out, what can Jazz Fans do to get rid of Sloan and O'Conner?

Boy, what a mess!


OConner is having a fantastic off season.

If a company (Best Buy) is going out of business and you go there and the owner wants to charge full price for their product HD TV - you will say no. You are really only interested in doing business with them if you can take advantage of them. The Jazz are not going out of business, but they are 12 million the cap. All the teams are trying to take advantage of them, but the Jazz are standing up for themselves.

Boozer is not in the Long Term Plans - Even if he plays the entire season for the Jazz (which he may) they are going to let him go this off season (The Jazz have 60 million guaranteed AK, Williams, Memo and Millsap 2010/11 season)

He wanted an extension, but the Jazz said no and offered Millsap an extension. Off course they did. Boozer will be 29 years (4 years older) old and cost them 7 or 8 million a year more than Millsap. Millsap will most likely have a better year 2010. It really is a no brainer.

OConner will trade Boozer for some cheap and good or keep him


Chemistry? Maybe in High School or College basketball but not the Pros. In the NBA you are paid to do your job. If you don't do your job, you find yourself sitting on the end of the bench during the games. Chemistry plays a tiny tiny part of the NBA game. Dennis Rodman was horrible chemistry, somehow he won a few championships. I don't buy that Boozer is bad Chemistry. He has to be a model Citizen in a contract year.

John Wicks

Trade KOC to the Celtics for Danny Ainge!!!


Who would they trade for him? I don't know who's contract matches up. The only player I would want from them is Terry but I don't think they'd be that stupid right?
What would Dallas be thinking? Boozer+Memo= free layups for all.
Boozer+irk=Everyone scores 120 points against Dallas.



My guess is that ...

KOCs immediate concern is waiting on Matt Harpring to determine and announce whether he'll retire or not. KOC knows Boozer can wait until the trade deadline when other teams will be more willing to part with the quality of players a trade for Boozer deserves. The Jazz have 2 possible roster replacements for Matt coming into camp - Suton and the former Marquette shooting guard Wesley Matthews who played for them in the summer league. I bet we won't hear any more Jazz news until:
1) Matt makes his announcement
2) After training camp to see how Suton and Wesley Matthews work out
3) The Jazz decide what they need more - a shooter or a big


What they need to do is keep him on the roster, move him to the end of the bench and let him ride the pine until mid-season trade time. Let his stock slide and see what happens. Besides, he will find a way to get hurt maybe a sliver, or back spasms.


David Lee is the real deal.....he is everything we have needed inside. He doesn't have all the talent that a seasoned , four years at duke, boozer has, but he has all the hust;e and drive that a Harpring has and a whole lot better defensivley than Millsap or Boozer

Chemistry Matters

Yes, chemistry IS important. Do you remember how bad it got with the Mark Jackson rebellion? Or the Arroyo uprising?

A few eccentric types can be o.k. - if they're giving 100% (like Rodman did). But when you have bad blood in the locker room, when you have a guy playing just for his OWN stats...that can destroy a team.

And we saw that at the end of last season. Jazz were playing pretty good until Boozer returned. Then there was so much emphasis on getting Carlos' game back, that passing just stopped. Ball went in to Carlos almost every play and resulted in way too many turnovers and terrible fadeaways.

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