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Published: Saturday, Aug. 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Congratulations Wynn

Will he be able to KEEP the weight on, or will he have to continue with his 2am feedings?

Great story!

They ought to make a movie of this...sort of sequel to Rudy when Jordan and the Utes come off a sweet victory at Cougar Stadium in November. Wait, maybe they ought to wait until after the victorious bowl game win. KEEP GOIN UTES!


My night just got soo much better!! I should have known better but still for the last few months I doubted my gut instinct that utah would follow up their great sugar bowl season with mediocrity like they always do. I doubted my knowledge that this next season for the utes would be average. WHAT A RELIEF!!! Not only is this season going to be at best average, odds are U will win about 7 maybe 8 games now. YOUR FALL WILL BE GREAT! Cant wait to watch it and at the same time see max and the boys hoist the MWC championship trophy. My only advice to utah fans is to load up on ding dongs and oreos cause that will be your only source of joy this fall. Long live mediocrity :) !!! MWC=BYU


Just like those little cougies to count their chickens before they win anything important. lol. Is this the third attempt at the "quest" or the 4th? I'll take the Utes "one game at a time" approach. Seems to have garnered a little more national respect. So keep living in la-la land with all the other witches and faries in the bubble down south. You keep counting your preseason wins, and the U will just keep bringin in those other ones (you know, the ones played on the field...). For a team that just lost another lineman you sure do talk a lot of trash. I mean come on! Your defense is so bad they can't even intercept Max Hall!!! And you have 2 freshman starting on your O-line? or 3? And how many defensive lineman have you lost? And who is ranked higher? And why am I arguing the obvious with someone who obviously doesn't understand logic? lol. Utes will roll. GO UTES!

Re: YES! | 1:34 a.m.

It must be a slow news day in Cougarville. Though I noticed that the DN was kind enough to put an article on your board about a 50 year old guy who is taking his "final ride." Sounds like great reading to me, why don't you go have a look?

While you are here, perhaps you can explain to all of us how you calculate the "odds" you refer to above. Also, please explain what "mediocrity like they always do" you are talking about in reference to a team that has been to the BCS twice in 4 years.

I'll help you...mediocrity is what BYU has been wallowing in for the last 25 years. It is easily masked because of their weak conference...which changed about 6 years ago.

I like this guy's attitude...

he seems mature beyond his years, he lacks the arrogance/entitlement attitude demonstrated by Louks and so many other athletes.

I'm sure he'll have some growing pains this year, but it will be fun to watch him develop. Here is one Cougar fan who is not betting against him.

Re Yes

Your expectations always start out high for the kitty kats and they always turn into mediocity. Can the utes be the team they were last year? Probably not but they will be competitive. if you recall it took only 4 years from the fiesta bowl to the sugar bowl championship for the utes to build into a solid team. The kittys brag every year and go where the Vegas bowl. Wynn may be the next Alex smith we will be patient. go utes


Ever notice how BYU fans always sound like they're mimicking scripture?

But that's besides the point. I'll bet you that Jake Heaps and Bronco are already planning his early arrival after hearing of Wynn's success. It's nice to have a little brother down south to inspire.

UTAH = 2-0 BCS

When you get your second BCS win, come back and talk as equals.

Re: YES!

When was the last time BYU beat anybody that was ranked in the top 5 or even 10? Their bowl record, even dating back to when Edwards was coaching them, is aweful. BYU dominated the WAC because all the other teams were truly below average. BYU's fall from your perceived grace is due to the fact everybody else simply got better. You guys lack speed, always will, and never seem to get a defense worth talking about. When the other team has a stout defense and a solid offense - you guys lose. BYU will never be a top 10 program. BYU's honor code, which I admire for its high standards, hurts the program. The team has high quality young men, who will go on to do great things in the public and private sector, but lacks the top athletes needed to break into the BCS.

the top of the mountain!

Ha ha wow! Idiotic = byu. Talk about long live mediocrity. The Utes are anything but average I would consider ybu......a team who can't beat a decent out of conference opponent and who hasn't been to a bcs game average at best. Keep hatin cougars man its good to b e a Ute fan! I'll take a BCS WIN every 4 years Go Utes

RE: yes

Sorry to burst your bubble, but ding dongs and oreos are a "source of joy" only to BYU co-eds.


Calm down brotha and step away from your cougar flavored ice cream!

MWC does certainly not = BYU. Utah has put the MWC on the map along with the success of TCU last year. Nobody gives a rip about BYU's 2001 season which was considered about as weak as Hawaii's BCS run a couple years ago. Nobody cares about 2006 and 07 when "if" they coulda woulda, they would have made the BCS. NOBODY CARES!

UTAH is the MWC and its credibility! TCU will follow up this year. You silly coug, you overlook everything and can't see out of the bubble. Maybe you should hope your team doesn't suffer anymore injuries and maybe puts on some pads and hit each other. But with the injury prone powderpuffs of Provo, this would only cause more injury!

Jordan Wynn is surrounded by some of the best talent in the league. Great O-line, great backs, great recievers, and what could be even a better defense! I know its hard for a homer such as yourself to see outa the bubble, but maybe you should clear the glass as its obviously fogged.

This cannot

be good news. How can a freshman be the best when you have that much experience ahead of him. This is awful and doesn't bode well. Gary must have his team licking its chops for first game.


Just Wynn Baby!

ha ha he he

And the utes seem to be worried about one freshman starting on BYU line? I would rather our freshman be a lineman than a QB. . .Kyle and the boys are in serious trouble on the hill.


Is that your next brilliant t-shirt idea? How about yes - we're slow
yes - we're ugly
yes - we're myopic
yes - we're pale
yes, you're a clown. the kitty's will not win the MWC this year. No O-Line, No speed on D, No Clue!

Congrats Wynn

I was pulling for Wynn since I saw him play at the Red/white game last spring. Always liked Louks but did not see him as our starter. After watching a bunch of interviews with Wynn he does totally remind me of Alex Smith. Let's give the guy a chance, for all we know he could be one of the best true freshmen qbs in the country. I'm just glad he wasn't talking about an NC like Heaps was. Typical zoobs, always over-hyping the season before it even starts, to then give their fans an even bigger let down. The Utes will always just take it one game at a time. Congrats Wynn and may you keep that no.1 spot. Go Utes!

Skip H

I'm as surprised (shocked) as anyone by Coach Whit naming a true frosh as No. 1 QB. Obviously the coaches know far more than the rest of us armchair QB's. I guess it's better having too much talent as opposed to not enough.
Bret Ratliff is in the NFL and no one thought he was 'that' good....so maybe Wynn is da man. I feel bad for Louks...maybe the Utes can use him in some kind of 'Wildcat' formation....

Ernest T. Bass

Sounds pretty sure of himself for someone who won the spot using the Paper-Scissors-Rock method against the other two QBs.

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