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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The Balance of Power...

May just shift a bit if the Repubs can get his seat!


Though I rarely agreed with him, I do admire the many years of service he gave to his country.

Rest in peace Senator.


I disagreed with him on almost everything but the simple reality is that Senator Ted Kennedy was a tremendous part of American history. Where his brother’s light burned bright for a brief moment his was duller but more constant able to stay lit for almost 50 years. It sometimes flickered but his underlying reach is the stuff of academic courses and historical biographies. The latest was his hand up to the current president who was facing a formable opponent. The photo op of Barack Obama and JFK brother and daughter should not be underestimated. Of course his personal life will dog his legacy from Chappaquiddick, to his tumultuous challenge to his own parties sitting president in 1980, to the early 90’s Smith rape case. Liberals loved him his enemies despised him politically but almost all marvel at his effective passionate contribution good or bad to America. Some could say the Democratic Party is more Ted Kennedy’s party than JFK’s or Bill Clinton’s and that Barack Obama is a Kennedy baby a Ted Kennedy baby. Ole Teddy Kennedy is gone but won’t soon be forgotten.


Sincere condolences to the Kennedy family.


godspeed Sen. Kennedy! Your politics and accomplishments for social justice are admirable. A true liberal, always fighting for the less advantaged. Many (especially in Utah) will try and smear you, no doubt! In death we can forget personal failings and recognize your public efforts (I don't believe in Jesus, but approve of not 'casting the first stone'). God Bless America!


While many of us couldn't stand his politics, most of us can recognize his commitment to his party and his beliefs.

My condolences to his family and supporters.


I suspected that the end of Edward Kennedy was near when he did not attend his sister's funeral a few days ago. And now both Eunice and Edward have died in the same year.

Edward Kennedy was the greatest of the Kennedys. Whereas John's career spanned from 1947 to 1963 and Robert's career spanned from 1961 to 1968, Edward's career started in 1962 and ended in 2009.

Most senators come and go and have the moral sense of a cat. Senator Kennedy possessed real integrity -- he had a set of principles and he worked in the senate and conducted his senate career by those principles.

My condolences to the Kennedy Family.

He was one of the greatest senators ever.

A Warrior's Vision

"The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die."

So Be it.

So long

Teddy!!! May your influences of dirty politics be taken with you, and may your soul rest in peace!!!

Good Riddance

Another greedy selfish politician gone. That's a good thing for America.


I believe in term limits, a career politican is like a growth that should be removed as quickly as possible. I did not like his liberal politics, he fully and completly supported the Obama administration in everythng including the massive defecits this country now is facing. I am sure he did alot of good for all his liberal buddies and this nation will now go into deep mourning for the "end of and era" and all the other garbage heaped on a man who overstayed his welcome and who should have resigned gracefully instead of refusing to step down. For a man who claimed to care so much for the "common man" he was power hungry and very vain and a big washington insider who will like the smell of dirty laundry eventually fade away with time.


It was more than politics. He was just wrong on most issues, just like most liberals.

New Yorker

Accomplishments? Cheating in college, Mary Jo's death, affairs, partying with his nephews (one charged with rape while with uncle teddy) and putting his wife away.....now that is what I call accomplishments! If that is what Americans consider to be accomplisments, I hope to be unaccomplished.


After reading Ted's biography, I can understand why Senator Hatch loved and admired him...Goodbye Senator Kennedy, you will be greatly missed.


I agree with New Yorker.


Good riddance!

Re: New Yorker

I couldn't agree with you more!! Thank you for standing up and calling him out. Just because he's dead doesn't mean we should immortalize him. He's been a senator for a long time...woopdie doo. He thought he owned Massachusetts, and he was nothing but trouble in his past. He's not an admirable guy


Rest in peace Mr. Kennedy. Hopefully in your death people will only choose to remember the good things you did. We all do things we regret. You did a whole lot of good in this world and we appreciate your willingness to serve our country and stand up for your beliefs.

The Lion of the Senate

There will be a lot of horrible comments on here. I am LDS and I will remind other LDS members on here to be courteous as I am sure they would say very different things if they knew that they were being watched (even though, according to our beliefs, they are- Ironic). I would ask everyone else to be kind as well but we all know that it certainly won't happen from half of the comments on here anyway from anyone. Anonymous Forums=Death-traps

I always wanted to meet him- partially to say I had met one of the brothers and mainly because though I disagree with some of his philosophical beleifs I have no disagreement with his desire to do good.

Many Utah-LDS-Republicans forget- not everyone in our government can be LDS, it just wouldn't work that way. Not everyone can be republican as well. When I turned 18 I hated George W. with a passion and now I realize that any president may be amazing. I will always respect that as Joseph Smith's life is often distorted, theirs may be also. Nothing more truthful can be said than that.


He died just last night. It would show grace and maturity to speak kindly of him so soon after his passing.
May his family and friends, including Senator Hatch, be comforted.

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