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RSL needs full 3 points if playoffs are to be a reality

Published: Wednesday, Aug. 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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They'll never be any good

It's a kharma thing. That pushy, obnoxious Dave Checketts is the reason why.
Let's take a look at his sports past.

Knicks...abysmal under his watch
St. Louis Blues...doormat of the NHL

Then he shoves everyone aside, has a stadium built for him, in an AWFUL location...traffic, no parking, etc.

Dave, you get what you deserve, and you don't deserve squat.

Mike in Sandy

No Change means No Change

Fire them all...the loss looked better when game was reviewed? Are you serious! Professional sports has always been about RESULTS, not EXCUSES for chronic poor performance!


I'll be there tonight and I will be cheering on RSL we better beat those goats.

D. Checketts

I am a terrible sports team executive. That's why RSL is lousy and always will be.
My Knicks stunk, My St. Louis Blues are even worse.
Thank you for paying for my stadium.

Must win

This one is really a must win for the team. Anything less than 3 points and we can start preparing for 2010.

Fire Jason

Nice one coach. The loss wasn't that bad? huh, 1-3 is not good sir.

Bring your A game, or get out of Utah.

PS. Uncle Dave, I hope you are scouting for a Real Coach, with proven experience.


Let's be honest, this game is HUGE and it will probably at best be a 50-50 crowd for RSL. Let's face it for some reason there are a lot of Mexicans that fans of Chivas USA just because they were fans of the real Chivas. That's pretty stupid logic because I am a huge, huge Barca fan. To the point I would never, ever cheer for Real and hate everything about them and pretty much everyone ever involved with them. But I am still a Real Salt Lake fan because I live here in SLC. I'm looking forward to some payback tonight because the last time we played them here it was the last game at Rice Eccles and I couldn't stand the whistling and cheering and horn honking after the game. I'm gonna be at the game cheering my guts out if the guys are playing hard. If they are going through the motions and don't seem to care like on Sunday I will be booing my heart at to try and spur them on to victory. GO REAL!!!

todd from santa ana

there are not that many chivas fans, in my opinion MlS instead of sharing Home Depot with the Galaxy where they do not draw and will always be 2nd cousin, would have been better rivalry by playing in San Diego.

They are a disciplined team that has trouble scoring like us---we better get the first goal. I will be watching, as Galaxy fan I hate Chivas so beat them please tonight


Findley says: "We just gotta not panic and make sure we play our game – don't send a bunch of numbers forward or something – just keep doing the same things that we've been doing."

Don't send numbers forward!!! I understand what he's saying in theory... but I think RSL's problem is quite the opposite. Balls going into the middle or rebounds coming off the keeper aren't getting followed in. We don't have guys forward.
And "Doing the same things that we've been doing" is counterproductive! They've been playing poorly. They've been losing. They HAVEN'T been scoring goals. Doing that isn't getting RSL anywhere!

Born in a Soccer Land

To Stubborn Kreis:
A LOSS IS A LOSS! PLAY TO WIN, Be courageos and put Nelson Gonzalez at left Espy in the middle and El Khalify at right. If needed, bring Findley and Campos in the second half. Try something attacking please! I suppose Mathis and Olave will come back tonight. Morales will play even without being 100%.

I hate Chivas

I hate all things Chivas. GO RSL! GO Club America! 3 points or its a loss in my eyes!


El Khalify looket terrible last game. I hope he doesn't even see the field. Russell has been a huge disappointment lately and Clint needs to sit another game for his stupid red card act. I agree, play to win or say goodbye to having a fan base next year.

todd from santa ana

Chivas should go down tonight-Fedor (even though you will not write!) and his band will make so much noise tonight I will not be able to hear the announcers-i expect at least 2-0 Chivas Stinks!

Sell out the place will yaa!!!!!!!


Amen Steve-o and born in a soccer land!

Winning attitude

I think the players need more orange slices at halftime and maybe even a second Sunny D. They are delicious after all. If the players are properly hydrated they can go out there and run around and....and..... and... oh yeah, kick the ball.

Remember kids only the goalie can use their hands. By the way, the goalie needs cool gloves and a long sleeve shirt that is a different color.

Hey Winning attitude

Get real a life. We are passionate about soccer. If you want to see what soccer is all about, learn the game.

Do everyone a favor and go onto YouTube and search Happy Ref. That dude knows what soccer is all about.

J Crunch

I agree with team above. Mathis should not see the field tonight. Olave sat for a costly red card earlier. Let's see if Kreis will be consistent and sit Mathis since I would argue his red card cost us more than Olave's did at Houston. My money is on Clint starting though. I hope it's a big crowd, but with it being midweek, I'd guess we'll have around 13-14K there.

That video is great

The one with the 'Happy' Ref. That is sooooo soccer!


I hope to see Williams start and maybe cox see some solid time. I am all for the bench players tonight. The regular starters have given us nothing this year. Lets chear for some new faces and Andy and his wife.

todd from santa ana

I want to see Ned play!!!!!

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