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Published: Thursday, Aug. 20 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Re Ummm

To finish your point: BYU thoroughly beat Utah last year except on the scoreboard. Darn it all.

One things for sure though

If we can play Oklahoma the way we played UCLA, this could be a really good game. I'm not saying we'll win, but we need to play with that same fire to stay in it.

OU fans are giving BYU a lot more respect and credit than the Utah fans are. I don't think that should surprise me but I think that's really interesting.

Ernest T. Bass



1) Playing outside OU's home field. Yes it is in Dallas but it's more of a neutral site than people think - LOTS of Mormons live here.

2) Lots has been written about BYU losing O-line players and seasoned players - this could play towards complacency (for OU).

3) OU will be breaking in a fairly inexperienced O-line. Talented 'yes', experienced 'not so much'.

4) OU will be breaking in a new wide receiver corp. Is Bradford a Heisman winner 'yes', but does he have a 'rhythm' with them yet? Game day experience is the only antidote for that.

5) BYU and the fan base is a very classy act. We have OUr obnoxious fans, but I really hope the fan bases of both schools respect the tradition of each other. It is an honor to host a really talented team in the new Cowboys stadium and my hope is all BYU fans leave with an appreciation and respect for OU's team and fans. Respect = Humility = Hard Work = Preparation = Making Your Own Luck = Success


I'm a diehard Sooner fan, and have been since 1982, but I also have a lot of respect for the BYU program. It is has always been a classy program with really outstanding fans/supporters/etc. For this reason, I don't want to see them get blown out. I want to see a good game, one that keeps us all at the edge of our seats. I want to see my Sooners win, but I want it to be a battle. I understand the need for a blowout win vs a top 20 team, but I would rather see a game that both programs can be proud of and that ESPN will talk about for days/weeks/months afterward as being one of the greatest games played. BYU fans, I wish you and your team luck this weekend and this season.

Boomer Sooner! Let's play ball.

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