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Published: Thursday, Aug. 27 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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To BobP: Thank you for your comments.

I feel that if a conservative and a liberal can reach common consent then so can the rest of us. To say that isn't possible in today's policitical climate would be disparaging to the two senators.

I don't feel we need term limits on Senators. We already have it. That is the voters. However, if voters continue to put them in then it is our fault not those who are running for office. Term limits were imposed on the president because of FDR and fear of dictatorship that many felt was happening during his tenure. We all need to understand that what happens in Washington is our fault. We blamd congress for this and for that but in the end it is our fault. If we want honest change we would vote all incumbents out of office. Wow, what a concept. Then it wouldn't matter which party rules, they would then start listening again to the people.


Those who suggest that individual states impose term limits on their Senators and Representatives obviously do not understand the importance of seniority in both houses. Unless terms limits are imposed by the federal government, an individual state would commit political suicide to do so on its own.


We lost a a great lider who really care about people. I am sad to lose this kind of lidership in America.


They are a couple of"Grandstanders" , and could give a rats about anything other than their appearence that they are wonderful. They should have been gone years ago!

John Pack Lambert

Two of the most important bills that Kennedy and Hatch colaborated on were not mentioned. They were the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the Religious Land Use and Instituttionalized Persons act. There laws to some extend undid the great destruction of Americans rights perpetrated by the majority opinion of Antonin Scalia in the case of Employment Division v. Smith.
I guess that makes Hatch a liberal. He has the audacity to think Jews should be able to turn a former convent they purchased into a synagogue and the gripes of the neighbors that they "do not want to live next to a synagogue" should not be able to stop its construction and use.
For those who might not get it, I am trying to say that the actions of Hatch and Kennedy in this instance and their results are good. Of course, Marci Hamilton thinks that allowing this synagogue to take over the former sight of a convent is allowing a religious organization to "do harm" to others under the guise of religious freedom, but she also has many other odd ideas, look her up to learn more.


I admire Sen. Kennedy's ability to work with the other side and be friendly even when he disagreed vehemently with them on the Senate floor. This is sorely lacking in Congress today. Democrats in the House and Senate are not willing to work with Republicans at all and treat them with disdain. When Republicans had the majority they were much more respectful of the Democrats, which sometimes frustrated me, but it showed more consideration for the nation and less of the arrogance we're seeing from Democrats today.


If "committment to principle" was the only value to be respected, we would have to include Hitler, Osama bin Ladin and other despots because they also were "committed to principle". It's "committment to CORRECT principles" that makes one worthy of adoration.

I've never understood why "comittment" and "passion" are in and of themselves admirable, when they often are attached to people who have done bad, immoral things.

Kennedy may have been charming and big-hearted, but he largely was a personal failure.

Mary Jo Kopechne, tax evasion, infidelities, cheating in college, dealing with questionable people...he just gave me the creeps. May he rest in peace.


Hatch is an Odd Duck, The start with he is not interested in people.
He feathers his own nest.
33 years and done nothing for the people like Kennedy.

One way

I find it interesting that Hatch helped Kennedy with legislation but I didn't see anything in the article about Kennedy helping Hatch. Hatch is one of those befuddled Republicans like Spector was.



An Idahoan

My mother loved the Kennedy Klan, she would take my picture out of a frame and put in Jack's, or Bobby's or Teddy's picture. She was a poor judge of character. I never had any use for the liberalism they espoused and I think America is a better place without them or their brand of politics. I did like one Kennedy and that was the sister that founded the Special Olympics. She did a great thing that gave hope to many wonderful special people and it is too bad her brothers were such decadent souls.


Before anyone else comments here, just take a moment and think about how you would be feeling is you lost one of your best friends, no matter what that person's character was. I'm pretty much anti Teddy and not so in love Orin, but think beyond the headlines for a moment.

