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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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OU Fan?

Sooner born? Most of your players are from Texas.


A month to prepare for a Big Game in a Big Stadium as the featured game in College Football? We don't know how BYU will do in that scenario but at least we know OU doesn't show up for those. What is their BCS record again?

Lone Peak Larry

Bronco and Bobby A. aren't smart enough to come up with a game plan that will work against OU. Nice guys, good motivators, great sculptors of young men's characters but football minds? Nope, nope and nope again.

@ OU Fan Back...

"Again, no offense given, just the facts." No, by your own admission these are not facts they are predictions. And I thought you said you had better things to do than sit around a troll a comment board for a paper that helps represent an "inferior" team than yours.

Sounds to me that your mother's basement is getting a little boring so you thought you would go try to tick off a lot of other people.

Mr. Bass

Trolling on a BYU article. Anti-LDS garbage. Anti-BYU garbage. Never shying away from half-truths and innuendo.

Really, go find something better to do.

BYU may well lose this game, but leave your emotional baggage and obvious bitterness at the door.

Brian Scott

I am a Mormon and a Texan, born and raised. UT is my team. My home Temple is Lubbock and I can cheer for Tech when I want to. OU is just the devil. They have what it takes to be National Champ. BYU fans, I am sorry, but unless you flat out mow OU down, stomp on them, chew them up and spit them out again and then continue to beat the tar out of them with your second string, your hopes of a National Championship are going to be blown on opening day.

I love the Church. I want my son to go to BYU when he returns from his mission. He is not a football player. If he were, I'd do my best to steer him to Texas and I'd flat disown him if he went to OU. BYU is a great school and I am proud of it, but not its football team.


"I admire the BYU fan's courage and desire to win, but frankly, there's no chance for them to win. Especially this year, our team and fans have a winning tradition and attitude that can't be overcome by the competition, especially the likes of a Mountain West Conference team like BYU. You MWC fans think you're intense, well, it's nothing like, not even in the ballpark like OU's intensity. Just read part of OU's fight song:

I'm a Sooner born
And a Sooner bred,
And when I die
I'll be Sooner dead.

Rah, Oklahoma! Rah, Oklahoma!
Rah, Oklahoma! O-K-U!

Now that's intense!"

I'll bet you told the same thing to Boise St. a few years back. First, it takes more than a fight song to win games. Seond, no team is invisible, and thinking you are makes you more vulnerable.

Go Cougars!


The OU game is going to be - in a word - UGLY for the Y. I'm fearful of a 28+ blowout and humiliation on national TV. Why did BYU even schedule this game???

Last year

Last year Texas won against OU 45-35... Texas went on to win against Ohio State 24-21 in the Fiesta Bowl. That was a close game and Ohio State only lost because they made a lot of mistakes at the end of the game. Ohio state is a team that had close games last year with teams like Ohio (26-14), Minnesota (34-21), Wisconsin (20-17), Illinois (30-20)and a big lost to USC (35-3). Now, Ohio State was good... but to have a close games with some of the teams I just mentioned and then come into the Fiesta Bowl and almost win against Big 12 power house texas longhorns. Point is, you don't know what to expect. Big 12 looks very good when playing eachother, but they do not look as impressive when matched against other conferences. BYU needs to avoid the touch down shoot out type of game that OU and Oklahoma state had last year. They don't want to try to out-do Sam Bradford. The goal should be to slow OU down... same as Ohio State's Defense slowed Texas down.

A different view

First. There is no longhorn, nor has there ever been a longhorn fan who would wish anything for Oklahoma other than to have them whipped and whipped bad. Hook-em Horns Baby! So, weewilly and Utefan, try to write something with your own name, at least we know to skip over the stupidity.

Second. Last time BYU played the all powerful OZ, oops, I mean OU, they were sent out of Tucson with their tails between their legs...so much for the 'mighty OU football program'.

Last. Miami was ranked #1 preseason. Texas was top 10. A&M was top 20 before falling out of the polls. And they all lost. UDUB was ranked end of season #2 and pre-season top 5 and left Provo bruised, battered and embarrassed. USC was behind at half. But they, unlike the above 4, actually pulled it out at the end. Why would any intelligent sports fan think the BYU team would be shy or worried to play BIG 12, SEC, ACC, PAC10 or any other 'has been' conference? The worst loss BYU has had in 3 years was from TCU first and the U second.

Bring it Sooners!


As a Longhorn I hate OU, but you have to respect the damage they can do. The Sooners are not going to have an off day after the thumping they received from Florida. They will be a serious force to reckoned with. I give USU a much better chance against the U than the Y has against OU.

The real excitement in college football this year will be to see what happens in the title race between McCoy Bradford and Tebow. It will be explosive. The BYU v OU game will just be a small side note.

