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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 25 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Chuck Nunn

Rooting for the big feller to have a breakout season in the land of the free where at least some of us appreciate him. No dig on UKR as a nation or a people, but he needed to play more over there. Eyes will be on him this fall, but he'll come through.

Peace out from the Jazz Oracle.


He makes Ostertag look like Wilt Chamberlain...Why do the Jazz continue to draft losers Kirilenko and headcases, Fesenko...Remember if KO on the end of their name...KO the choice.


Fes was either 1 or 2 in blocks per minute played last year. We haven't had that kind of inside presence since Eaton. And Eaton wasn't a scorer, either, but did clog up the middle.

No, AK wasn't the other top blocker per minute played. The rookie center was (Koufos).

The Jazz just need these two centers to get some experience---a two-headed shot-blocking "monster" to spell, and maybe even sometimes play along side, Memo.

KOC shines again

We pay millions so that KOC can progress these players through what should be high school and college levels playing, all the while paying them an NBA salary. They will not be able to play competitively against the NBA elite such as San Antonio, Denver and LA for years to come yet we hold on to them looking for a miracle.

The miracle in Utah was the seagulls and crickets.

KOC you may have Greg Miller and your wife snowed that you are the great GM but your record shows us otherwise.

This year the Jazz have managed to spend their way into the luxury tax realm without improving the team, where can I get a manager like that?


Playing time along with Memo? Would you really want Fess in while Boozer and Millsap sit on the bench? Sorry, but that is ridiculous. Millsap and Boozer are prime talent, Fesenko is just a really big blob.

If the Jazz keep Boozer, I doubt Fesenko gets many minutes this year.


Jazz fans should be excited about the future with Fes???? What future this cat has already shown his stripes and is in his 3rd and last season with the Jazz. This whole article is agent spin trying to cover up for another disapointment from his client who has about played himself out of a carreer.

I hope he's saved every penny as I doubt he has the skills to make much money doing anything besides being seven feet tall.


He's plays on a national team, thats news to me, he sucks.

Iowa Jazz Fan 2

An Ostertag clone who might be able to score a bit more than Greg . . . but is he even lazier?

Not too sure

Promise and "potential" really don't play so well in the NBA. You need high-level talent with an attitude to win. The Jazz don't have enough of either to make it over the hump. Too bad. D-Will is a serious talent but needs some help.

Fes deserves as much time ...

as the Jazz gave CJ to grow up. There are hints CJ may be taking himself and the off-season things more maturely this year - and it took him 4 years to get there. I think it's easy for us fans to forget these guys are not very young.

Nevada fan

Fes isn't the answer to what we need, but at least its news. this team has not gotten better, maybe worst as far as long term goes. Its disappointing to watch great teams get better, and the Jazz spent more money on a team that would never win a championship in the beginning. They probably will make the playoffs , but won't get past the 2nd round.Make a move Kevin O.


He is a 2nd round pick that will cost the Jazz a couple of million dollars - Every team gambles on those players - and almost all of them fails. Every once in a while you get a players who helps you win (Ben Wallace).
It was definitely worth the gamble.


is an underated GM. Look how many years the Jazz have been an elite team. Yes they need to get over the top but I have not seen Kobe, Lebron, or Shaq dying to come to Utah in their prime yet the team is successful. I look for a 60 win season given the same healthy roster that went to the conference finals. KOC needs to use the bench more, but there are reports of Miles getting in shape, Kirilinko packing on 15-20 pounds, and Boozer wants a contract. This team will be dynamite. Look for a breakout year for the Jazz and All Star performances from Williams, Kirilinko, and Boozer. You heard it here first.


Wow finally! The sports writers decided to write something after "Utah Jazz: D-Will, Floyd Landis go head-to-head"


So Fes and Koufus should share time in the middle? That would mean that Memo would move to the 4 in your scenario. So why did we re-sign Millsap?

I still like the starting lineup of Memo,AK,CJ,Brewer and Williams. I think we could have won just as many games without Millsap or Boozer if we had picked up one more good scrub.

Now the question is there enough minutes to go around for everyone?

The problem with AK is he will never play the 4 with the Jazz. So he will be an overpaid player due to his given role with the Jazz as a 3. He would be better in the post than on the wing. Has Jerry ever considered a high/low offense with AK in the post and Boozer at the top and Memo shooting 3's? Or a double post offense with AK and Boozer? Jerry learn to adjust to your personel.


The brilliance of the previous comments almost had me speechless. Do you not realize Fes is playing for the nba minimum? I love the comments that rip on KOC for keeping a 7'1 22 yr old on the team as the 13th player on the team, playing for the min. I guess you all expected someone different at that spot and thats got you all upset.


Ah, how can I forget going to a Utah Flash game, which I love, only to see Fes, out in the parking lot, smoking like a chimney, arguing with some girl. As I walked into the arena and watched he teammates playing, and wondered, why is he getting paid to be in street clothes out in the parking lot smoking and arguing. Crap, hire me, at least I would sit on the bench and cheer on my team.

Looking Forward

I'm looking forward to Fesenko's future with great excitement...as long as it's with somebody other than the Jazz!

OldSchool in Augusta,GA


This is the second time I've seen this (I think by different writers) misspelled.

When I see this stuff displayed by one who gets paid to use the written word correctly .... I confess to being distracted from the essence of the story.

Just 2 cents worth of reaction.

re:KOC shines again

We essentially have the same team that was WIDELY picked at the beginning of last season to contend for the W. Conference Championship.

The ONLY reason they did not is that the Jazz were DECIMATED with injuries all last year. Despite that, with 2 weeks left in the season, we still had a shot at the #2 seed in the W .Conference. Testament/evidence speaking to the depth of this team that KOC, who you berate, has built over time.

This offseason, some teams may have improved their starting lineups but many have decimated the quality of their backup positions in anticipation of luxury tax woes.

Take a quick run through of the backup PF's in the W.Conference/all top NBA teams for that matter.

The Jazz on the other hand may not have the best front line (not big enough) but certainly are one of the deepest teams in the league.

If Booz sticks it out this season, and he may have to, naysayers like yourself will once again eat crow when the Jazz finish far better than you expect.

Negative nellies like yourself though always stand around and complain. That takes lots of talent.

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