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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Ute fan

I like that attitude. We need you guys to step up in this game. Go MWC.


The Cougars need a decent sports psychologists:

"If we make mistakes (against Oklahoma), they're going to crush us."

That kind of exaggerated, all-or-nothing thinking gets in the way of good performance. Focus on the task, not the opponent or the outcome.

"We want to make fewer mistakes...
"Take care of the ball...
"Play to our strengths...
"Take it one play, one series at a time..."

Those kind of statements may be cliches, but they also produce better performance.

If you want to be a leader, learn how to think, and how you talk to yourself and say to others is part of leadership.


Dear BYU,

Why bother?



OU game

BYU will do well. They can win just as Boise state won. Just be confident and don't let the media scare you. OU is a great team, but not invincible. Who knows what will happen in this game... It is hard to tell how Big 12 south teams play against other conferences. OU lost to Texas and Florida last year and had semi close games with Kansas (45 - 31) and Kansas State (58-35)... you can't tell how teams match up until game day. Look at the Sugar Bowl last year and what people were saying. Anyways, this is a great opportunity for BYU and for the MWC. One thing to expect is that OU will play fast paced and BYU will need to find ways to slow them down.


I'm thinking that the fans might need a pssychologist more than the players after the last decade of getting dominated by the Utes. lol. But seriously, watching BYU "going to the office" last year was painful. They never once looked like they were having fun. It'd be nice to see them enjoy it. And I think it'll translate into more inspired play in games. Don't get me wrong, my Utes are still gonna crush ya. But other than that last game of the year, I really would like to see BYU do well and enjoy the game. Good luck in the season opener! Bring a W home for the MWC!


Oh we are so screwed. Hall is in complete awe of Oklahoma. He's going to consider it an honor to throw an interception to the OU secondary.
LOVE the fact that Anae is finally going up to the box...he should have made that move years ago.

RE: Psych

I agree.

But I also noted the lack of comments that support the concept of actually "winning".

If the Cougar mindset is summed up in comments like "we're going to give them a fight, we're going to play sound football, and we're going to take it to the end", then the game is already over.

BYU absolutely MUST believe that they can not just compete with, but completely beat, Oklahoma or they will have no chance when they walk on the field in Dallas in 3 short weeks.

If their motivation level stays at playing "sound football", they're going to get crushed.

Attitude determines altitude

I like the attitude. This is much better than last year. I like not being ranked first. Mental prep is 75 percent of winning. Then physical prep is the other 75 percent of winning. And then execution is the other 75 percent. What is lacking after that can be filled in by good fortune and good luck.

If you will prepare for each game realizing that your next opponent can crush you if you do not execute with precision, that is when you will be a genuine BCS contender. Now go fight, win.

Honest BYU Fan

Lets be honest, I am a die hard BYU fan, but BYU has never lived up to expectations unless you love 11-2 seasons to the "amazing" Las Vegas Bowl that no one cares about. They will always be an average team or they will go 10-0 before losing 74-45 to a Hawaii like team to completley make themselves look like a joke that ESPN already thinks they are... Anyone that thinks BYU is going into Dallas infront of 70,000 OU Fans and 15,000 BYU fans to win is on a different planet. I will make everyone a deal that I will quit my job and give away my home for free if BYU wins. I love BYU though, Go Cougs to another 11-2 or 10-3 season, Cant wait for the 4th place Pac-10 team in the Las Vegas Bowl, hopefully!!


College football is exciting and playing a "big-time" opponent to start the season just makes it that much more exciting. I'm looking forward to the season. It'll be fun to play the Sooners, Tulane and the Seminoles in our first three games.

Legendary Green Bay Packers football coach Vince Lombardi wrote that he never talked about luck with his players; he talked about preparation. He added, "Luck doesn’t favor the lucky; it favors the prepared..."

Another football icon, Darrell Royal, former head coach of the University of Texas, says that "luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

Remember that Cougars as you prepare for the season.

Ernest T. Bass

Were going to be so good. Coach Borcno said we're really good and really humble so we should win a lot of games.

Watch out!

History repeats itstelf? The last time BYU beat the No. 3 team in a "kickoff" game on national tv they went on to have a pretty good year (1984). IF the cougs could pull out this game it would set them up for a possible great run on the 25th anniversary of the NC.

OU Fan

I admire the BYU fan's courage and desire to win, but frankly, there's no chance for them to win. Especially this year, our team and fans have a winning tradition and attitude that can't be overcome by the competition, especially the likes of a Mountain West Conference team like BYU. You MWC fans think you're intense, well, it's nothing like, not even in the ballpark like OU's intensity. Just read part of OU's fight song:

I'm a Sooner born
And a Sooner bred,
And when I die
I'll be Sooner dead.

Rah, Oklahoma! Rah, Oklahoma!
Rah, Oklahoma! O-K-U!

Now that's intense!


Does anyone know if or when BYU will start practicing in pads? I believe the whole "no pads" theory that BYU coaches adopted for last year's practices caused the team to play soft in many games, especially the later half of the season.


I think BYU can win. Especially if our defense steps up to the challenge since OU offense is weak. Also, with Anae up in the box, he will definitely have a better view of the game (then down on the ground) so he will see the movement of OU better and will be able to call more plays that will have greater impact at that moment.

Go BYU--Beat OU!

James MUlberry

Dear OU,

Don't forget What BYU did to Miami.


Listening to Hall talk is scary. Not once did he say they wanted to win the game. Great leader. Even he doesn't believe they belong on the same field as Oklahoma. Look for a blowout.

OU Fan

Hey, in my previous post I also meant to wish BYU luck, not that it will help, but I just wanted to be courteous. We are courteous competitors, but deadly competitors. My best guess on the score? OU 56 (an average of 2 touchdowns per quarter) BYU 23 (3 field goals and 2 touchdowns) One touchdown will be in the 4th quarter after OU takes their first string players out. Sorry, but that's the way we see it.


The BYU player's and coaches comments about the OU game are absolutely spot on. The last thing in the world they should say is that they're going to beat OU as this would provide serious locker room material for them. You don't declare victory against a top 5 team a month before the game (RE: Phsych) or make any comment that could even be twisted in any way to show disrespect to such an opponent. The best thing you can do is make the other team think you are just happy to be there and lull them into a false sense of security until gametime. That's exactly what Utah did against Alabama and I guarantee Bronco was taking notes. His players comments are perfect and I can only hope OU's players show a complete disrespect for BYU in the week prior to the game.

I too am excited that Anae will be in the box this season so he can see what the rest of us see. We might even see a screen pass or misdirection play to keep the defense honest some time this year.

Re: OU Fan

That's not intense - that's dumb. It sounds just like the kind of cheers we used to use at Chief Joseph JR. High. If you think that kind of weak banter frightens us then think again.

And I think the Cougars start with the shoulder pads tomorrow and then add the rest by Friday.

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