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Published: Thursday, Aug. 27 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I'm sure this will soon fill up with liberal this and liberal that hatred.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading what two people with different views can do when they put the people first and let personal views fall away.


I have always admired how the two worked together. One of the things I loved about living in Boston was the opportunity to vote against Ted Kennedy, but I had to admit, his desires were in the right place. I wish more in Washington could be willing to work together for the good of the nation instead of the awful vitrial that comes accross now.


I've been thinking lately about how much people really HATE each other these days for political views. This friendship is inspirational to me and should be for everybody who "hates people of the opposing view"


Hatch is a really nice person, and when he says something I listen...I'm not from Utah though. I liked the story about when Kennedy helped get the steeple approved for the Boston building. There was a lot of opposition to the height of the steeple and Kennedy said, there are steeples all over the place on other churches here, let them have their steeple. And it was done.


I like Hatch. He is a really nice person (based on personal experience). I don't support him politically on many things, but I respect and admire him (and support him on some issues). It really is too bad that this political landscape has been defined by Glen Beck/Keith Olbermann type of apologetics/polemics. It is mindless, childlish and unproductive. The "tea parties", yelling about health care "socialism" and general hysteria is sickening. Now that I think about it I will support Hatch, Bennett and other moderate Republicans over the extreme 'conservatives' who seem to love the Chaffetz types in Utah County. Utah County...geeez, what a place!


Hatch - another "eternal' politician who will serve until he is dead,I wish to goodness that people would have the courage to place term limits on the people they send to Washington.I have never understood why politicians seem to wallow in the boring stuffy political life back in Washington, why can't they serve a term or two and then come back home and let someone else have a chance to serve the people also?

bring it on

Sorry to burst your bubble-

But the 60 seat Senate majority is dead.


Hatch is a star struck opportunist. He was enamored with Kennedy and Victoria Principal.

larry the lesson learner

I think there are lessons to be learned here for all of us.....including certain talk show host who cry and call people racist on tv


Have never particulary cared for Sen. Hatch, but after reading this and seeing how much can be accomplished when we put our differences aside, I must say he has gained stature in my eyes. I just wish that we could all be as magnanimous. The vile and ugly things I have read in DN comment boards since Sen. Kennedy's death are disgusting to anyone with an ounce of decency. Thank you Sen. Hatch for letting me see that not all Mormons are so mean spirited.


needed Kennedy. Kennedy did not need Hatch. Get that concept straight.


Enjoyed the article.

New Englander

I'm glad they got along so well and even thoughj I don't agree with all their politics, we do need to be respectful as they lay this man to rest.

Still, Too Long!

Sen. Hatch & Sen. Kennedy may have worked with each other, that's great, but both of them & many others have been on the government 'Dole' way too long. This is not what our founding fathers had in mind, they wanted the common man to govern & pass laws that they would also live under.

For example, health care, do you think that any of these government 'employees' will drop theirs for for the new health care plan? ... Not Even!

Sen. Hatch & Sen. Bennett need to go & in Sen. Hatchs own words, "that many Senators, including Moss, had lost touch with their constituents." ... Ouch, who has lost touch?

to Still, Too long

I couldn't agree more.I have always liked Sen. Hatch.I thought that Kennedy was probably a decent fellow in spite of his politics.But, Sen Hatch compromises too much.He has been there too long. So have most of the rest.


I remember well Hatch's mantra against then Senator Frank Moss. "18 years is way too long for any publicc servant," he said. It worked for him enough to get elected to his "eternal" seat on the senate. Hatch is more liberal now than Moss was then, and he has long forgotten his promise not to repeat Moss' tenure.
Say what you want about Hatch, but he is not the "lion of the senate" he once was thought to be. You'd think he had died and we were listening to his eulogy the way people fawn over him and laud his attributes.

I agree

I agree with those who feel and think that Hatch chummed with liberals too long and too much. Please put a limitation on his term! I feel betrayed by him. I have several friends and many family members who also feel they have been abandoned by our US Senators in Washington.


Hatch will still be in the Senate when the Savior returns.

I am about as right wing and conservative as it is possible to be withou becoming the cruel parody I have seen on these forums.

Kennedy made more mistakes than most, he was way too far left for my taste, but he oevercame some of his worst faults and he allowed a friend named Hatch to help with some of them.

To the cheap shot artists out there, I would like to say; "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." I would then hope that the went and sinned no more.

Hey, Anon 6:38

looks like you're the only hate dork out there. Typical liberal.

My opinion of Hatch has no bearing on the article, as I am not connected with Utah anymore, and don't claim repub or dem ties. As for this relationship, I can't recall a single conservative bill that Kennedy compromised with Hatch, several where the opposite was done. Compromise is a democrat way of saying, "I don't care what you want!" and a republican way of saying, "I can cross the aisle to get things done."


There is no "odd couple" here...Hatch and Teddy were two peas in a pod, just look at Uncle Orrin's voting record over the years.

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