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78-year-old victim flown to hospital; animal killed

Published: Saturday, Aug. 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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This is a another sad example of the government's inaction leading to tragedy. Why does the government still refuse to do anything about the bears in these areas? How many more attacks must there be before something is done?


There is a reason it is called the wild or wilderness. It is the bear's home. Do you want people coming in your home and shooting you? Oh that's right, that is called a crime when humans do it to humans.

You're kidding, right?


What would you like the government to do? Give bears permission to live in the wilderness? Kill them all? Teach them how to be less bear-like?

The only tragedy here is that the bear was killed.

twenty first century

Mr or Ms UNLV, If you didn't know this has not been the home of Black Bears. The government has aloud them to migrate to these areas that have not seen them in at least 100 years. I guess you would like to see thousands of buffalo roaming the streets of Omaha.


Grow up! The bear wan't shot for the fun of it, it was put shot because it attacked a person, as it should have been.


Maybe a few more bear hunting permits would help. I suppose the tree-huggers would oppose that. Bears seem to be more important than people.


Bears are not more important than people, but they are as important as people in our environment.


When you go out into the wilderness you have to accept the dangers. If you cant accept that wild animals live out in the wilderness, and that they attack "intruders" then play it safe and stay home. Don't be naive and think "That will never happen to me". It happens.


Why does EVERY story on this website turn into a fight between the left and the right? This country is like the Crips and Bloods...what a delightful place!

in this corner

His daughter jumped on it and beat it with her fist.**************************


In this corner we have Miss Adrenalin at 135 lbs. early morning no caffeine attitude.

She is wearing a night robe, 5 ounce white slippers.
Her fingernails are 1/2 inch long and she has a 26 inch reach.
She has won a couple of fights in high school-

Her biting and hair pulling ability's are well known.

Over here -(heh)-
At 203 lbs- a 46 inch reach and 4 inch claws-

We have a stupid wild bear that doesn't know what he is in for.

"I thought I would kill this older man on the cot and drag his body into the brush for a snack."

"Then Miss Feisty here jumps on me and starts kicking, screaming and clawing into my eyes."

"I tried to bear hug her and get my jaws around her neck but she kept punching, kicking and clawing my eyes with her red polished fingernails"-

"It wasn't a fair fight!"

The Bear

had it coming.

American Citizen

With no grizzlies, black bears are pretty much the top of the food chain.

Bears have an amazingly good sense of smell. He first came around in the evening when he probably smelled dinner cooking and then returned later that night. This was probably not the first time he had met river rafters.

If humans want to be at the top of the food chain when they go into the wilderness, they had better go armed.

Kill or be killed is the wilderness rule. Sorry, but that's reality.


Bears are really overgrown raccoon's. To the idiots who think bears are on par with humans in the grand scheme of things, I have this one thing to say. "Are you really that stupid?" Bears, while having a certain charm like Winnie the Pooh in your warped sense of reality, are rally varmints whose population needs to be kept in check. Not eradicated but kept in check. More bear permits please. Please go and sing "Mother Earth and Sister Moon" somewhere else. we have seen rabid environmentalists at work and its a scary world


to K: I accept the dangers and I mitigate them by carrying protection. If an intruder came into to my camp in the middle of the night and threatened me I'd kill them, regardless of their species.

need more preditors

want some grizzlis and wolves,Wy an ID have some extras

I'm UNLV grad ...

and I'm pleased to report that my education evidently was far better than the one received by the person styling himself "UNLV" above. Can't explain the difference.

Incidentally, if a bear bites one of my loved ones, I'm gonna blast 'em. That decision has little to do with environmental concerns and everything to do with the health and well-being of my family and friends.

Bears don't normally attack huma

The ones that do get shot. End of story. Deal with it.


I'm glad the family made it out safely. I'd like to know what caliber the grandson was using. Considering the bear was still able to run away I think he should carry something larger, perhaps a .454 casull or .500 mag. A wounded bear is even more dangerous than a hungry bear.

Different campsite

If one sees a bear at one predetermined campsite, wouldn't the better choice have been to move to another one? Chances are, that bear has something there that he's hiding or protecting.

Sorry the bear got shot, but happy to know that the old man is doing ok. Scary adventure.


Let's eradicate all animals in the wild. That way all we'll have to worry about are the 2-legged kind.

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