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Vacation residence, parcels of surrounding property hit the market at $55 million

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 4 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Marino M.

Jon and Karen Huntsman are ANGELS. Our son was treated for cancer at their institute and it is an amazing place. We will never forget the experience!

They have given (Philanthropy) in a "first class" manner, treated others with "first class" dignity, and deserve nothing but our gratitude and admiration.

Too bad there are not more people in this world like them. Thank you Jon and Karen!!!


I guess Park city is no longer the place to be. With a little over 8,000 people it has over 1500 homes on the market now.


So now I am a liberal and political propogandist--wow. Why not turn his small country home into a Ronald McDonald house to help those people. His new place in Driggs is just down the road from our family farm and we do not need our valley torn up and built up with McMansions because people like to come and fish two weeks a year.

Ernest T. Bass

This guy is the Citizen Kane of Utah.

Get over yourselves

You would buy these kinds of things too if you were a billionaire....

My question is, do the cars come with the home :)


You know, if a group went in together and bought this place, it would make a sweet time-share arrangement!

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