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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Re: Daniel

Just like Top of the SEC (Alabama) is a lot better than a school from the MWC (Utah)?


If BYU can half match the mindset that Utah took into the Sugar Bowl last Jan, they stand a chance. Remember, the Utes didn't do a lot of talking. They didn't overpraise themselves OR the Mighty Crimson Tide. They didn't cowtow to tradition and the ghost of Bear Bryant was something they respected, but did not fear. In the end, they balled up their collective fist and punched the big bad bcs bully right square in the jaw. When the bully stood there shocked and wondering who this little upstart thought he was, they took the occasion to give him a left hook to the temple. And Alabama crumbled. Now, BYU will most likely do nothing of the sort with the Mighty Sooners, but let's not forget that--"It can be done." Good luck against OU!!!


The only game that SEC, PAC 10 and Big 10 teams are winning anymore is the psychological one. It is a complete myth that they are all that much better than teams in the WAC and MWC. Utah and Boise State have shown that. Furthermore, they hardly ever play anyone of note outside their conferences; if they do, it is usually at home. I mean look what happens to them when they play at places like Utah or BYU. They aren't so invincible. When you look at those conferences from top to bottom, they are actually pretty weak once you get beyond the top two or three teams. The thing Utah has figured out that BYU hasn't is how not to be intimidated.

Mountain West Fan

Dear OU -

Enjoy beating BYU because your not going to win any other big games this year. Remind me again how many straight BCS games you've lost in a row now (including games against powerhouses like Boise and WV)? And nice game against Texas last year. So... enjoy your win against BYU - that is as good as will get for you this year.


Sooner Nation in Draper

BYU fans are deluding themselves if they think OU is thinking about the BYU game at all. It is interesting to see how many stories in the D-News about BYU playing Oklahoma there are. If you look in the Oklahoma papers there are NO stories about Oklahoma playing BYU.


I am far from a Sooner fan and I'm not rooting for them but I hope BYU understands that OK will have them for breakfast.


To OU Fan (re: 9:01 am post):
Hmmmmmm. So, if I understand correctly, you're equating Col. Jessep (Nicholson) with OU and Lt. Kaffee (Cruise) with BYU. That's a very interesting analogy really. If you'll recall, Jessep spouted off his famous, "You can't handle the truth!" in response to Kaffee's baiting him into it (and his subsequent fiery crash and burn). Jessep had zero respect for Kaffee and it ultimately destroyed him. I hope the scenario holds up as you've alluded. Here's to another "Jessep" (OU) crash and burn -- on national TV in Cowboy Stadium.

Deja vu

I was at the game at the Copper Bowl in Tucson the last time BYU played Oklahoma. BYU kicked their butts. I expect the same to happen this time. Oklahoma was favored in that game also.

Recognize these names?

For all those OU fans (and unfortunately even some BYU fans) that think the upset is impossible, let me throw out some school names for ya...

Utah (most recent upset)
Boise State (OU fans should remember this one)
Appalachian State
Standford and Oregon State (USC fans definitely will remember both of these)

the list goes on and on...

Hit First, Hit Hard

OU is nothing to be scared of. They are strong and talented and a good program, but is BYU and most other D1 programs.
The key is to go to Dallas confident and with the mindset of smacking them in the mouth first and smaking them hard. So what if OU gets mad, so what if they don't like it, bring it on. They are no stronger than the BYU players. Most of them came from the same recruiting pool and they generally train the same way. For the most part, there is not a huge difference in a D1 College player, maybe speed, maybe technique, but most of it is hunger and aggressiveness.
So, go for it BYU. Take it to them. Hit them first, hit them hard, and hit them often. Maybe they are the ones that should be scared.

Ute & Y Fan

All the "you don't have a chance, BYU" talk seems very much like what we all heard before the Utes crushed Alabama in the Sugar Bowl last year. On a neutral field, a well prepared BYU absolutely have a real chance of beating OU. Boise did. Utah probably would have last year. Bronco has to have a stellar game plan and execution on the field has to be 99% perfect. Just go do it

Lesson #1

I have followed BYU football for 30 years and one thing I know is never count BYU out. Yes OU is good and will be favored and probably will win the game, but you never know and thats why they play the game. BYU is 1-0 against OU. It should be fun to watch.


This is a match-up of two teams that choke in big games. Since this is only a big game for BYU, OU should win easily.


The game has not been played yet. Trash talking and Predictions are for idiots. Not even those who get paid to predict the outcome of games have a clue half of the time. Close your mouths and your tiny little brains until the game has been played. Spend your time doing something worthwhile.

Re: Ernest T. Bass

It is because Oklahoma is underestimating BYU, which from what I have seen in football (or any sport for that matter) is not a good thing!

Watch Out!!!!!!!!

Do I think BYU can win, yeah!!!! Do I think BYU will win, I am not sure. I think it depends on alot of factors. What team in going to show up? Is it the team from the last 2 games of last season. If it is then BYU will lose, if it is the team that played UCLA maybe. The last time BYU played OK we won in a bowl game. BYU has played some big time teams and won. Like Miami, OK, ND, UCLA. But they have also played hillbilly teams and got the snot kicked out of them.
So I still say what team is going to show up? The team from the last 2 games of the season, or the team that knows they have a fighting shot at beating OK!!!!!!!


All I know is that BYU owns a 1-0 record over Oklahoma. If it is so IMPOSSIBLE for a lowly team like BYU to beat a might power from the Big 12 like Oklahoma, then how did the cougars do it before?

To Ernest T. Bass 10:07

don't be stupid, let me explain. A #24 MWC team playing a #3 Big 12 team = BIG STORY. A #3 Big 12 team playing a #24 MWC team = no story.

Ben White

I agree with Andrew. Remember, "great moments are born from great opportunities." That is what BYU has. You just never know what will happen. If BYU played them 10 times, OU would probably win 9. You just never know.

How soon we forget

ALL I know is I watched OU take apart TCU last year like they were a junior high team--and then TCU came back and took apart BYU like they were a co-ed team. Anyone with an average intellect would know what the outcome of this game is going to be--total disaster. Until Coach Mendenhall disciplines these players for thier turnovers and penalties and instills within them a win metality, your not going to see any changes in this team!!!!!

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