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Published: Saturday, Aug. 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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This really stink! What's next Unga or Hall? Come on boys, take it easy on each other! Oklahoma's is only a few weeks away.


This is not going to be a good season. You can't win without a strong line. To bad every other position is strong.


I agree with K-dog.

This ain't good....

Good luck, Cougs!


Here comes Oklahoma! They will POUND through that weak, inexperienced front line and tear Hall apart!

Dear Hans Olson

This is why the cougs have to watch it. This is why Mendenhall knows more about his team than you do. He could let the dogs go and beat each other up in practice, but he's also very realistic. We don't have depth like USC to let them go at it like you want. Use your head sometimes.

Not Good...

Could injuries start piling up at a worse time? now we are down to a freshman starting at guard and we may not even have Reyonds back in time for the oklahoma game.


This is good news because the new recruits are the best class that BYU has ever had. This will let them play faster and develop sooner. Hall is too fast to let Oklahoma's defense hit him anyway.

Hey Angel!

Yes, I know what you mean... sometimes I'm not sure if I'm seeing Hall or Mike Vick out there as they're both so fast! ;).


Hall is going to have to have a very quick release on the ball! Hes going to have to have a running back that can carry the ball as well to help releave some of the presure.

Running Backs

won't do any good if there aren't any holes to run through. Every team they play will bring the heat on every play knowing they're young and inexperienced on the o-line.


This is crap. You know what this means right? We literally have 12 O-lineman left on the roster that can play right now, that includes walk ons, the new freshman, and the guys who are in place to start.

This freaking hurts. It will be okay though. I really have heard good things about Moose, he'll do a good job. It sucks to loose Jason though. He looked tough. He didn't have the typical "fat man" build, he was athletic at the OL spot, just a big guy with stregnth and mobility, but again I've heard good things about Moose.

I almost wonder if some of the new freshman might get some looks. Guys like Terry Alleto, Tui Crichton, and Ryan Mulitalo were pretty highly recruited. Come on O-line we NEED you guys!!!


This is good news? how old are you 10. Here's a guy that just ended his entire season and your calling it good news. I'm a Ute fan and feel worse for this guy than you do. Typical Cougar fan, don't even care about your own players.

Come on O-line!

I think these guys know there is a lot riding on their shoulders. I don't doubt they'll play their guts out and leave everything out on the field. I think it will translate into results for us.



The defense must be pretty aggressive if they keep hurting their own offensive players. We need to turn that aggression against the upcoming opponents starting with OK before we decimate our own offense!

Too many close calls and now a season-ending injury. Practice smart and play OK smarter!


TCU is looking more and more like the conference front runner. They will represent us well, no doubt.


This must mean that Mendenhall is actually practicing our guys. Not only that, he is using contact. We will certainly be ready this year...those guys up North are going to be in big trouble in November. Mendenhall is doing so many different things things this year. Thanks Coach, you're the BEST!

Buckeye Ute

I live in Columbus, Ohio. On the sports radio station here they do a feature called 30 teams in 30 days. Yesterday they did BYU and had Bronco on. They asked about the injury and about how young the O-line was. Bronco said that the line had capable players. I don't think that bodes well for BYU. Most coaches are conservative about talking about their teams, but calling a player capable is like saving the girl you are trying to set your friend up with has a sweet spirit. I could be a tough year for you guys. I hope the O-line is better than capable because as a Ute fan we need a good BYU team to beat at the end of the year to keep our profile high.

Re: Come on O-line

result: 9-4 season with a loss in LV bowl in addition to losses on 9/5, 9/19, 11/28

Not bad at all!!!

Let's Be Realistic

If we were opening against Tulane we may be able to hang in there with this VERY inexperienced and thin line. But we are opening against probably the most talented front seven in the entire nation. And remember that several Oklahoma players passed on the NFL to try to win a NC - they are also very motivated. My biggest hope is not a win in Dallas but that somehow Max Hall comes out of that game standing and able to play the next week. I love Hall but last season he showed his one weakness is facing big time pressure. Oklahoma will bring more pressure than TCU, Utah and Arizona combined.

Watch out

Watch out Max, there's a huge hit coming from the blind side. Concussion or separated shoulder during the first half. Sooner defense will smoosh the Coogs inexperienced front line.

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