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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 25 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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PETA and its members are liars!! Domestic terrorist do not deserve news time. And I don't even like McDonalds, at least until today. I love animals, they're delicious!!!

Fellow animal

PETA is irresponsible and dishonest. They have misrepresented medical research involving animals while enjoying the benefits. Their president is an insulin dependent diabetic whose insulin was developed with dog experimentation. Mickey D's has bad food. PETA has bad credibility.

Chicken lover

Yes but chicken taste so good! You know they say it’s the way you prepare it that makes it so succulent. McDonald’s brings fast food more economically and profitable than anyone in the business. Quit trying to ride piggyback off them in hopes of ending your ennui. It is not your place to force your misconceptions on the rest of us. There are other ways to make yourself famous. My kids love he McNuggets so lay off man!

Yeah, yeah, yeah

The Pretenders - that's good - because they are. They're just seeking media coverage and it's all about them - it has nothing to do with chickens or animals. At least they weren't flinging paint and causing property damage or injury. Factory farming? If you've ever eaten chicken, you've eaten factory farmed chicken. Free range? It's all pretend.


this article put me in the mood for some McDonalds. I think I'll stop by for lunch. They must love the free advertising...


This Article made me hungry!!!! I think I might go get some nuggets. Who is this band "pretenders" anyway? At least get somebody people know to run your "hippie fest"


People eating tasty animals - Go PETA!

Just trying to stay relevant.

Chrissie has to pull stunts like this, otherwise the only she'd be remembered for nowadays is writing the intro theme to the Rush Limbaugh Show.

Message to PETA

Go tell somebody that cares - right now, you are using up precious oxygen in my space!


I love meat, I think I will go and eat some chicken mcnuggets and eat them in front of the PETA people haha!! mabye I will even get a group to go with me an eat some mcnuggets!!, we will see how they like that!


The comments of a fringe and dying breed. "Family values" folks that are against the ethical treatment of animals and don't know who the Pretenders are. Does your irrelevance spawn your anger? Go Chrissie!

and you

Mr/Ms wrote most of the comments are using up bandwidth with your repetitive comments. The Pretenders continue to be well-known in their genre.


and peta-DUMB!!!!! If these yo-yo's at peta would spend half as much time, money, effort, concern and anything else they put into protecting people as much as they do animals, this world would be a far - far - far - far - far - far, and might I add FAR!!! better place. Oh, I forgot, they were all animals in a previous life, my bad.

Hey, I have a great idea, lets all pick-it peta from now on, for cruelty to all of us normal "people" having to listen to their garbage all the time!!!


I wish I had been infomed of the protest in advance, I would have stopped by the McDonalds to get some food. And I'm not really a huge fan of that place.


No anger here Roscoe, it seems that PETA is the dieing breed to me, everyone knows how extreme they are definetley not in the mainstream culture!

Bro. Joe

Joseph Smith added a clear cautionary warning to Genesis 9: 11 in the Joseph Smith Translation (found on page 797 of the current LDS biblical index section) reads, "...surely, blood shall not be shed, only for meat, to save your lives; and the blood of every beast will I require at your hands."

Such Role Models

Hey, quick. Remind me to care about what some obscure third-rate rock star thinks about what he eats. I'm going to have my own counter-protest today at McDonalds. I'm going to pull up in the drive through, and order a 12-piece McNugget, a large Diet Coke, and 2 cherry pies. And I'll do it in honor of, oh, what's his name? So if the Deseret News wants to cover it, they can get in contact with my agent.

Pres. Lorenzo Snow

Concerning the Word of Wisdom, Lorenzo Snow paid "special attention to that part which relates to the use of meat, which he considered just as strong as that which related to the use of liquors and hot drinks."

Pres. Heber J. Grant

.. stated, "I think that another reason I have very splendid strength for an old man is that during the years we have had a cafeteria... I have not, with exception of not more than a dozen times, ordered meat of any kind. ...I have endeavored to live the Word of Wisdom and that, in my opinion, is one reason for my good health."

Elder John A. Widstoe

"It was shown in the history of plant science that plants contain all the necessary food substances: proteins, fats, starches and the carbohydrates, minerals...water [and] vitamins. The Great builder of the earth provided well for the physical needs of His children. Countless varieties of edible plants, vegetables, cereals, fruits and nuts are yielded by Mother Nature for man's daily food. If one uses meat it must be used sparingly and in winter or famine only.... They who wish to be well and gain the promised reward stated in the Word of Wisdom must obey all of the law, not just part of it as suits their whim or their appetite, or their notion of its meaning."

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