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Onlookers sing 'Happy Birthday' to Pres. Monson

Published: Saturday, Aug. 22 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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It was awesome

I was incredibly blessed to be in the 162 member cornerstone choir which sang this morning during the Oquirrh Mountain Temple cornerstone placement. What an awesome experience! The spirit of the Lord was so strong and powerful. I felt the Lord and his angels close at hand as we celebrated through song the dedication and placement of the cornerstone in His newest Holy edifice. I will never forget this day and how privilaged I was to be a part of the music welcoming the Lord to His Holy House.

Take a Hint

Church services have been cancelled Sunday by Chuch Presidency.

We need to read between the lines and dedicate more of our time and energy in faithful Temple Service.

Too many of us treat the Temple lightly and are not willing to set aside the time required to attend a session on a monthly basis. However, we are willing to set aside time to go on dates with our spouse each month. How about attend the Temple on one of these Friday night dates?

Fun Tradition

Instead of going out to a Movie or restaurant for a spouse date, my parents have occassionaly gone to the Temple and eaten at the cafeteria after a session. They call it "Dinner and a Movie" and have passed on that tradition to their children. Its a fun and uplifting spouse date each month...not to mention affordable!

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

It is a beautiful place to be, glad I was able to take the tour in.


13 Temples in Utah and yet there are more LDS members outside the United States than inside it? Doesn't seem proportionate, does it?


Take a Hint - and you would know that "too many of us aren't willing..." by what means?


I am pleased with the new temple and wish the saints much happiness and peace as they attend and strive to draw closer to the Lord.


>Doesn't seem proportionate, does it?

Personally, I don't feel that it's wise to second guess the Lord, who sees what we don't see, and knows the needs and abilities of everyone, everywhere.

To Anonymous 11:30

Your statement doesn't make sense. There only 13 temples in Utah.

I don't know what the percentage of members in Utah vs. the world is but I'm sure the percentage is far more than the 13 temples in Utah vs. 130 temples worldwide.

Comparative %

The comparative percentage of LDS members in Utah was 1.8 million in 2006, which was approximately 16% of total membership with temples in Utah now equaling approximately 10% of membership. Of course, temples in Utah are typically larger, but seems like a pretty solid # correlation of temples to membership. Just some fun stats.

To: Fun Tradition

Problem with "Dinner and a Movie" is that neither the Oquirrh Mountain nor the Draper temple has a cafeteria! Indeed, the Church seems to have phased out cafeterias in all the new temples. Looks like you'll have to "brown bag" it at these temples!

Born Again!

The new Statue Moroni, having been born again and washed of the blackening lightening strike, looked magnificent and in true form today! It is rather symbolic of what the Temple can do for each of us in our own lives.

John Pack Lambert

To the 11:30 and 2:58 commentator,
Probably in the general vicinity of 15% of total members of the Churh live in Utah, this is a rough guess on my part. So 10% of temples would seem low. However, not all temples have the same capacity. Compading sizes directly does not work, because Salt Lake Temple has rooms used for the weekly meetings of the First Presidency and 12, and then there is the factor of temples with full laundries and cafetrias having more non-ordiance space, but the fact that over half the temples is Utah are over 100,000 square feet (Bountiful and Mt. Timp are both 104,000) while all temples in Mexico except Mexico City (which is about 116,000 square feet) are under 20,000 square feet (9 or the 12 temples in Mexico are 10,700 square feet, and there is a temple smaller than that) means that the comparison of numbers of temples is complexed and not straight forward.
Then of course there is the fact that all 15 or so temples currently officially anounced and under construction or in planning are outside of Utah.

Why so many?

I am not LDS, but wonder why so many Temples are needed. I see lots of Churches and Temples. While the Churches sometimes are plain the Temples are beautiful.
But is one needed in every county?
Just wondering.

Ann O'Day in Sandy

Dear Ann

The answer is available. There is a great deal of attention that must be paid to the human family and the number of those who have passed on is large. We love all the human family regardless of when they lived upon the earth. Thanks for asking.


Why so many? Temples are different than chapels as you have noted. Chapels are for Sunday worship and use during the week for all members and visitors. Temples are for qualified members to obtain special ordinances that bind families together for eternity. It has been difficult for those who live far from temples to have those ordinances performed. So the church is trying to make a temple reasonably accessible for members throughout the world. There are quite a few in Utah simply because there are a lot of temple attenders in Utah and the existing temples just aren't able to handle the volume. I hope that helps.

Re: Ann O'Day

You ask a very good question. I'm not sure that it can be fully answered here,but I'll give it a shot.

The Lord loves every one of his children--those that have lived, those now living, and those yet unborn. God loves His children so much that He offered His Son Jesus Christ, to bless each of our lives.

Within the walls of the temple, the fullness of the blessings provided from Christ's atonement are freely offered to humanity. Because the Lord loves each and every one of us, he wants these blessings to be made available to all his children--past, present, future. This is a big task, and temples are needed to provide these blessings.

Each week as I go to the temple to bless the lives of our Heavenly Father's children, I am more deeply impressed with how much our Father and His Son Jesus Christ love us. If this is what the temple can do for us, then I wish there were temples everywhere--available to all on a weekly basis.

For more understanding, visit Temple Square--it's a great place for answers.

One of the flock

Happy Birthday President Monson.

You asked for something special for your birthday, and I gave it--just wanted you to know!

Thanks for your great example.


We need more than one temple in many countries. Inside, we do necessary ordinance work for our ancestors who have gone before us. And with many members going many times during the year some places need more. Utah is one of them. In Arizona we had only one temple for many, many years. Now there is another one in Snowflake, and one more being built and two more in the preparation state. In many countries in the past it has been very difficult and expensive for members to get to a temple even once in a lifetime. This is why temples are being taken closer to all the members, for which we are very grateful. And since the temples are literally houses of the Lord we build them as nice as we can, as was done in Old Testament times. The temple In Jesus' time was very beautiful. And He accepted it as His Father's House.

Thank you for asking.


Mr. Annonymous - your comments are so bizzare! They make you sound like a weird old man who will be swearing at people as they use the sidewalk outside your house to walk to the temple. You called me stupid the other day because I didn't know about Sunstone. GET A GRIP or go live in the mountains somewhere.

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