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Published: Thursday, Aug. 20 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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GENO D'amonte

I am almost sick to my stomache over the lack of respect we have received over the years, but this team is special and oklahoma is in for a rude awakening. 21.5 points. Is was the vegas line is, that called free money of youbask me, I hope the coaching staff has the courage to show this line to the players, it would only serve a fuel to an unquenchabkle fire. I personally visualize an upset. Nobody gave utah a prayer to beat alabama in the sugar bowl, and from the coin toss total domination by the utes. These boys in the mountains can play

No matter who starts at

the corners, they are going to have to "grow up" very quickly facing Sam Bradford, a couple of good wide-outs, and the best tight end in the nation.

Go Cougs!!


Pita plays for Oklahoma?

Y This Year

Why did we have to start with Oklahoma this year... but for that game, we could have a perfect season. Instead we are going to bet a beat down. I hope we leave with less than 2 injuries and no quarterback controversy. This will be the 4th big game Max will lose in a row. The kid is already mentally fragile. Why couldn't we have played OK last year or next year?

Bob in line

It seems that every year the big concern in our cornerbacks. BYU needs to get really serious about that position, but I will save that post for January.


Playing Oklahoma is a win win situation. If BYU loses, they will be tougher. Other teams will seem slower and not as good. If you want to beat Florida State, get used to playing the big boys. I think BYU has a ligitamate shot. If I was a betting man, I would put my money on BYU to beat the spread.

How is losing to OU a win?

Need to be more positive. Let's not plan to lose the first game of the season.

It's possible

BYU has a shot at winning this game. Why not? The Cougs seem to play better early in the season. They have time to focus and prepare and they seem to have the talent. DB is a big concern as is OL but I think they will get it worked out. It's not like Oklahoma is unbeatable. The up-side of a win far outweighs the downside of a loss. Can you imagine? But even a close loss wouldn't be that big of a deal. This early in the season and with a tough remaining schedule the cougs could sill recover and not be out of the BCS hunt.


Once again Max puts up great numbers in camp. He's going to set an all time record for pass completion this year. Nobody completes 90% of their passes, ever! Don't worry about Oklahoma. I know they can't handle Hall and our new corners were some of the best in the country at JC. That's right! They are fast and good. Faster than Utah!

the old LaVell strategy

Get some nonLDS players for the skill positions, get some big Utah farm boys for the lines. Bronco is following the battle plan of a good coach.

Max Hall = No NFL

Max Hall will NEVER make it to the NFL because he can't learn to spread the ball around and look at one receiver (draw the defense) and then throw to another receiver. It's the one thing he needed to do in the off season and he didn't do it. It's also the reason we will lose to Oklahoma.
You will all join me with this complaint after we lose the game to Oklahoma. Max has tunnel vision and will get rattled by Oklahoma's defense and start throwing the ball to the right side of the field to Dennis Pitta and McKay Jacobsen and Oklahoma will be prepared and defend the right side heavily and get a lot of interceptions. Max will throw the ball into heavy coverage and ignore the other receivers. He just showed it in the last couple of practices and that means he will be doing it all year long. He will beat the bad teams and lose to the good ones. They all know where he will be throwing the ball and he won't change it. We lose to Oklahoma; period!

Heads Will Be Spinning

It is a big jump from JC ball to D-1. I'm sure their head's were spinning going against BYU's first team offense the last couple of weeks. The problem is that going against Oklahoma's offense will be an additional step up in speed and athleticism that simply cannot be duplicated until kickoff in Dallas. I'm afraid there may be 3 quick tds on the board before our JC guys recognize they are not in Provo anymore. I'm sure Buckner will be back to full speed soon but it is dissapointing to hear that Bradley may be limping on and off all season. He is the biggest and most athletic db we have had in years and just can't seem to get and stay healthy.


The tradition continues. BYU is nothing if not consistant when it comes to putting bad DBs on the field. The season hasn't even begun and they're already to #2 on the depth charts.


If the BYU corners can't handle "iMax," how are they going to handle a Heisman prospect from Oklahoma?

Even the home game against Fla St isn't looking good.

Re: It's possible...

Did you just say "The Cougs seem to play better early in the season"? Ummm...all of your losses (with the exception of last year) in 2006 and 2007 seasons came from your early non-conference games! Do you have a change against OU? Of course. Any team has a chance to win any game. But is it probable? Not really. OU is bringing back almost all of their team from last year including heisman winner Bradford. BYU, on the other hand, lost the #1 receiver in the country, don't have an experience O-line, and lost their last 2 games when they HAD Collie and Reed and an O-line last year.

I agree nothing can be said preseason before games are played. But be realistic Cougs. It's just not looking good. I'm a fan of the Mountain West and want everyone to do well considering we have an amazing non-conference schedule. But just try not to embarrass us too much?



2 inexperienced corners vs. Oklahoma = A big BYU loss. I'm sure our new guys will give it all they have. It's unfortunate they're opening against Oklahoma. If Brandon Bradley can't go at all, I think the Cougs start out 1-2 in the first three games.


Re: "Even the home game against Fla St isn't looking good."

No kidding, that's a sure loss. What we need to focus on is the Tulane game. If we're getting murdered by OU we should take out Hall, Unga, Pita and Jacobsen before they get hurt. If we don't win the Tulane game, it's an 0-3 start and who knows where it spirals from there? Tulane is winnable but not if our stars are hurt. It's time to be realistic like a MASH doctor in triage. OU and Florida State are losses, win the game you can.


The fact is that the top 7 defensive backs(corners & safeties) at Weber are better than the top 7 defensive backs at YBU.


"Asked the difference between the field and boundary corner spots, Mendenhall explained that field corner "is the easiest to learn but the most demanding athletically. The boundary corner is comparable to what the rest of the spots are. The learning is difficult there.""

Just how did that answer the question and explain the difference? Lots of words, no meaning. No wonder the kids are confused in chaotic situations.


Hall better stick to throwing to the boundary side. He will get one taken to the house if he throws to Dom's side. OU has 5 DLinemen that will get drafted in the next 2 years. If your Oline is new, LOOK OUT.

CB is the wrong position to be worried about on defense. Sam will wear you out if you can't cover. Florida gave OU problems last year because they could jam them and still run with the WR's.

Gresham will be open early and often. You just can't cover him, ask Florida. OU just messed up and stopped getting him the ball in the redzone.

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