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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 25 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The Jazz didn't have a "healthy" roster as you say. Deron Williams said after the season that he didn't play a single game without paid in his injured ankle. AK & Booze had just come off surgeries so obviously they weren't 100%. Memo didn't play in the first two playoff games, and wasn't healthy when he did play. Matt Harpring... Nuff said!
The Jazz had injuries to key players all year that's a fact.
I'm not suggesting the Jazz had a stellar offseason. They made a total of ZERO moves and that is discuraging. The Jazz can make some noise with this team healthy.
You also have to remember that Collins is gone, which will FORCE Jerry Sloan to play one of his two young centers. We'll see if they sink or swim with the new playing time.


I meant Deron had "Pain" in the ankle... not paid.


@Steve-o....I actually agree with you. Lets look at the team coming back.....
Boozer: Hurt most of last year. Never at 100%. if injury free will be a huge asset

Memo: Fairly consistent if his body holds up. Don't see much improvement from last year.

AK: Hurt last year. Will be a much better player this year.

Williams: Hurt last year. Chip on shoulder and will have an allstar year. Most improved player on team.

Brewer: Young and will make more improvements

CJ: Last year, first full year of playing. He could compete with Dwill as most improved over last year.

Korver: shooting wrist bad all last year. Should improve but not sold on it.

Millsap: Most consistent player last year. Will the contract and Boozer in his way effect him?

Harpring: Only Jazz player on team that is going backwards in his career.

Fes and Koufus: Could be difference makers if they step up. They will be better than last year.

Overall outside of Harpring and Memo...Everyone else should have a better year.

This is a very dangerous team come playoff time.

Chuck Nunn

Fall camp is going to be the difference for Fesenko now that his summer playing competitive basketball is over. He took a gamble in order to play for his country, and I don't think he got a fair deal there, especially as he was playing good ball until his minutes declined and then ended. Looking forward to seeing how 2K does with Greece in EuroBasket. There will be times, though, when the Jazz will need Fesenko's bigger body on the floor, so getting him and Koufos minutes in the rotation is going to be key for the Jazz.

Peace out from the Jazz Oracle!

todd to steve and jazz fans

I have heard glowing reports on CJ and what he is doing to improve this off season getting stronger. Brewer I have always liked if he worked all summmer on that jumper the #2 spot could be a strength. I have heard reports good on Goran. Maynor the jury we will see he shot poorly in summer league and he is not a overly great high percentage guy to begin with....


@Todd: CJ will be a dominating player on the defensive end along with a double digit scoring average. Oh wait, I forgot, Jerry is still the coach, scratch the double digit scoring average. I think CJ is going to shock all the negative Jazz Fans in the near future.

The Jazz

may be improved if they are healthy. However, they still have the same old weaknesses.

1. Defense and maybe a poor defensive scheme. They turn it on for a few minutes when they want to. They will still be vulnerable to 3 point teams.

2. Road play. I do not know if it is a lack of leadership, depth or/and intensity but the Jazz are a bad road team even when healthy.

3. Rebounding. They have been mediocre on rebounding.

4. PG. They have had substandard back up PG play and that may have gotten worse.

5. 3 point shooting. They are erratic at best and mostly anemic. Better and more 3s would open up the inside a lot.

6. They do not handle run and gun teams well. Too many loses to weak run and gun teams.

It would be nice if KOC or Sloan would at least admit there are problems and come up with some realistic plan to fix them. Even if it took 2 years to fix them, at least signal to the fans that you realize there are problems and are working on it.

todd from santa ana

Eric and Ronnie are an upgrade over Brevin so we are not weaker there, Miles, CJ is getting rave reviews we will see. I saw his photo this summer he looks bigger and stronger. At 22 maybe mind and body really maturing,

I would be happy with 22-19 on the road, because as great as home we are, you have to allow for some losses, you cannot win 36 a year, I look at 32, 33 home wins--55 wins, 56 about what is needed to be top 4, outside of that you do not have much chance

@Miles 12:59

Miles has admitted himself that he didn't understand really what the coaches expected in the past, but now realized a bit clearer what "hard work" means. If he excels on the defensive end, there is nothing stopping CJ from PPG avg above 10; excepting his ability, which we all believe is sick. We hope, at least.