Good People

I am always suprised at the vitriol heaped on Senator Hatch by Utan's. He has done an enormous service to the state over the years by being steadfast in his principals but willing to compromise when necessary to promote the common welfare. Some extreme right nut-jobs bash Hatch inspite of what he has done for the state because he doesn't toe an extreme, puritanical line. Remember, Jesus was bashed by the "right-wing" pharisees who thought he was corrupting the othodox culture. In the end, guess who will win?


Whether labelled Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Right or Left all that matters is results.

Do we take love our neighbor by taking action like the parable in the good samaritan. Great example of someone who took action to help the less fortunate that produced good results.

Dont be like those in the parable of the good samaritan who just pass the healthcare issue by on the other side.

That is the focus our senators need.

That is what the healthcare issue is all about.

Our Senators need to learn how to care for the Americans Health by taking action together and put aside political differences.


I would only favor term limits if we could also limit the amount of time civil servants can work in the government. If you limit congressmen to serve 12 years then the power in the federal government would shift even further to the executive branch lifetime bureaucrats. Congressional term limits would make the IRS, SSA, DOE, HUD, VA the real power in the country and they are not answerable to the voters. Guys like Hatch, that are willing to forgoe making big bucks in the private sector, can match institutional memory and tactics with the 35 year bureaucrats. The Leviathan that Thomas Hobbes talked about would become even more of a reality than it is today. Be careful what you wish for. I suppose most of the screamers on these blogs don't even know who Thomas Hobbes is or what the leviathan is and yet with a pocklet copy of the Constitution they consider themselves experts. It would be like going to a janitor for brain surgery. Let somebody who knows something about it make the policy - go back to watching American Idol and your fantasy football office pool.

Bill Baumgardner Sr.

The reason they got along so well is because Hatch is a RINO. He proved it when he ran in the primaries & stated he would not use abortion as a litmus test for a Supreme Court Judge. That is when I wrote to him & asked for our $72.00 back that we sent to help him before he made his RINO speech. We never did get the $$ returned. Thank you for letting me state some FACTS & my reasons for not backing Hatch. He was too close to the most socialist Senator in congress.


Gosh, Bill, I thought the most socialist Senator in Congress was by definition whoever was the Democratic nominee for president. Anyway, that's what my RINO friends all say.

Hey Bill... Mark here....

First of all, kudos to you for having the guts to not hide behind fake screen names... I admire that. But you should also work on consistency. You once wrote that you were not in a position to judge, that there was a greater power who had that job. And yet, you have no problems calling people RINOs and Socialist, like you have been made keeper of the definition of what it means to be a Republican. You can ask for you money back all you like. If you have it all figured out, you can even run yourself. You can decide not to vote for someone. But running around calling those who don't see the world exactly like you names - and that you are the keeper of FACTS... well, I am not sure your quit as converted as you say you are. Not sure where Christ or anyone else taught to disrespect your brother like that. I missed that day in church I guess.


I love this article about Kennedy and Hatch. I think it shows great humanity when two different sides find a way to move to the middle and form a relationship that is productive and lasts. I was also at Faneuil Hall when Kennedy and Hatch both spoke to those 200 missionaries. It was my first day there and I still feel honored to be a part of that historic experience.l


Ted Kennedy was able to neutralize Hatch. Hatch never has had the commitment to trim the Federal government back to its Constitutional limits. He has not tried to eliminate any government bureau. He has not eliminated any class of tax. He has not had the gumption to tell his liberal friends that their quest for bigger, more powerful government was wrong. He has abandoned the idea that government is the problem for any and all government solutions. He is willing to compromise with enslaving us. There is no middle ground between those who want to tell us what to do from cradle to grave, to steal our earnings thru taxes, in short, to make slaves of us. How much freedom do they want? The question is how far has Hatch let his team be pushed toward the other team's goal? How do you compromise with the one who wants to put just a few drops of poison in the koolaid? And so as he made friends with Kennedy, and abandoned the Constitution we have steadily become less free. Throw Hatch out.

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