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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 25 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Somehow, we survived six babies on cloth diapers and used disposables for church and outings. That was thirty years ago. I like the rice paper idea...that would have been helpful. I also like how small and absorbent that disposables are now. Too bad that they are so expensive.


I have sold cloth diapers for almost 4 years - parents consistently tell me the same thing. They find that cloth diapers are no where near as difficult as they are made out to be. My 11 month old daughter has been in cloth diapers since she was one day old and we have never had a poop explosion. I cleaned up MANY of those while taking care of kids in disposable diapers. Many moms who switched to cloth have told me they get fewer leaks.

Washing cloth diapers takes me about 6 minutes per load, and I wash three times per week. So, in less than 2 hours per month we save over $40 plus extra trips to the store.

A simple sprayer attached to the toilet or flushable liners prevents any need for dunking. There was no real change to our utility bills when we started using cloth - certainly no more than you would expect when adding a new person to the household. We are saving a ton of money and I feel great about our choice from an environmental standpoint.

Cloth diapers really are cute too! Try cloth diapers, my thousands of happy customers can't be wrong!

Done with that

We did five kids in cloth. I think most of the arguments on the disposable side are there for convience. The one changing and washing the diapers needs to make the call as to how they want to deal with it. We saved thousands using mainly cloth. Like the women from cedar city we did a mix. The intial costs can be off set by shopping around and building up slowly.

Harsh chemicals?

Using harsh chemicals to clean cloth diapers is a really bad idea. Or do these plastic diaper manufactures consider laundry soap a harsh chemical? There are more harsh chemicals in disposable diapers.

Disposable diapers are only a convience for parents and cloth are much safer and better to use, even if they leak more. At least it allows some of the body waste from being trapped next to the body of a baby to fester and burn. And the cloth diapers get changed more often too as they should. Seeing parents with children in used diapers wandering the stores is not good for the babies and are left unchanged for longer periods of time.

Raising my children was on the cusp of disposable and cloth diapers change over and only used them on out of home excursions. Cleaning cloth diapers was not pleasant but they were much cheaper to use when you live on a family budget.


My daughter has started using "G" diapers. anyone interested should look them up on the internet. Cute, affordable and they don't take "forever" to decompose!


I'm sick of throwing away my money too. That's why, from now on, I refuse to use toilet paper. I'll just wash my hands really well when I'm done.


I see this stupid debate has come around again. The Eco Nuts and their wild eye nutcakes were smacking their gums about this same so called issue 30 years ago. The failing news media must have pulled this one off the shelf, hoping it might fill the pages for a little while. Don't tell them, that if real investigative reporting was done, their papers might not be failing.


You can by toilet paper for really cheep. and if you have children how are in school they need to us TP, you need it. As a mother of 2 and an Anut of 10, Kids really don't wash there hands very well.

I tried to use cloth diapers and they really leaked all the time. So I when back to disposable diapers. I'm much happer now.


I love cloth diapers. I know they aren't for everyone; but there are so many different options and styles that most people can find one that works for them, if they are willing. They can be purchased used, and the diapers you buy can later be sold, recouping some of your cost. I used very cheap disposable diapers, and cloth is still a little bit cheaper; plus I don't make as many runs to the big box mart where I am tempted to buy more things I don't need.

Not greener

Cloth diapers are no better for the environment than disposables. That has been shown over and over again. You swap biodegradeability for electric usage fueled by coal. Carbon footprints all around.

The decision is based on when you want to spend your money, mostly upfront or as you go along. A mix seems reasonable if you're inclined to go cloth then you can get rid of a soiled diaper away from home rather than keeping it in the car with your family until you return home.

One thing I've observed about the difference: seems kids learn to get out of diapers sooner in cloth as the moisture stays next to their skin and is uncomfortable rather than getting wicked away as it is in disposables. Once a kid can associate sitting in their own stuff with how it gets there, they seem to pretty much train themselves away from diapers. Disposables seem to encourage a longer process for this skill.


Did both cloth and disposable. Disposable wins hands down!!!!


I remember coming home from Earth Day at school and telling my mom the teacher said parents should switch to cloth diapers--much more enviromentally friendly. My mom said, "All right. SHE can come and change the leaky cloth diapers, dip & clean them in the toilet, wash them, pin them, and put up with wet, crying kids w/diaper rash."

I don't think my mom was a fan of the cloth.

Anyway, a while back NPR reported a study that after the washing and drying, everything considered, disposable diapers are actually better for the enviroment.

Don't mothers debate enough?

Use whatever makes you happy.


I've done both. The cost of the water in my area far outweighed the cost benefits.
My oldest was very sensitive at first to disposables. He got no rashes in cloth, but rashed up all the time in disposies. My second was just the opposite, and rashed up horribly in cloth. So I sold my cloth stash. As I see it, you do what's best for you and your kids.


I have used both.......disposable wins hands down!


We did disposable until it was time to potty train, then we switched to cloth. Cloth diapers really help in the potty training! Kids hate to be wet.

And really.....

Do I want to have the stinky diaper sitting around for a day or two until I do wash? But if I wash them in the toilet as soon as I take it off so it doesn't stink, am I not washing it twice now? Can I really hang them out to dry when it's raining?

I'll stay disposable. I've heard they disinegrate faster if you don't wrap them up when you throw them away. Anyone know if that's true?


I think adults that wear diapers for incontinence purposes should be part of this argument.

Personally, I wear disposables.

Re: Eliza

You sold your cloth stash?


I just wonder how people survived 50 years ago and how they dealt with their diaper rashes, which by the way can come from disposable diapers, too.

AND...ever since they invented disposible diapers, it seems that children in the US wear diapers until they start elementary school.

Maybe we should learn something from our European (no pun intended!) neighbors and let our kids run around in their birthday suits...because it seems kids over there do not wear diapers after the age of 3.

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