As for the best quarterback in the nation comments, my money is on Colt. No other player has meant more to his team since . . . oh yeah Vince Young in the Rose Bowl. Here's to a #5 championship season.


BYU Cougars

I've actually seen it. BYU is clearly on the schedule but no OU fans are talking about it. They're probably talking as much about us as we talked about playing Northern Iowa to start the season last year.

BYU needs to GET UP for this game, big time. I am assuming that's what they mean in the way they write the article. It wouldn't surprise me if OU looks at this game the same way we look at playing UNLV. We say we need to focus but we know if we go out there and play we'll win. BYU needs to come out swinging and set the tone for the game. If both teams play hard and mistake free, OU wins the game. But, if both teams play hard and OU makes mistakes, while BYU plays mistake free, BYU can win this game. Here's to hoping.

Dr. Bob

Last year before the sugar bowl, no rational college football follower believed, with good reason, that Utah would beat Alabama. Now before I get stoned by Utah fans, many rational people believed that Utah could win.

BYU also has a similar chance this year. BYU can win. They probably won't but they can. If 1) Oklahoma underestimates BYU, like Alabama underestimated Utah, 2) If Oklahoma isn't motivated, like Alabama wasn't motivated last year, 3) If BYU comes out of the blocks strong and accumulates a couple touchdown lead early, like Utah did last year,

Then BYU has a very good chance of pulling off the upset. Is it probable? Absolutely not. Oklahoma is significantly more motivated than Alabama was and is less likely to be caught of guard in light of Utah's fabulus performance against Alabama.

Is it possible? Definately. Max Hall is capable of lighting up almost any defence and with a wealth of talent and experience in the skills positions surrounding him, the offence will be difficult to stop. BYU's defence has the potential to slow down the Sooners. Critics say their slow, but the 2006&2007 teams were slower, yet very effective.


This could be a really intense game if BYU plays with the right mindset. One of my favorite games ever was the 2006 Fiesta Bowl. There was a tangible intensity about the game. Both teams played with a big chip on their shoulder. OU because they were "stuck" playing Boise, and Boise because they knew they weren't respected coming into the game.

If BYU plays aggressive and hits hard that's the best chance we've got. If we come out expecting to loose we will. If we play our tails off and loose than so be it. I would rather that we loose biting and scratching for 4 quarters than to just curl up in the fetal position and die.



For all of you BYU fans that think OU isn't even thinking about BYU and that there are no stories at OU about the BYU game you could never be more wrong. I found this article through the OU site. I read another article before this one about what BYU is doing in their practices that had nothing to do or even mentioned OU in the article but was posted on the OU site. Trust me OU will definitely be prepared for this game!

A rose colored view?

Lets see, TCU crushed the y and OU was on cruise control against TCU last year. Interesting.

Now you have the Heisman winner from last year that was embarassed in the title game coming out with a huge chip on his shoulder. A team that averaged 51 points last year playing against the most grossly over-rated team from last year.

Well, as a cougar fan if you don't fear this game, maybe you're the type of special individual that would climb over the lion's fence at the zoo saying here kitty kitty.

The only ones to be surprised by the Dallas thrashing will be the blue cougar fans still dreaming about 1984.

The Dallas game will a good tune up for OU, nothing more. Look on the bright side, at least it wont be as brutal as when Texas travels to Wyoming.


As one of the OU faithful I'd like to apologize to BYU fans for some of the ridiculous remarks from other "supposed" OU fans. IMHO, it is an honor to be playing a school with such a prestigious history in college football as BYU. My guess is, the academic requiremeents of BYU prevent many top athletes off campus. That doesn't take away from the prestige of the school and football program in my mind.

Some BYU fans seem to be questioning the school's sanity scheduling such a powerful opponent. My feeling is, the BYU coaches/officials obviously want to compete at the top level and know the only way to becomes the best is to play the best!

Lastly, I'm a bit surpised to see so many longhorn followers posting smack here. But then, that's the way they roll.


re: OU Fan
Didn't the mighty Bobby Fischer disappear for years at a time?

Sugar Bowl

I seem to recall a lot of "experts" last season saying Utah shouldn't even be on the same field as Alabama. On paper, OU should easily handle BYU. The game is played on the field for a reason. Until the game clock hits zero, BYU still has a chance! Go BYU!

BYU fan

I think it is hilarious that at this time of year armchair quarterbacks come out of the wood works and start making predictions. This game will be won or lost on the field. No matter what either teams fans say, the scoreboard will be the ultimate decider... period. It is fun to have playful banter on these blogs, but in reality it never changes the outcome of the game. I am really looking forward for the chance BYU has to play Oklahoma. That is all i'm going to say. And to all of you Utah fans that constantly check BYU blogs and articles, you had a great season last year and in 2004. Quit preaching to BYU fans for remembering 1984. We all need to live in the present and see what this season brings... PERIOD!!!

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