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78-year-old victim flown to hospital; animal killed

Published: Saturday, Aug. 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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good idea xcribe! I'm glad your on our side. With hunting season starting in a couple of days, I'm doing my part to rid the world of those pesky wildlife. You moron.


Kudos to the man's daughter, who showed great courage in jumping a bear. Kudos to the grandson for having the foresight to carry a firearm.

A speedy recovery is wished for the injured gentleman.


@Garbear: Your last sentence says all anyone needs to know about you. Could have left out the last sentence, but apparently you're one of those people who have to resort to name-calling because you're not educated enough to have a real debate. It shows in your use of the sentence "I'm glad your (sic) on our side." The word should be "you're." That's a contraction for "you are." Glad to see that Garfield County education did you some good! Now let's see if the Des News will publish this, or if they only let those whom they believe to be "Conservatives" throw out barbs and name-calling.


The DWR uses the draw tag system which has a very small success rate at actually harvesting bears. If they would use the harvest objective system which has a higher success rate, alot of the trouble with bears and human incounters would be eliminated. Not all but many.

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