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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 25 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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re: KOC shnes again

"This year the Jazz have managed to spend their way into the luxury tax realm without improving the team.."

Oh really?

So this team is a better team without Millsap, Okur, Ronnie Price, (and essentially Boozer)?

All those players would be gone if not for the fact that the Millers spent THEIR MONEY/lux tax, not yours, to keep them here.

So with all those players we are worse? You have holes in your head.

While Boozer opted to stay, it is their money that was spent to keep him here vs. unload Boozer away for garbage, probably to your dismay.

With your logic, you would likely have the team trade him for trash and then criticize them for doing that too.

You can never please grumpy complainers like yourself. Nothing is ever good enough.

re: Paul

I agree. The cumulative IQ on these boards is sub 10 most of the time.

All they do is complain yet they can't come up with any plausible solution that is actually possible...other than Fesenko for Lebron James or Ronnie Price for Kobe Bryant!!!

Fesenko is DIRT cheap for a guy that big that athletic. Every team tries endlessly to find bigs that will pan out. Look around the league..how many legitimate 7'0 bigs are there? Why is every team constantly looking and drafting them? Why can't we trade for one?

It is because they are so rare and yet all these boneheads whine about us trying to address the teams glaring weakness--BIGS that can block/rebound/defend!!!

Fez and Koufos

I'm looking forward to both of these guys getting some more playing time off the bench. Mainly for shot-blocking purposes. Keep in mind that Boozer will be gone next year, so Memo could be playing at the 4 next season with Koufos at the 5.

Fes is big

But that doesn't mean he will amount to much for the Jazz. Ostertag was big and he never played to his potential. Maybe Fesenko will develop into a decent player, but how much time is it going to take for him to do that? I think Koufus has more upside.

jazz fan

the jazz need to put the big boy out there and see what he can do. how can he be any worse than the non-existant interior defense that the jazz have had since mark eaton retired. PS: Boozer you are the softest big man in the league. everytime anyone steps up in your face you fade. Literaly fade-away jumpshots. Grow up, step up or just leave!!!!!!!!!!!


Fez does nothing but rebound and block shots he is worth the minimum he is getting paid. He has a year to get it togetner. He was much improved last year (based on performance metrics), he will improve more this year.

He will probably never be great but he can do what Collins couldn't. He can rebound and dunk. He should be as good as Gortat. It took Gortat nearly a decade to become almost a starter.

If the Jazz get 8 good minutes a game out of Fez on the second team he is worth his minimum salary. He is basically insurance for injuries and he has potential and will still improve. He would not be back if Sloan did not think he was worth another season.

I expect Koufos to get much better. He has many adjustments to make but he is likely to make them. Fez? well lets just hope he finds ways to play solid defense, rebound, and dunk. Koufos and Fez can take pressure off of Okur and Millsap since injuries are going to happen. When Boozer is gone Okur may have to play PF for Millsap when he is hurt.


I hate to call my brothers out but, I can't stand the stupidity of Jazz fans these days just keep it to yourself if it wasn't for KOC we would be the Memphis Grizz everything will not always be perfect sit back and shut your mouths.

Tom Calarco

Sounds like the agent is doing damage control. Why doesn't the reporter ask what the family obligations were? Why doesn't the reporter question the team coaches about why Fes suddenly stopped getting minutes?


Relax Sick, this is just a place where all of us fans can express our opinion. Boozer is a good player but, not as good as he thinks he is. Dwill is the real deal. He will not fade and look for excuses. He will step up and lead by example. Nobody is going to step up in his face and get him to start playing soft. He will come right back at you harder than before. See Ya Carlos !


@sick: Fans have the right to want to win a championship. How many banners to we have hanging at the Delta Center? Zero. Well it is KOC's team to assemble and Jerry's team to coach. At the end of the day that's what they get paid for. Fans pay the bill and have every right to complain when they don't get what they are paying for. I honestly think that if the "headcases" on the current team would play to their potential on both ends of the court, we could win a championship this year. Yes this year.


