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Published: Monday, Aug. 24 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Love the "anyone-anywhere"

attitude of Bronco and the BYU administration.

It is this attitude that will allow BYU to continue to attract top LDS athletes and to eventually crack the BCS barrier.

Over the years, BYU has played almost every major CFB programs with a couple of glaring exceptions-they have never played Florida or Nebraska or Tennessee among others over the years. Would love to see any of these traditional powers on the schedule in future years.

And truly hope that Coach Anderson turns around the USU program-so that it is not such a negative impact on the the SoS.

Congrats to Tom Holmoe and the Cougars for pulling together such a BCS-worthy schedule.

Win or lose in Dallas, it is an excellent start of a long-term process of gaining access to an eventual BCS championship game.

Sierra Blue

Holmoe did a great job jumping on this opportunity.

I think the maturity of the BYU team pays great dividends for a season opener. The game will be closer than expected.

You've got to beat the best to be the best!

Go Cougars!

prove Holmoe wrong

Show him and your fans you are the best team!

Go Cougars.

Utah Man

"Over the years, BYU has played almost every major CFB programs"

I don't think BYU has played Weber State. We at Utah are not afraid to open up the schedule with them!!!


Rise and Shout the Cougars are out!
Go Cougs!

Excitement in the air

Less than two weeks untill kickoff... I can not wait!!!! Go cougars, time to make our mark... Bigger

Win or Lose...

... this is a great opportunity. "Anyone Anywhere," 100% agreed. You play the best to be the best. Sure, losses can and do happen playing Oklahoma-caliber opponents. (Just ask the rest of the Big 12.) That just means you still have more work to do. But when you WIN... you know you're doing something right!

Like the positive talk on this board so far--the Ute trolls must not be awake yet. Sure hope it stays that way for a while. Let's hope BYU's ready to WIN this game! Go Cougars!

Bob in line

Just in case we get a host of comments bashing BYU having played Northern Iowa, etc. Has anyone bothered to look at the schedules of Florida, Tennessee, etc?

Admitted, they play great teams but take Tennessee, they will play 8 home games! Shocking! And then they will have a couple of complete powder puff teams and actually lost to one of those "powder puff" teams last year.

In any case, BYU, Utah, etc play a solid schedule with as many road games as home.

I think BYU will do respectable in this game. TCU wasn't able to handle Oklahoma though that was at Oklahoma. This is close to a home game for them but we will have so many fans around. And our strength matches up against theirs.

Weber state

Sorry there's no money in it..


To "Love the "anyone anywhere:""

When you can't beat anyone good its lucky for you that you can play some teams like USU that get you into a bowl game (that you usually lose) every year. Don't worry, this year USU won't be the worst team you play.

here come the utes

It's still fairly early-- by days end there will be 50 or more anti BYU posts by Ute fans.

Let's see...

$3M for taking a loss. What decision is there to make? How is it that we are able to quickly spin Holmoe into rocket scientist?

I'll bet that Oklahoma was thrilled to be playing BYU given our remarkable record against ranked opponents.

This can be our BCS Bowl

"A lot of people are afraid to play the intersectional games because they're afraid they might lose and might not go to a BCS game."

Given the large payout, national exposure on ESPN, top 5 opponent, semi-neutral field, carnival atmosphere, why not view this as a BCS bowl? Rather than schedule down (as Hawaii did) to back your way into a BCS bowl, why not create a BCS-like bowl game during the regular season. As mentioned elsewhere, it really doesn't take a rocket scientist to make this call. Good job Holmoe!

RE: Anonymous

can't beat anyone good? So, when the cougars beat teams like Utah, TCU, Oregon, etc... those opponents are not considered "good?" It's usually the 10+ wins a year that get the Cougars into a bowl game. I don't care who the opponents are, if you win 10 or more games, the team is going to a bowl game. Go ahead USU, drop BYU from the schedule and put another patsy on there. USU's schedule is already loaded with patsies by playing in the WAC but go ahead and schedule 3 non-conference games against weak teams (if you can find 3 weaker teams than the bottom of the WAC.) Either way, USU doesn't get 10 wins... and no bowl.

I would like to see the aggies do well. However, they have a long way to go to be a team that earns a bowl bid. It's a little strange to have USU fans insinuating that BYU is weak. Are all the mirrors broken in Logan?


Oklahoma? Give me a break - we've got San Jose State!!

little early

Historically BYU has not done any better in the beginning of the season BIG games than they do against ranked opponents in bowl games.

Some times the team plays suprisingly well but get let down when the coaches get outcoached. Oklahoma is a huge game where in reality they have very little chance of winning.

Perhaps play Utah twice so they could figure out how to beat them would be something more bite size than the dream of beating a team like Oklahoma.

Ute Fan

I'm a long-time Ute fan and heavily support the U of U and the team. BUT, I really want BYU to win the Oklahoma game! Any even if they don't win, I hope they make it a good contest. A win or just a great game will be good for BYU, good for Utah and good for the rest of the Mountain West Conference teams.

I think BYU has great players and great coaches - all are great human beings who just happen to either play or coach football at this time in their lives. They're just good people.

What I hope the players can do on the 5th is BELIEVE THAT THEY CAN WIN. If they can cross that hurdle, they will win.

Now, having said that, in November, since I'm deeply red, I hope that Utah creams BYU on the field. I have a testimony that they will.


BYU needs to be competitive against OK. BYU has to beat Florida State. Utah has to beat Oregon. TCU has to win there out of conference games. If these teams lose any of these games other than the OK if it is close the MWC will lose a lot of the momentum we have been gaining. People want to find a reason to write us off.


About time! BYU needs more schedules like this each year. I would rather see us lose to a BIG TIME program, than beatting Div. 1-AA teams. Now if Holmoe could just get USU off the schedule.

Just think

What a wonderful national fallout would take place if BYU were to win. No more Nebraska types claiming - "if Utah had played our schedule, then..." It instead will be the other way around.

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