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Published: Thursday, Aug. 6 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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boise fan

as a bsu fan last yr we had a freshman qb and we went 12-1, i really like watching wynn play he was offered a scholarship by the broncos but turned it down, i think that the utes should prepare for the future and that means starting jordan wynn.

BY THE WAY the broncos will go 13-0 this yr and be the first non bcs team to win the bcs title, so utah your sugar bowl wont mean squat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i also would like to say the wac has more bcs appearances then the mwc.





GO JORDAN WYNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't think there's been a time in Utah football history we've had this kind of depth at QB. Depth, coupled with the speed and athleticism of these QB's, I believe we'll see much more of the option this year. And a good smash-mouth running game from Asiata.

The defense will be solid as ever, and the offense will be more consistent. The real question mark for next year is the playmaker factor: BJ, Kruger, Sean Smith... they made those 7-10 big plays throughout the year that separate a great season from a perfect season.


If Coach Whit had chosen a QB back in spring, the new QB may have not worked as hard this summer, knowing he got the job. Coach Whit did the right thing by having all three struggle through the summer, that way they will all be that much more prepared.

GO UTES! September 4th is coming!

Quaterback U

Wow....I'm really impressed with all the talent the U has at quaterback this year. Talk about a storm, the perfect storm. Hope all the cougies start crying just by looking at those handsome young gents. Cause tears are starting to fall down my face already....tears of joy!

Does not matter.

Barely above .500 regardless of who starts.

Go Newts!

Good luck Yewties. Looks like this year your in for a rocky road. It will take another 4 years befor you have a good season again.

Go Newts!

Good Luck!


Really hoping that Cain steps up and takes the job early into camp. He reminds a lot of Utah fans of Johnson. He is the safer bet compared to Louks. With Louks, you could either get a spectacular play, or a turnover, on any given down. That inconsistency is too risky, especially for a team with the talent that Utah has around him.

Continue using Louks as a running threat. That is where he can make a difference.

Of the 3, Wynn has the best potential. You could see in spring the kid can read a defense. He has his mind set pre-snap on many plays, that is very rare for a freshman. He can redshirt and compete next year after building his strength.

With the return of Robles from his mission, the QB situation is in good shape.

Will & Winky

We hope we get everything straightened out. There are alot of question marks. The school to the South is looking awfully good. We hope we are not in for a long year of disappointments.


I don't think there has been a time in Utah football history you've had this kind of width at QB. What the crap is up with Corbin Louk's spare tire in that picture. He looks like he has the gut of a 50 year old. If you are going to come into camp 25 pounds overweight at least suck it in Corbin for the picture. Nice teammates you have that they don't tell you you have some toilet paper hanging out the front of your shorts. Start him, please start him.


You need a QB? you need more than that. How about a good team this year. The newts avrage a good team about every 4 years. What you need is a good program not just a good team or good qb. Go Newts!


Boise fan your an idiot. I'm a byu fan but I know that utah has been and dominated two bcs games. You only won by a miricle and hawaii got stomped. I'm predicting a 1 loss cougar team gets to the bcs game over a perfect bsu... That is if you don't get killed by oregon... The rest of your schedule could be won by a highschool team of cheerleaders

Red Rover

Who is our photographer, that we had to get Louk's belly looking like he just walked out of Chuck-A-Rama. That is poor PR work. He's looking a little couch potatoish. Hope he's been working hard this summer. We shall see. I vote Cain just cause he looks bad.

Re Boise fan

I guess the Idaho standards for math and history aren't very high. You seem to forget or ignore 2004 when the Utes became the original BCS Busters. So when you add it up it's MWC 2-0 in the BCS and WAC 1-1. Leaving Hawaii as the pretender from the group. Then last year the undefeated broncos got punked by TCU in the bowl game. You need to check whats in your koolaid Boise fan.

RE:boise fan

Utah has made it to 2 BCS games and won both. Also Boise State will never get into the National Championship Game. You play Oregon and then that's it for the WHOLE season. Your whole season is one game. Weakest schedule I have ever seen. Boise State is a very good team but you will need more than a win over Oregon on the smurf turf to get a shot. Ill be rooting for Boise State in the BCS game though if you go undefeated. Last year the Utes beat 4 teams that finished in the top 25. By the way are you ten years old?

to bsu fan

hey dude remember when utah went to two bcs bowl games, fiesta and sugar. bsu went to one. so looks like you need to learn math better pall


Wow, 10 comments and the majority are not Utah fans. I can't speak for other Utah fans, but if an article is about BYU (or if someone wastes internet space with talk of BSU) I don't bother reading it. I can only guess that the clowns commenting with trash talk in here are simply nervous, or flat out scared. OH yeah, and to the ridiculous BSU fan, Utah, TCU, or even BYU would destroy you on any day. Also, is the Fiesta Bowl considered a "thumping" if you win in OT? I would guess not. Too bad such an entertaining game is promoted by a tardo like yourself.

RE: Boise State

Please check your facts before posting here. The MWC and the WAC have the same number of BCS appearances. Utah in 2004 and 2008. So both conferences have 2, except we have to remember Hawaii got drilled in their game. Touche...

In the picture

LOL. I love the toilet paper comment.

Jordan Wynn looks like a tooth pick. Cosmo could clean his teeth with him. Probably will.


TDS? NEWTS? Can't we all just get along?

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