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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Hey u moron OU Scored 55 in the first half against KSU it wasnt even close!.......Do u watch OU football?

Public Comment Strategy

Let's hope the team actually has a killer instinct-type attitude behind closed doors. Hopefully, these humble, "let's be competitive" comments are to keep anything from being posted in the OU locker room. Surely, Bronco, Max Hall and the crew believe they can win every game on their schedule and expect to.

OU Fan

I respect what CougarFan is saying. That's exactly what we do at OU. Well, maybe we're a little more In-Your-Face than most. But, we can back it up. I can see where BYU might not want to get our ire up by predicting a win or even how respectable they'll be against us. After all's said and done, it's a pretty good chess game. No offense, but in the chess game comparison, OU is Bobby Fischer and BYU is a high school freshman. Again, no offense, just the facts.

OU Fan

Hmmmmm. Touching a few nerves I see. Remember what Jack Nicholson said about the truth in "A Few Good Men". It could apply here.


To honest BYU fan:

I think "realistic" is a better word than honest in this context. You must remember, however, the national media to a man and even most "realistic" Utah fans didn't give the Utes a chance against Alabama. The difference between this year's BYU team and last year's Utes is simply speed and "athleticism." Alabama couldn't believe what hit them. A fired up deceptively talented and speedy Utah team executed a perfect up tempo game plan.

There is no question OU has the best quarterback in the country in Sam Bradford and is loaded with an incredibly talented offense and defense to match. Can BYU muster the same ability and cunning as Utah? Me thinks no, but as they say "hope springs eternal."

Beating OU

I don't expect BYU to beat Oklahoma, but if they're going to do it, their best shot would be in the first couple weeks of the season. They're just so strong on both sides of the ball. Check out SB Nation's review at vanquishthefoe (dotcom).

re: pads?

I believe they will start practicing with pads today. However I don't know that it will be full contact for a few more days. They better get some hitting in before Sep 5.
For the record, I think BYU can win this game. They just can't let OU get up by too much. Keep it close going into the fourth qtr and we got a good shot at the upset.

Dear OU

When the game is over, you will be Sooner Dead!


There is a very good chance that Max "Where is the Ball Hall" could get hurt in this game. He has to feel that BYU can beat OU. He is not in that mind set and that gives way to complacency. OU fan, Alabama thought the same of Utah and Utah kicked their butts back to Alabama. BYU has that same chance if they prepare well and have a good game plan. And Max "where is the Ball Hall" you need to focus on ball handling and protection of the ball. If not, it could be a long for BYU and Max on the sidelines.


Hey "Tyler" So OU scored 3 points in the second half. I saw that game. KSU definitely played the second half with more heart than OU?

OU Fan

I'll post one more comment here and then I have bigger fish to fry. No offense, but we do have a few more competitive games than our BYU warm-up game. I know that BYU coaches and players with give it their best shot and that's what we like to see at OU. As an insider, and just to make it fun, a big part of our strategy (and I don't think I'm really giving away anything really big) is going to be intercepting at least 6 Max Hall passes. This will result in killing at least that many BYU offensive drives. Our defensive backs think there will be more. Again, no offense to BYU fans, just telling it like it is. I'm gone....can't stick around to read your comments.


You know if BYU is a legit top 25 team why wouldn't they be able to at least stay in the game? BYU fans talk like it is some daunting task, but really if BYU fans really believe their football team is as good as they say then it should be a competitive game. My own thoughts are just that you guys won't be able to compete well because the overall talent difference between the two schools is huge! Top of the Big 12 is alot better than a school from the MWC

Re: Dog

Utah's win last year had very little to do with the Utes being faster than 'Bama or having more talent than 'Bama (we all know the 'Tide' recruits among the top athletes in the country). It was all about shock and awe. The Utes played no huddle, scored quickly and got 'Bama on their heels from the beginning (scoring 21 in the first quarter). Once 'Bama figured out what the heck Utah was doing, they started coming back slowly (outscoring Utah 17-10 the rest of the game).

BYU needs to do the same against OU. We all know the sooners have more talent and speed than BYU (as 'Bama did against Utah) but if the cougs can come out with a different style of play and throw some plays in there to keep OU on it's heels, then the result can be the same as the Sugar bowl...

ou fans

I'm just hoping that the ou players and coaches share your attitude about BYU not being a worthy opponent- then the fall will be that much harder if BYU can manage to pull it out. Keep up the talk and convince your team of the same-

OU Fan back...

I just heard from one of our players at OU. I told him of my prediction 56 - 23 victory for OU against BYU. He corrected me. His prediction is OU 66, BYU 20. Two TDs and 2 field goals for BYU. Then he said that "it ain't gonna be that close". Again, no offense given, just the facts.

OU Fan

I decided I'd come back to this blog for a little while longer. Not a lot of heat in my regular OU blogs yet. They're talking a lot about the other games on our schedule. Everyone's predicting an undefeated season this year. Yawn.

BYU not on same level as OU

BYU shouldn't be playing OU. Nebraska yes but not OU. OU is the #3 team in the country with the best QB in the nation and along with Florida probably the most NFL talent in all college football. The Y isn't all that good any more - even in the MWC and I'm not sure why you schedule games you can't win and can only get humiliated on national TV. It will do BYU no good to get beat up by 28 points or more so I really question why Tom Holemoe decided to schedule OU.


I think that we can do without many of you "BYU fans." Isn't the point to believe in your team? Not say "uh, I'm a BYU fan and I hope they don't get crushed too badly" or "another 10-2 or 10-3 season, ho hum." What a bunch of spoiled whiners! They have everything they need to beat Oklahoma. It should be a great game. Now all you fence sitters, get off the fence one way or the other!

Ernest T. Bass

It's interesting how many articles in the Deseret News have to do with BYU playing Oklahoma. It's also interesting that there are absolutely NO stories in the Oklahoma Newspapers about Oklahoma playing BYU. I wonder why.

To Daniel...

The biggest negatives for BYU are: (1) Low "We know we can win" belief (2) Prone to stupid mistakes (3) Prone to lack of on-field self-control of emotions which results in penalties and mistakes, (4) Lack of desire to win and do what it takes to win (5) Bronco Mendenhall.

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