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Former fullback must wait for results of his summer courses

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Wouldn't hold my breath

It'll be great if Tonga can play but his status is the same time and time again. I think coaches should start hoping that either Bryan Kariya or some of the other new fullback prospects like Anthony Heimuli, Peni Maka'afi, or Jo Jo Pili can turn into good blocking back prospects.

I really hope he comes back but I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't happen.

Bronco's Frustrated

In the interviews I've listened to from MWC media days and after practices I sense that Bronco is frustrated with the whole Tonga situation. So even if he does make it back he will still have his work cut out for himself to get playing time.


Cougars are full of problems. utes would never do this

Ernest T. Bass

Will the other Tonga play? The lineman who was so dang good. He was better than any krugars.


Re: Typical, Of course academic standards at the U are a bit lower, too.

RE: Typical

Utes would never do what? Have off the field issues? Have problems with grades? Neither of those make any sense considering that ALL football programs have those sorts of problems. I could look up several instances that the U currently has but I'm too lazy to do so. I'll let you do that one on your own. I can only assume that the "problem" you are referring to is what was stated at the end of the article about BYU getting another recruit for 2010. I'll have to agree with you on that one... the "problem" of having people commit to the school's football program for 2010 is not one that the Utes are currently experiencing. Life is tough... I suppose we'll just have to live with the problem of having 22 recruits while Utah can be glad that they don't face that sort of problem with only 9.


"Anonymous|8:59 a.m. did not elaborate on the difference in academic standards, so here goes. The average ACT score for BYU's 2008 Freshman class was 28. The U's minimum acceptable score is 18. (Source: each school's website) Its safe to say there are not many 18's at the Y. The average ACT score for Tonga's freshman class was 27. Now, I will conceed that he may have been below the average. However, the Y still requires that all students be progressing toward graduation and meet minimum academic standards. I think that is a good thing. Football will not provide a living for most of these guys after they leave school.


I guess this guy doesn't really want to play. BYU's a tough school. But passing grades aren't all that hard to achieve.

Utah alum

Utah has no academic standards, therefore you are right.


Cougar76 - what is your point comparing BYU's average freshman ACT score to the U's minimum ATC score? BYU also has a minimum score that athletes must get and you can bet it is well below the average. BYU athletes don't have to compete for admissions along with non-athlete applicants. They just have to meet the minimum requirements. Same as most any school.


Let's hope Manase passed Basketweaving 101 and The Hitory of P.E. Manase may not be a scholar, but he's one heck of a football player.


You guys sound like a bunch of kids fighting. Grow up children!!!!

Tonga is coming!!!

BYU's opponents better not overlook #11. Academics was their only hope of stopping him. Now when #11 comes running through the hole, the only hope is that he won't be carrying the ball, so they can just get out of the way of his block.

Unga won't get banged up as much now and he will be back to his best form also, with Tonga clearing the way.

Tonga is coming, and if you're in the way you're going to wish you were academically ineligible for the punishment you're going to receive.


I have to agree with confused. Everyone knows that BYU's undergrad program is harder to get into than the U's, but the standards for both schools are lower for their athletes, musicians, artists, foreigners, or any other students whose scholarship is tied to something besides pure academics. Additionally, the standards for meeting the minimum to remain in the school are pretty low at both universities and it's unfortunate the Tonga put himself in this situation, but I wish him the best in getting academically qualified to return to BYU and hopefully he'll take advantage of his second chance, have a great season and go on to graduate.


The academic standards for football players at BYU are pretty low.... They can take cup-cake majors..... same is true at Utah or most any major university....

Let's face it, when it comes to BYU football, student-athlete is a oxymoron..

I don't care

the BYU Cheerleaders are still the prettiest. That's why I go to all the Home Games.....LOL!!


I take offense to your comment about foreigners being held to a lower standard at BYU. I have worked hard for every grade I have earned at BYU and I am at the top of all my classes. I have never had standards lowered for me just because I am a foreigner.

Say What

Dear Cougarfan, did I miss something in this article about foreigners? It said nothing about foreigners, only athletes. Just because Manase Tonga is of another culture do not read into it that it is singling out foreigners.

Your comment is like sommeone seeing a haystack and saying there must be a needle under there, because I heard that one time someone found a needle under a haystack.

Quit reading into articles something which was not said and never implied.

I am glad you worked hard for your grades nd credits. It is apparent Manase Tonga did not do that.


Say What, Cougarfan was reading one of the other comments above by the same name Cougar Fan. It implied that standards are lowered for athletes, foreigners, etc. It really didn't have to do with the article.


Most foreigners by nature work harder than Americans in class. The problem is the language barrier. I've been in class with plenty of foreign talent to know they are highly intelligent they just don't have the communication skills to effectively write, speak, and understand english.

And guess what I'm not racist, it just is what it is.

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