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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Someone posted a comment that BYU would be the toughest game OU plays all season? WHAT?

BYU is a solid team BUT they will rank somewhere above Idaho State, maybe Tulsa and Baylor... the other 9 on the schedule will be more difficult than BYU!

I'm not saying BYU can't win, anyone can beat anyone, but lets not make more of this game than what it is... a pre-season, non-conference game for both teams!!!

The real novelty is the stadium in which they'll play.


In that venue, against that team, wide-eyed, lambs to the slaughter.

Max Hall will be MVP of the game

Max Hall will be MVP of the game. He will be OK MVP like he was for Utah last year.

casual fan

BYU will lose to OU because BYU has too many students on their team.

Miami Dolphins Fan

Like Nick Saban, Stoops only melts down in big games at the end of the season.


One thing the cougars probably won't have that the Utes had is Nick Sabanesque arrogance. It's great the Utes earned some respect for the conference, but I fear that means the element of surprise is gone.



OK 77


Love how no one is mentioning OU's new offensive line. Samford will get sacked a few times. BYU is good at getting pressure at the QB.

Eric Moutsos

Eric Moutsos said: OK should be very afraid. A team with nothing to lose is a dangerous team. :)

twisted yootie

re: OHIOBYUFan | 8:31 a.m. Aug. 11, 2009

//I think BYU can win.//

I know BYU maybe in it for a qusarter

//Especially if our defense steps up to the challenge since OU offense is weak//

The team with the player that should've won the Heisman and probably will this year. The team with a RB corps that the Zoobs can only dream about.

BYU's defense? The same one that handed AZ the LV Bowl and has NEVER stopped let alone contained a fast athletic team?

reality check in Provo, please

re: RR | 4:45 p.m. Aug. 12, 2009

//Love how no one is mentioning OU's new offensive line.//

OU just reloads. What about BYU's inexperienced OL? How well did their experienced do when it one counted last yr?

//Samford will get sacked a few times.//

You mean Sam Bradford?

//BYU is good at getting pressure at the QB.//

Enough Max Hall dishing out ice cream after team scrimmages.


Vegas has Oklahoma by 21.5

Fans on faniq

15% like BYU
85% like Oklahoma

Bronco is dull and just doesn't light the fire of intensity that produces champions.

Oklahoma is very tired of the "Choklahoma" stigma.

My guess- Oklahoma 55 BYU 21


First, I doubt that OU Fan is really an OU fan. I suspect he is Cougar in Sooner clothing. I agree with "Hit First, Hit Hard," the key to a BYU victory is to hit first and hit hard. That is exactly what Florida did to them and OU played like little girls the rest of the game. BYU can definitely win this game.

Neutral Field?

Dallas is about 2 or 3 hours from Norman. That is like a quick road trip for Sooner fans to fill that stadium. OU 45 BYU 17.

Just show up

As long as BYU doesn't get embarrased, this will be a great game.


I'm as fervent an OU fan as exits; BYU did beat us once; that was then, this is now. OU has one of its best teams of all time for OU, this is not going to be an upset, though not a pushover either, BYU, will be tough, we like that.
the boise game was against an avg OU team, Utah beat ALA after their emotional loss in the big SEC game.
This one is almost a home game for OU and many of its players; BYU will show up and play strong and lose by 3 to 7 tds most likely 3 or 4 as it will not be an easy game for OU unless OU jumps em early, then no limit.
When OU has time to focus on a team (but for the BCS games admittedly) we usually beat them very badly and for the idiot who said OUs offense is weak, he will get tired of seeing our guys in their end zone with the ball in their hands; oh and the scoreboard......last yr OU had the highest scoring team in NCAA history.....7 starters back on offense.........duhhh

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