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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Homework for the Oklahoma and Texas fans posting: Go check and see what your schools' all-time record against BYU is. Then report back. Thanks.


For the posters questioning why BYU would schedule Oklahoma: Oh, come on. Stop cringing in your little corners and act like grownups. This is football, for crying out loud!

Of course BYU wants to play the best if they're claiming to be among the best. You find out just how good you are that way. If you lose, especially big, you know you've got work to do. And if you win, you know you're doing something right.

There's no shame in playing the best in college football, even if you lose. The REAL shame is losing to the teams you know you ought to beat if you were playing better. (As in several BYU games against ranked and unranked opponents alike during the Crowton years--and fine, maybe even all three losses last year, but certainly Arizona.)

So enough chatter about how good we are (and aren't, from the trolls and fair weather fans). Let's play the darn games and find out.

BTW: You UT and OU fans are absolutely classy compared to the smackers from Utah/BYU. Sure wish the fans in Utah would grow up someday.

Hard work

A number of you have commented that the Cougars intensity, desire and hard work will fuel an upset. I hate to break it to you but hard work cannot begin to compensate for the talent disparity that there will be on the field that day. I know the there are quality men on the BYU team and they have been schooled that effort will win out in the end but this is a myth. It's sort of like the old joke, "How does a BYU grad make a million dollars," answer, "Work a million hours." Sorry, but the work ethic just isn't enough.

The Present

All this prediction of the future is useless chatter. No one knows what's going to happen.

After taking all the crap BYU did last year for opening their season against a lower-level team, I'm glad they are taking on a tough team this year.

And anyone who follows college football knows teams from the MWC have a history of surprising big teams--it happens every year. Not every time, but it happens enough to keep the big teams honest.

One thing is for sure, this game will be worth watching. Go Cougars!


When is the last time that BYU won a big game that could really help the program?

Ernest T. Bass, your comments are not even funny.

BYU is going into the game with a huge opportunity to quiet the mouths of the UTE fans on here. Problem is, I don't see any confidence in your quarterback's talk. Sorry this game is over before it starts.

BYUtah fan

Folks, these games are played on the field not on comment boards. We are way too early in the season for anyone to predict how good a team is going to be. No one predicted that Utah would finish at no 2 with a ligitmate case for No 1. No one thought BYU would fold late in the season after a 56-0 tromping of UCLA.

OU looks good on paper. They have experience and talent. BYU has a Senior quarterback and an experienced offense. If BYU's defense can improve over last year this could be a terrific game.

Footballs are funny things. They are oddly shaped and bounce in strange ways. A funny bounce or timely break can change the course of a game. Football is way too chaotic for easy predictions.

I love the fact that BYU opens against a nationally ranked oppoent. OU is exactly the kind of team we need to play year end and year out. There is no better way to see the progress of the program.

So, let's put away our big mouths, show some respect for our opponents and appreciate some college football.

Barry Switzer

The head coach of OU in years past complained about the BYU players being about 3 years older,and it was a maturity advantage. I think he has a point,when I was 21 and in Vietnam I was a bit more mature than guys 18 in my squad,they might shoot first and ask questions later. "Rifles up"

BYU will win

Hey OU fan - All Time Records, head to head:

BYU = 1 OU = zip

just so you know.


I believe last time we played OU, we beat them handily. It might not be so easy this time, but it can be done. I will be in Arlington, just like I was in Provo when we beat Miami. We have done it before, we can do it again.

OU is fast, but like in the Cotton Bowl, Kansas was supposed to be faster. Our defense will step up and shut them down like we did in the Copper Bowl and our offense will shine. Mckay will have loads of fans and will turn a bomb into a touch down.

It will be great to see Hall outshine Bradford like Detmer did Erickson?

Do we live in the past? No, we remember it and learn from it.

Keep the turnovers in the positive for BYU and this is a winnable game

We did it before, we can do it again.

Fact is

Lamb before the Slaughter. BYU is dead meat!!! This is going to be hard to watch. Hopefully the team will be able to rebound.

Herb Gravy

"Psych" - Thanks you so much for your incisive analysis. I'm sure we all feel better now and will elevate our performances as a result of you wisdom.

RE: Pathetic

too long...didn't read

Huge Implications

As a Ute fan, I hope all Cougar players and fans realize the implications of this game. Win or loose if it is respectable, (within7) BYU can still have hopes of a BCS bid, as well as set up TCU and Utah for the same if one of the three runs the table or finishes with one loss. SO please BYU for once, step up and play a big game against a non conference opponent. Good Luck. GO UTES!!!!!!!!!


This game is going to be our Alabama. We are going to sock them so hard in the face early on that they won't ever be able to recover.

BYU will dominate this game mark my words.

Utah Fan

Don't be a hater because I am a Ute fan, but seriously, you guys are going to have some major trouble with OU. "IF" you make one mistake you will lose? name one game where any team hasn't made a mistake. BYU needs to get themselves a respectable testimony about winning. Much respect to you cougs this year though, see you in Nov.

OU 47 BYU 14

OU is going to pound the kewgs. It will be over by halftime and BYU will embarass themselves on national TV AGAIN. OU is returning one of the top QB's in the nation and a great O-line. BYU defense is so slow it probably could not slow down Bingham High School. I forsee a 2008 TCU - BYU game like outcome. Kewgs will score their only points in the 4th qtr against OU backups. How is BYU's matador, stuck in the mud defense going to fare against the team that basically led the country last year in offense and returns the Heisman winning QB?

What if?

If BYU could borrow Utah's defense for the OU game then they would actually have a chance. That is as long as Maxi pad doesn't through to the crimson.


I have been to games in Norman back in the dark days (Schnellenberger and Blake). Yeah, they have talent. But talent alone does not win it for you. Last time I checked, BYU wiped the filed with the Sooners the only time the teams met. Who had the better 'talent'? Yeah, it is 2009, and OU is really, really good. But they are also beatable. Every team is. And the Sooners looking past BYU is exactly what I want to hear. All I know is that TCU went in Norman a few years ago and won. And no one gave them a chance. And this BYU team is better than that TCU team was.


For what? For giving up 70 points?


This ought to be a good game.

Go Cougars!

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