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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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It seems like we fought a Civil War over a state's ability to nullify federal law. What's your next suggestion when Washington commands adherence to national law, secession?

Lew Jeppson

What position will the D-news take next? Perhaps you will advocate Utah opt out of medicare. How about opting out of social security? You're ridiculus.

Re: Lew

If only I could opt out of S.S. and Medicare! I could have invested my money and retired a wealthy man instead of having the government confiscate it without my permission, pay me 0% interest and when I retire, I may get back some of it but at highly inflated dollars what will purchase some small fraction of what it would have when the goverment took it! Yes, if only I could opt out! What a farce for anyone to think the S.S. is a good deal! Only an idiot who can't use a calculator would think it is a good deal for them. You know, sort of like people who think Obama's health care plan is a good deal!


Too bad that the Utah version is to lame and weak, catering to the health care industry. There are no mandates that require coverage for expensive preexisting conditions. There is no mandates for mental health parity, although this will be included at the federal level for 2010. What about any mechanisms to control cost and overhead for these grave robbers? This is nothing more than a state giveaway to insurance and pharmaceutic at the expense of the people. Modeled after Massachusetts, which is running in the hole at this time costing the taxpayers of the state to cough up the difference. Businesses will be allowed to tailor their coverage without mandates, if they don't want to cover mental health at the same level as medical care, they can opt out of coverage, period. This is not reform for the people, just a ploy to say that all people have coverage, even though the coverage is worthless for catastrophic care.


Whether or not it goes anywhere, it may be an effective tactic in letting D.C. know that Obamacare is not acceptable in Utah and Arizona, and could well be adopted, in whatever forms, by other states looking out for their people.

A different view point

Just a thought.

I wonder if Rep Wimmer would have the same ideas if the State of Utah did not pay for his insurance for himself and his family for his part time service in the legislature.

Can any of you who read this tell me about a similiar part time job with similiar health benefits at the same costs?

Or is it the case of our legislators taking care of themselves and their families before the public?

Ultra Bob

I am a child of God, husband to my wife, father to my children. I am an American because I believe in the American principals of human society. Somewhere much further down the list, I am a Utahn, but only because I live here.

Only a fool would not want Health Insurance in this day and age. However exceptions might by someone so poor that health was not a primary concern, like the homeless who live on the street and the very rich who can easily pay cash for the measly expenses of health care.

If the American government was to offer a health care plan, available to all, and the state of Utah prohibited a person from joining the national plan, I would probably choose to opt out of Utah. Utah is a state where the individual is subordinated to business interests, and business interests just don’t have health care for people as an important concern.

While conservatives often tout individual freedom and liberty, they are often the most likely to suppress liberty and freedom for the individual for the favor of business profits.


Being able to opt out is important. There is a balancing act between Federal and State control and when one goes to the extreme the other should respond.

States have the ability to opt out of all kinds of Federal programs that have the force of law behind them. This should be one of them.

Socialized medicine is not going to work.


Slippery slope! And being one of those uninsured, it really angers me that the state of Utah thinks that it can tell me what I can and cannot do in my own life. If I choose to get participate in this new program from Washington, how dare anyone including the state of Utah tell me that I can't participate if I want to. Hypocrites!

@ultra bob

You're exactly right that Utah is "often the most likely to suppress liberty and freedom for the individual for the favor of business profits." One way Utah suppresses individual liberty in favor of business profits is by imposing a measly 5% tax on corporate profits. We could have more individual liberty if we taxed corporations at 50%!


"And besides, all but three members of the House and two of the Senate have no idea what Utahns want or need."

Pray tell, what makes Utahns so special that a senator from New York or a representative from California can't understand their health care needs? Do we get special diseases? Do we want to pay more for our health care instead of less?

Could the real reason for this ridiculous amendment be that the federal system will likely provide coverage for abortion and other reproductive health services, and that conservative Utahns want these services to be as unavailable as possible?

f. day

why not just drop out of the union? Americans
already believe Mormons are not really Christians.
Why not show them they are right and we do not
believe in sharing? Republicanism is giving
Mormons a bad image.

jack alamansky

Utahs' legislators are like utahs' church. We need protection from them, not by them. One of the cornerstones of a proper health care system should be portability. Coverage no matter where I roam. The people who want to deny us this, our utah legislators, have publicly funded health care and are on the payroll of pharmaceutical companies...do you suppose they have our best interests in mind


This is insane. Utah thinks it is so special, so different, that it can ignore the needs of the poor and the uninsured. If you want to opt out of being part of America, start with all the federal money you love to accept. No more money for research grants at Utah schools, no more money to support light rail, no more money for I-15 reconstruction. No more money for Hill AFB. No more money for immigration enforcement efforts. No more money for national parks or forests. No more money for air traffic control and enhancing SL International. No more money for Medicaire. Will the Utah system be able to match the federal system? You are a bunch of hypocrites. This is appalling stuff.


Ultra knows what we want! All liberals know better.

(Psst, remember what the good book says about calling another a 'fool.')

Are you barking mad?

DNews, do you _really_ think that while national political leaders are under pressure from special interests that our state legislators are not?

The facts are plain: The US ranks 37th in the world in terms of the overall health of its citizens, yet no nation on earth comes even close to the per-person dollars we spend on health care. Why? Because we stupidly rely on private health insurance corporations for our health care.

The plan now being discussed in Washington is in reality an exceptionally mild dose of badly-needed reform and deserves rapid approval.

Re-read People

Many of the posters have misunderstood Wimmers proposal. It is simply to preserve free choice for Utahns to choose whether or not they want to buy into a federal plan.

Whats wrong with preserving choice? It is much better than having a health system rammed down our throats that may make us worse off.

What if?

What if Utah has a better plan than the feds? Why would anyone want to be prohibited from purchasing a better product for less money provided by the State rather than the feds?

I don't travel out of state for my health care, and keeping it at the State level makes a lot of sense. I can see where it would be more responsive to unique needs, and how it could be less expensive that a bloated federal program where the nearest appeals location would be 3 states away.

A federal program would be insulated from complaints about benefit denials. The State of Utah is much more fiscally solvent than the feds meaning our own health care would be better funded and less likely to go broke like medicare.

The more I think about it, the better a State solution sounds.


As "RH" alluded to, Utah is not unique in wanting to leave Obamacare on the table. Some of the posters here on DNews would have you believe that Utah is alone in this effort. Even IF the movement doesn't gain steam, it at least will show D.C. that the STATES DO MATTER!
I don't believe the "protests" that are happening at town hall meetings are "staged", I believe the populace is expressing their displeasure. Part of the reason they might be so upset is that the mainstream media have been so pro-Obama that folks don't think they're being heard.


"Pushing back against feds?"
Where was this guy 8 and 4 years ago?

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