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Published: Thursday, Aug. 27 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Sorry Lee Davidson, You're Wrong

"Three Utahns who knew Sen. Ted Kennedy well – Sens. Orrin Hatch and Bob Bennett, R-Utah, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney...

Hatch was perhaps Kennedy's best friend in the Senate, even though Hatch is a conservative Republican and Kennedy was a liberal Democrat."

Mr. Davidson, Mitt Romney is not a Utahn. He's a Boston elitist. In fact, you said it yourself, he's a "former Massachusetts Gov."

Hatch is not a "conservative Republican". Hatch is a flaming liberal. The National Review even named him "Latter Day Liberal".

Liberal ideology and irresponsible journalism go hand and hand these days.


Mitt's a Utahn?

Opening Sentence

Sorry, but Romney is not a Utahn.


Is Romney a Utahn?


Where's Chaffetz and Bishop?


My sympathy to Senator Hatch. It is always hard to lose a friend.

I remember years ago when Kennedy attended the funeral of Hatch's mother in a Midvale ward building.

The relationship of Hatch and Kennedy is not actually that odd. The real liberals and the real conservatives have more in common with each other than they do with the great middle ground of moderate mediocrity. And of course, it is the old story of inseparable friends, one wild and one steady.


"Ted Kennedy, with all of his ideological verbosity and idealism, was a rare person who at times could put aside differences and look for common solutions."--Orrin Hatch.

So why don't you follow your "best friend's" example, Orrin? Geez, talk about ideological verbosity....

And no matter what National Review says, Orrin is NOT a liberal. Did they call him that just because he's a friend of Ted?


Oh, Pleeeeeze, Matt @ 8:57 am. All Mormons do not embrace, nor relate to, the Utah culture.


Why is Orrin Hatch so star struck by Teddy Kennedy???

Christopher Jones

Mitt said some good things about Senator Kennedy. I wish he would now tell the story of how Kennedy was responsible for getting the steeple put on the Boston Temple. Thanks Senator Kennedy.

Americans First

Reading through these comments I find myself wondering why some Republicans think it is more important to be a good member of their party than a good American. Ted Kennedy served in the United States Senate and represented the views of millions of Americans. Other great Americans represented other views and that competition of ideas and priorities is what makes our country great.


ted will be greatly missed, may god open his loving arms and welcome him home.. a job well done ted.,


I resent the statement "Romney is a Mormon; therefore, he's a Utahn at heart." Boy are we naive! 55% (at least) of Mormons are not from Utah nor the U.S., and don't even know of our Utahns. So, pretty much your statement is fatuous. Get your facts straight or keep your mouth shut!

Ted Kennedy had his faults (we don't know all the facts of the Chappaquiddick story) we all do, but his heart and soul was dedicated to the people. I'm not a liberal but I know this man saw through labels and fought for everyone. Thank you Mr. Kennedy for a long, wonderful life of love and concern for the American people.


Gee, I thought this was about Senator Kennedy's passing. What is all this rot about whether or not Romney is a Utahan?

As much as I did not like Kennedy's personal actions, the grief that a death of anyone brings to family and friends is regrettble.

To the Kennedy family, condolences on the loss of your family member.


I wonder if Ted Kennedy "bent" any of his liberal ideas to match up with Hatch?It seems that a conservative is "bi-partisan" when he adopts the liberal mind set.

It the "give and take. . ."

. . . between Hatch and Kennedy, is there anyone who guesses about who did the giving and who did the taking? I think not.


why do you fight with the un negotiable? let the dead rest and the live live in peace... while the unrestful disturb the peace with their restlessness, let them create their own destruction...


For all his faults, Ted Kennedy knew how to work toward a common good with people of different political persuasions. I wish more of the Utahns who have posted comments so far would figure that skill out. Too many Utahns favor ideology over pragmatism and common sense, and the result has not been in our state's best interest.

My sincere condolences to the Kennedys and to Sen. Hatch.

Henry Drummond

I remember a chance meeting I had with Senator Hatch and it didn't take long for the conversation to turn to Senator Kennedy. He truly admired him as a man who could get things done and find common ground on important issues. Senator Kennedy took his share of heat for backing causes unpopular with his base but we should also recognize that Senator Hatch has done the same. I remember some particular ugly commercials that were aired about the CHIPS program that criticized his friendship with Kennedy and his willingness to put together a program that has helped many many people.

I hope that others in the Senate will step forward in this difficult debate and follow their examples.


I'm glad his suffering is over and he's gone to a better place.

I'm also inspired by Hatch and Romney showing true statesmanship in honouring the family and efforts of Kennedy.

Now I just hope the left-wing loons don't try to exploit his death ("Let's pass health-Care for Teddy") just to make political points out of it.

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