What I don't get is when "fans" say things like you can't be a real fan and _____(usually criticize, complain,etc). The only thing a real fan won't do is stop caring.
I do agree that KOC is very underrated. But hey every fans has their own take on things. You might not agree sick but that doesn't mean they are stupid, just have a different opinion. Sure I think they don't really understand what a GM does and things of that nature but so what. At least they care.
Side note why do we only get like 2 articles a week maybe about the Jazz and why can't we get a blog post more than what twice this summer? Is a blog every 3 weeks during the offseason to much to ask? I'll do it for free if they give me media access. Come on lazy writers!!!


KOC and the scouts have found some decent talent in the 2nd round (Millsap, Collins, Miles, etc). Most second rouders don't even make it past their intial training camp.

With his size, Fes was worth the gamble. The Jazz knew he was young and extremely raw. It was a high risk, high reward pick. Doesn't look like it will work out, but no big deal. IMO, if you hit on one of every 5-6 2nd rounders - and by that I mean finding a quality BACKUP - you've done a good job.

KOC is one of the top GM's in the business. SLC isn't exactly the wet dream for pro atheletes. That the team was able to rebuild after just ONE losing seasons speaks volumes.

Compare how long it's taken Chicago to rebuild after MJ retired. NY hasn't had a decent team since Ewing left. You can't really compare SLC to LA or Boston, but even those teams had lean years after Magic and Bird left.

Jazz lack a championship and that's sad. But Utah has been/is one of the premier franchises in any sport.

A big THANKS to the Millers!


Fes has one more year to figure out if he wants to play basketball in the NBA or not. It's really up to him. I believe he's got the skills and size to be a decent back-up center in the NBA for a while, but he's got to do the work!
I just don't think he can mature enough. It's okay to have fun, but he's clowning around CONSTANTLY rather than working at his game. No summer league means he's still not committed.

As far as the Jazz team overall I'm excited! The Jazz were not healthy last year. Too many injuries to key players. If they can stay relatively healthy this year I think they can compete with the top teams.
Also hope they mature a little on the road. They've got to be at least a .500 road team or secure home court the whole way (which won't happen) to have a chance.


Relegation does not equal regulation

Nevada fan

To Sick: Sorry you feel that way, but bottom line is the management has not made any moves to beat LA and the road to a championships is through them.Even healthy they don,t have the length or defense to beat them. Now with Artest on the roster they need a defensive animal under the basket and they don't have one.

todd from santa ana

How can anyone say this roster is good enough to compete on a high level I question. Do not worry, I will not go into another fit on Sloan, and O Connor but anyone thinks we could not have been more aggressive to at least fill couple of holes is wrong. This team faded badly last season. The Miami Heat loss we never were the same after. What makes it better now?> This is what I do not get.,we had a healthy roster then and did not get the job done. I will root for them no matter what though and I will not turn on them. I am anxious for opening night vs the Nuggets win that game and my outlook might change greatly for hope 09-10


The jazz have done very well over the years. I am grateful to have the team in Utah. It is going to be a miracle if the jazz win a championship this year. LA. is completely loaded. Pro atheletes are not going to choose Utah over LA, Orlando, New York, Chicago etc... these places are huge money markets and that is what the NBA is all about, Making money. Money is what makes the world go around and if you think differently, you are just being nieve. It dosn't matter if its college or professional sports the almighty dollar rules. every once in a while a small market team will make some noise but dominate no way. The NBA will not stand for it. The NBA wants LA and Boston to dominate. Perhaps another big money market team would be ok but, The Jazz and Raptors get real.

Nevada Fan

Jazzfan: Unfortunately I agree about the NBA comment. They had it all set up with the commercial play via Kobe vs Lebron but it went south on them. Also the year that Jordan posterized Russell at the end of the game to win the championship, to me Jordan pushed off, and if Russell had the ball at the end of the game and pushed off they would have call the foul against Russell. They can win a championship, but without a big force under the rim it would take a miracle. KAMAN GET HIM he isn't the best, but he would help.

comma man

trade miles,trade boozer,trade williams,sign iverson,he can live with me and mamma in the basement,i love korver,he is cute,

numb chuck

Are D-will and Landis still going head to head? Get with the beat writers.
Jazz need Defense in the paint. I thought Fes could be that man. I was wrong. Fes is merely a boy in a big body. Who knows when he will mature, if ever. So on to plan B, Kosta Koufos.

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