All I know is that I trust KOC and Jerry Sloan 100%... They will make the Jazz competitive and able to compete. What else can we ask for? Boozer or no Boozer, dosn't matter. If Kevin can get something better - than he will.. But he won't trade for some garbage.

I am not af Boozer fan. But if he will play for Utah next season at least he will have to put up some performance. Otherwise he won't get a good contract next season.. So if Utah will not get anything good for Boozer, than maybe it's not so bad to have Boozer playing for a contract..

It's actually funny to read comment about KOC isn't a good GM.. No GM would have been able to keep Utah Jazz at this level for 15-20 years or so... Almost always in playoffs and often in a good chance.. AND that in SALT LAKE! We all know that it's hard to get quality to SL. And don't forget, even after John and Karl left Utah. The team is still a playoffs team.. KOC, The Millers, and Jerry Sloan are doing amazing things

todd to stefan

by you saying "salt Lake" hard to get quality to come here, it demeans the city you guys live in, if anything I would promote and pump up the town. I do not see as an outsider from California, how living in San Antonio is better than Salt lake. I would take salt Lake and its weather over them every time.. Plus they have Real Salt Lake, and I would have been season seat holder for both teams/

That can no longer be used as a crutch...

Aussie Jazz Fan

With Jackson wanting a trade from the warriors- I ran a trade thriugh the espn trade machine and it worked financially what do you guys think of this one

GSW - get Boozer & Fes
Jazz- get Jackson & Ronnie T

We all know Harp's is gone and this gives a a rotation in the 2/3 spot of Miles / Jackson / Kover & Brewer with AK, Sap, KK2 Memo & Ronnie for grunt in the 4/5 - depending on match ups
PG - DWill
SG - Miles
SF - Jackson
PF - Sap
C - Memo

2nd Unit
PG - Price
SG - Brewer
SF - Korver
C - KK2 / RT

My thoughts rather than keep Booz (not option chemisty) or losong him for nothing at seasons end - Your thoughts !

todd to aussie

I am a big Steven Jackson fan. Unfortunately, many in Salt Lake would not like him personally due to his history which we know about it that follow.

He and Nellie (the buffoon) I guess on outs. I would not Donnie as a "great sense of reality"

I have proposed for months trading with the Warriors. They could use Boozer, it is a small one dimensional team. They would have a pair of star forwards as small forward Anthony Randolph looks like a playa...

This I know, Jackson for the most part has "grown up", he has a family has matured, we could use his defense, and his intensity and can score and still relatively young.

The big issue who in the post do we have that can shut down guys going to the hoop, because Okur and Boozer do not play well together on D unless waving at defenders is good...

Fernando Arias

San Antonio is indeed a "small market", however it is in Texas and as such has a wide following in the state which causes TV executives not to wince tat the idea of putting them on National TV.

Even when the Jazz were making it to the Finals, NBC would try not to show them on national TV too often.

The corollary of that is that players have much bigger opportunities for endorsements in San Antonio than in Utah, even though they're both the same size "markets".

I agree however that Utah is a beautiful state and that the cost of living there is very low which should enter into players' consideration (but given they all want the big Nike contract, I don't think it enters much into their thinking.)

Knowing those huge disadvantages, the job KOC has done (and the job Coach Sloan has his staff have done with the available players) is amazing.

Just look at the never-ending mess that is the L.A. Clippers if you want to see the difference.

Right about Fes!

Fesenko is a gamble but at a very low cost. Minimum salary guys rarely work out and the franchise has to have 13 guys under contract by rule so Fes does his job just by signeing on line. I don't think many people know what hard work is at the professional level. It is insane repetition at high intensity. It is not surprising that bug guys who general play because they can rather than because they love it have a hard time working as hard as the staff wants them to. Fes will end up being a bust but don't blame KOC. He is worth the gamble. I would rather have a young talented guy like fesenko who has the chance of going somewere than a guy like Jaron Collins who couldn't carry a college team. I don't want to watch these mark Madsen/Jaren Collins/RUDY type guys who can shoot a layup with out getting rejected.


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